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This article is about the move Rain Dance. For the Field Move, see Field Move.

Rain Dance
あまごい Rain Prayer
Rain Dance.png
Type  Water
Category  Status
PP  5 (max. 8)
Power  —
Accuracy  —%
Priority  {{{priority}}}
  • Does not make contact
  • Not affected by Protect
  • Not affected by Magic Coat
  • Not affected by Snatch
  • Not affected by King's Rock
Foe Foe Foe
Self Ally Ally
Affects all Pokémon on the field
Introduced  Generation II
Condition  Tough
Appeal  1
Jam  0  
The appeal works best the more the crowd is excited.
Condition  Tough
Appeal  2 ♥♥
Prevents the Voltage from going up in the same turn.
Condition  Tough
Appeal  0  
Jamming  0  

Rain Dance (Japanese: あまごい Rain Prayer) is a non-damaging Water-type move introduced in Generation II. It has been TM18 since Generation II.


Generation II

When this move is used, a rainfall will start on the field which will last for five turns. This clears any other weather effect and it's possible to use it even if it's already raining.

While Rain Dance is in effect, the base damage of using Water-type moves will be increased by 50% and the base damage of using SolarBeam and Fire-type moves will be decreased by 50%. Also, the moves Synthesis, Morning Sun, and Moonlight will recover only ¼ of the user's maximum HP.

Generation III

Rain Dance will fail if it's already raining.

A Pokémon with Rain Dish will restore 1/16 its maximum HP to itself after every turn, and a Pokémon with Swift Swim will be twice as fast in the rain.

Additionally, Castform and Weather Ball move become Water-type.

Generation IV

If a Damp Rock is held when Rain Dance is used, the duration of rainfall is lengthened from 5 to 8 turns. Pokémon with the Dry Skin Ability will regain ⅛ of their maximum HP at the end of each turn. Thunder will now be 100% accurate under Rain Dance's effect. Pokémon with Hydration will have their existing status ailments cured at the end of each turn.

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, the move Thunder has a 30% chance of bypassing Protect and Detect under Rain Dance. This does not happen in any other versions.

Generation V

Hurricane and Thunder cannot miss under the effect of Rain Dance.


Games Description
Summons rain for five turns. While it is raining, the power of Water-type moves increases.
Boosts water-type moves for 5 turns.
RSE Boosts the power of Water-type moves for 5 turns.*
Raises the power of Water-type moves for 5 turns.*
FRLG A heavy rain falls for five turns, powering up Water- type moves.
The user summons a heavy rain that falls for five turns, powering up Water-type moves.


By leveling up

# Pokémon Type Level
007 Squirtle Squirtle Water Water 33 33 34 37 37 '
008 Wartortle Wartortle Water Water 37 37 40 44 44 '
009 Blastoise Blastoise Water Water 42 42 46 53 53 '
060 Poliwag Poliwag Water Water 25 25 18 18 '
061 Poliwhirl Poliwhirl Water Water 27 27 18 18 '
079 Slowpoke Slowpoke Water Psychic     53 49 '
080 Slowbro Slowbro Water Psychic     61 55 '
130 Gyarados Gyarados Water Flying 45 45 38 38 '
131 Lapras Lapras Water Ice 43 37 22 22 '
145 Zapdos Zapdos Electric Flying     85 85 '
183 Marill Marill Water Water 36 36 32 32 31 '
184 Azumarill Azumarill Water Water 48 45 40 40 35 '
194 Wooper Wooper Water Ground 41 41 37 37 '
195 Quagsire Quagsire Water Ground 47 49 41 41 '
243 Raikou Raikou Electric Electric       71 71 '
245 Suicune Suicune Water Water   31 21 15 15 '
249 Lugia Lugia Psychic Flying 55 55 37 29 29 '
270 Lotad Lotad Water Grass   31 35 37 37 '
350 Milotic Milotic Water Water   35 33 33 '
351 Castform Castform Normal Normal   20 20 30 20 '
422 Shellos Shellos Water Water     22 22 '
423 Gastrodon Gastrodon Water Ground     22 22 '
437 Bronzong Bronzong Steel Psychic     -- -- '
456 Finneon Finneon Water Water     13 13 '
457 Lumineon Lumineon Water Water     13 13 '
489 Phione Phione Water Water     69 69 '
490 Manaphy Manaphy Water Water     69 69 '
535 Tympole Tympole Water Water       31 '
536 Palpitoad Palpitoad Water Ground       33 '
537 Seismitoad Seismitoad Water Ground       33 '
564 Tirtouga Tirtouga Water Rock       48 '
565 Carracosta Carracosta Water Rock       56 '
580 Ducklett Ducklett Water Flying       34 '
581 Swanna Swanna Water Flying       34 '
592 Frillish Frillish Water Ghost       37 '
593 Jellicent Jellicent Water Ghost       37 '
641 Tornadus Tornadus Flying Flying       61 '
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.


# Pokémon Type Machine
007 Squirtle Squirtle Water Water
008 Wartortle Wartortle Water Water
009 Blastoise Blastoise Water Water
012 Butterfree Butterfree Bug Flying
016 Pidgey Pidgey Normal Flying
017 Pidgeotto Pidgeotto Normal Flying
018 Pidgeot Pidgeot Normal Flying
019 Rattata Rattata Normal Normal
020 Raticate Raticate Normal Normal
021 Spearow Spearow Normal Flying
022 Fearow Fearow Normal Flying
023 Ekans Ekans Poison Poison
024 Arbok Arbok Poison Poison
025 Pikachu Pikachu Electric Electric
026 Raichu Raichu Electric Electric
029 Nidoran♀ Nidoran♀ Poison Poison
030 Nidorina Nidorina Poison Poison
031 Nidoqueen Nidoqueen Poison Ground
032 Nidoran♂ Nidoran♂ Poison Poison
033 Nidorino Nidorino Poison Poison
034 Nidoking Nidoking Poison Ground
035 Clefairy Clefairy Normal Normal
036 Clefable Clefable Normal Normal
039 Jigglypuff Jigglypuff Normal Normal
040 Wigglytuff Wigglytuff Normal Normal
041 Zubat Zubat Poison Flying
042 Golbat Golbat Poison Flying
052 Meowth Meowth Normal Normal
053 Persian Persian Normal Normal
054 Psyduck Psyduck Water Water
055 Golduck Golduck Water Water
056 Mankey Mankey Fighting Fighting
057 Primeape Primeape Fighting Fighting
060 Poliwag Poliwag Water Water
061 Poliwhirl Poliwhirl Water Water
062 Poliwrath Poliwrath Water Fighting
063 Abra Abra Psychic Psychic
064 Kadabra Kadabra Psychic Psychic
065 Alakazam Alakazam Psychic Psychic
066 Machop Machop Fighting Fighting
067 Machoke Machoke Fighting Fighting
068 Machamp Machamp Fighting Fighting
072 Tentacool Tentacool Water Poison
073 Tentacruel Tentacruel Water Poison
079 Slowpoke Slowpoke Water Psychic
080 Slowbro Slowbro Water Psychic
081 Magnemite Magnemite Electric Steel
082 Magneton Magneton Electric Steel
086 Seel Seel Water Water
087 Dewgong Dewgong Water Ice
088 Grimer Grimer Poison Poison
089 Muk Muk Poison Poison
090 Shellder Shellder Water Water
091 Cloyster Cloyster Water Ice
092 Gastly Gastly Ghost Poison
093 Haunter Haunter Ghost Poison
094 Gengar Gengar Ghost Poison
096 Drowzee Drowzee Psychic Psychic
097 Hypno Hypno Psychic Psychic
098 Krabby Krabby Water Water
099 Kingler Kingler Water Water
100 Voltorb Voltorb Electric Electric
101 Electrode Electrode Electric Electric
106 Hitmonlee Hitmonlee Fighting Fighting
107 Hitmonchan Hitmonchan Fighting Fighting
108 Lickitung Lickitung Normal Normal
109 Koffing Koffing Poison Poison
110 Weezing Weezing Poison Poison
111 Rhyhorn Rhyhorn Ground Rock
112 Rhydon Rhydon Ground Rock
113 Chansey Chansey Normal Normal
115 Kangaskhan Kangaskhan Normal Normal
116 Horsea Horsea Water Water
117 Seadra Seadra Water Water
118 Goldeen Goldeen Water Water
119 Seaking Seaking Water Water
120 Staryu Staryu Water Water
121 Starmie Starmie Water Psychic
122 Mr. Mime Mr. Mime Psychic Psychic
123 Scyther Scyther Bug Flying
124 Jynx Jynx Ice Psychic
125 Electabuzz Electabuzz Electric Electric
127 Pinsir Pinsir Bug Bug
128 Tauros Tauros Normal Normal
130 Gyarados Gyarados Water Flying
131 Lapras Lapras Water Ice
133 Eevee Eevee Normal Normal
134 Vaporeon Vaporeon Water Water
135 Jolteon Jolteon Electric Electric
136 Flareon Flareon Fire Fire
137 Porygon Porygon Normal Normal
138 Omanyte Omanyte Rock Water
139 Omastar Omastar Rock Water
140 Kabuto Kabuto Rock Water
141 Kabutops Kabutops Rock Water
142 Aerodactyl Aerodactyl Rock Flying
143 Snorlax Snorlax Normal Normal
144 Articuno Articuno Ice Flying
145 Zapdos Zapdos Electric Flying
146 Moltres Moltres Fire Flying
147 Dratini Dratini Dragon Dragon
148 Dragonair Dragonair Dragon Dragon
149 Dragonite Dragonite Dragon Flying
150 Mewtwo Mewtwo Psychic Psychic
151 Mew Mew Psychic Psychic
158 Totodile Totodile Water Water
159 Croconaw Croconaw Water Water
160 Feraligatr Feraligatr Water Water
171 Chinchou Chinchou Water Electric
171 Lanturn Lanturn Water Electric
172 Pichu Pichu Electric Electric
173 Cleffa Cleffa Normal Normal
174 Igglybuff Igglybuff Normal Normal
175 Togepi Togepi Normal Normal
176 Togetic Togetic Normal Flying
177 Natu Natu Psychic Flying
178 Xatu Xatu Psychic Flying
179 Mareep Mareep Electric Electric
180 Flaaffy Flaaffy Electric Electric
181 Ampharos Ampharos Electric Electric
183 Marill Marill Water Water
184 Azumarill Azumarill Water Water
186 Politoed Politoed Water Water
190 Aipom Aipom Normal Normal
194 Wooper Wooper Water Ground
195 Quagsire Quagsire Water Ground
196 Espeon Espeon Psychic Psychic
197 Umbreon Umbreon Dark Dark
198 Murkrow Murkrow Dark Flying
199 Slowking Slowking Water Psychic
200 Misdreavus Misdreavus Ghost Ghost
203 Girafarig Girafarig Normal Psychic
206 Dunsparce Dunsparce Normal Normal
207 Gligar Gligar Ground Flying
209 Snubbull Snubbull Normal Normal
210 Granbull Granbull Normal Normal
211 Qwilfish Qwilfish Water Poison
212 Scizor Scizor Bug Steel
214 Heracross Heracross Bug Fighting
215 Sneasel Sneasel Ice Dark
216 Teddiursa Teddiursa Normal Normal
217 Ursaring Ursaring Normal Normal
220 Swinub Swinub Ice Ground
221 Piloswine Piloswine Ice Ground
222 Corsola Corsola Water Rock
223 Remoraid Remoraid Water Water
224 Octillery Octillery Water Water
225 Delibird Delibird Ice Flying
226 Mantine Mantine Water Flying
230 Kingdra Kingdra Water Dragon
233 Porygon2 Porygon2 Normal Normal
234 Stantler Stantler Normal Normal
236 Tyrogue Tyrogue Fighting Fighting
237 Hitmontop Hitmontop Fighting Fighting
238 Smoochum Smoochum Ice Psychic
239 Elekid Elekid Electric Electric
241 Miltank Miltank Normal Normal
242 Blissey Blissey Normal Normal
243 Raikou Raikou Electric Electric
244 Entei Entei Fire Fire
245 Suicune Suicune Water Water
246 Larvitar Larvitar Rock Ground
247 Pupitar Pupitar Rock Ground
248 Tyranitar Tyranitar Rock Dark
249 Lugia Lugia Psychic Flying
250 Ho-Oh Ho-Oh Fire Flying
251 Celebi Celebi Psychic Grass
258 Mudkip Mudkip Water Water
259 Marshtomp Marshtomp Water Ground
260 Swampert Swampert Water Ground
261 Poochyena Poochyena Dark Dark
262 Mightyena Mightyena Dark Dark
263 Zigzagoon Zigzagoon Normal Normal
264 Linoone Linoone Normal Normal
270 Lotad Lotad Water Grass
271 Lombre Lombre Water Grass
272 Ludicolo Ludicolo Water Grass
276 Taillow Taillow Normal Flying
277 Swellow Swellow Normal Flying
278 Wingull Wingull Water Flying
279 Pelipper Pelipper Water Flying
280 Ralts Ralts Psychic Psychic
281 Kirlia Kirlia Psychic Psychic
282 Gardevoir Gardevoir Psychic Psychic
283 Surskit Surskit Bug Water
284 Masquerain Masquerain Bug Flying
287 Slakoth Slakoth Normal Normal
288 Vigoroth Vigoroth Normal Normal
289 Slaking Slaking Normal Normal
293 Whismur Whismur Normal Normal
294 Loudred Loudred Normal Normal
295 Exploud Exploud Normal Normal
296 Makuhita Makuhita Fighting Fighting
297 Hariyama Hariyama Fighting Fighting
298 Azurill Azurill Normal Normal
300 Skitty Skitty Normal Normal
301 Delcatty Delcatty Normal Normal
302 Sableye Sableye Dark Ghost
303 Mawile Mawile Steel Steel
304 Aron Aron Steel Rock
305 Lairon Lairon Steel Rock
306 Aggron Aggron Steel Rock
307 Meditite Meditite Fighting Psychic
308 Medicham Medicham Fighting Psychic
309 Electrike Electrike Electric Electric
310 Manectric Manectric Electric Electric
311 Plusle Plusle Electric Electric
312 Minun Minun Electric Electric
313 Volbeat Volbeat Bug Electric
314 Illumise Illumise Bug Electric
315 Roselia Roselia Grass Poison
316 Gulpin Gulpin Poison Electric
317 Swalot Swalot Poison Electric
318 Carvanha Carvanha Water Dark
319 Sharpedo Sharpedo Water Dark
320 Wailmer Wailmer Water Water
321 Wailord Wailord Water Water
325 Spoink Spoink Psychic Psychic
326 Grumpig Grumpig Psychic Psychic
327 Spinda Spinda Normal Normal
333 Swablu Swablu Normal Flying
334 Altaria Altaria Dragon Flying
335 Zangoose Zangoose Normal Normal
336 Seviper Seviper Poison Poison
337 Lunatone Lunatone Rock Psychic
339 Barboach Barboach Water Ground
340 Whiscash Whiscash Water Ground
341 Corphish Corphish Water Water
342 Crawdaunt Crawdaunt Water Dark
343 Baltoy Baltoy Ground Psychic
344 Claydol Claydol Ground Psychic
349 Feebas Feebas Water Water
350 Milotic Milotic Water Water
351 Castform Castform Normal Normal
352 Kecleon Kecleon Normal Normal
353 Shuppet Shuppet Ghost Ghost
354 Banette Banette Ghost Ghost
355 Duskull Duskull Ghost Ghost
356 Dusclops Dusclops Ghost Ghost
358 Chimecho Chimecho Psychic Psychic
359 Absol Absol Dark Dark
361 Snorunt Snorunt Ice Ice
362 Glalie Glalie Ice Ice
363 Spheal Spheal Ice Water
364 Sealeo Sealeo Ice Water
365 Walrein Walrein Ice Water
366 Clamperl Clamperl Water Water
367 Huntail Huntail Water Water
368 Gorebyss Gorebyss Water Water
369 Relicanth Relicanth Water Rock
370 Luvdisc Luvdisc Water Water
371 Bagon Bagon Dragon Dragon
372 Shelgon Shelgon Dragon Dragon
373 Salamence Salamence Dragon Flying
375 Metang Metang Steel Psychic
376 Metagross Metagross Steel Psychic
378 Regice Regice Ice Ice
379 Registeel Registeel Steel Steel
380 Latias Latias Dragon Psychic
381 Latios Latios Dragon Psychic
382 Kyogre Kyogre Water Water
384 Rayquaza Rayquaza Dragon Flying
385 Jirachi Jirachi Steel Psychic
386 Deoxys Deoxys Psychic Psychic
393 Piplup Piplup Water Water
394 Prinplup Prinplup Water Water
395 Empoleon Empoleon Water Steel
396 Starly Starly Normal Flying
397 Staravia Staravia Normal Flying
398 Staraptor Staraptor Normal Flying
399 Bidoof Bidoof Normal Normal
400 Bibarel Bibarel Normal Water
402 Kricketune Kricketune Bug Bug
403 Shinx Shinx Electric Electric
404 Luxio Luxio Electric Electric
405 Luxray Luxray Electric Electric
406 Budew Budew Grass Grass
407 Roserade Roserade Grass Poison
408 Cranidos Cranidos Rock Rock
409 Rampardos Rampardos Rock Rock
410 Shieldon Shieldon Rock Steel
411 Bastiodon Bastiodon Rock Steel
413 Wormadam Wormadam Bug Grass
414 Mothim Mothim Bug Flying
416 Vespiquen Vespiquen Bug Flying
417 Pachirisu Pachirisu Electric Electric
418 Buizel Buizel Water Water
419 Floatzel Floatzel Water Water
422 Shellos Shellos Water Water
423 Gastrodon Gastrodon Water Ground
424 Ambipom Ambipom Normal Normal
425 Drifloon Drifloon Ghost Flying
426 Drifblim Drifblim Ghost Flying
427 Buneary Buneary Normal Normal
428 Lopunny Lopunny Normal Normal
429 Mismagius Mismagius Ghost Ghost
430 Honchkrow Honchkrow Dark Flying
431 Glameow Glameow Normal Normal
432 Purugly Purugly Normal Normal
433 Chingling Chingling Psychic Psychic
434 Stunky Stunky Poison Dark
435 Skuntank Skuntank Poison Dark
436 Bronzor Bronzor Steel Psychic
437 Bronzong Bronzong Steel Psychic
439 Mime Jr. Mime Jr. Psychic Psychic
440 Happiny Happiny Normal Normal
441 Chatot Chatot Normal Flying
442 Spiritomb Spiritomb Ghost Dark
443 Gible Gible Dragon Ground
444 Gabite Gabite Dragon Ground
445 Garchomp Garchomp Dragon Ground
446 Munchlax Munchlax Normal Normal
447 Riolu Riolu Fighting Fighting
448 Lucario Lucario Fighting Steel
451 Skorupi Skorupi Poison Bug
452 Drapion Drapion Poison Dark
453 Croagunk Croagunk Poison Fighting
454 Toxicroak Toxicroak Poison Fighting
456 Finneon Finneon Water Water
457 Lumineon Lumineon Water Water
458 Mantyke Mantyke Water Flying
459 Snover Snover Grass Ice
460 Abomasnow Abomasnow Grass Ice
461 Weavile Weavile Dark Ice
462 Magnezone Magnezone Electric Steel
463 Lickilicky Lickilicky Normal Normal
464 Rhyperior Rhyperior Ground Rock
466 Electivire Electivire Electric Electric
468 Togekiss Togekiss Normal Flying
470 Leafeon Leafeon Grass Grass
471 Glaceon Glaceon Ice Ice
472 Gliscor Gliscor Ground Flying
473 Mamoswine Mamoswine Ice Ground
474 Porygon-Z Porygon-Z Normal Normal
475 Gallade Gallade Psychic Fighting
477 Dusknoir Dusknoir Ghost Ghost
478 Froslass Froslass Ice Ghost
479 Rotom Rotom Electric Ghost
480 Uxie Uxie Psychic Psychic
481 Mesprit Mesprit Psychic Psychic
482 Azelf Azelf Psychic Psychic
483 Dialga Dialga Steel Dragon
484 Palkia Palkia Water Dragon
486 Regigigas Regigigas Normal Normal
487 Giratina Giratina Ghost Dragon
488 Cresselia Cresselia Psychic Psychic
489 Phione Phione Water Water
490 Manaphy Manaphy Water Water
491 Darkrai Darkrai Dark Dark
493 Arceus Arceus Normal Normal
501 Oshawott Oshawott Water Water
502 Dewott Dewott Water Water
503 Samurott Samurott Water Water
504 Patrat Patrat Normal Normal
505 Watchog Watchog Normal Normal
506 Lillipup Lillipup Normal Normal
507 Herdier Herdier Normal Normal
508 Stoutland Stoutland Normal Normal
509 Purrloin Purrloin Dark Dark
510 Liepard Liepard Dark Dark
515 Panpour Panpour Water Water
516 Simipour Simipour Water Water
517 Munna Munna Psychic Psychic
518 Musharna Musharna Psychic Psychic
519 Pidove Pidove Normal Flying
520 Tranquill Tranquill Normal Flying
521 Unfezant Unfezant Normal Flying
522 Blitzle Blitzle Electric Electric
523 Zebstrika Zebstrika Electric Electric
527 Woobat Woobat Psychic Flying
528 Swoobat Swoobat Psychic Flying
531 Audino Audino Normal Normal
532 Timburr Timburr Fighting Fighting
533 Gurdurr Gurdurr Fighting Fighting
534 Conkeldurr Conkeldurr Fighting Fighting
535 Tympole Tympole Water Water
536 Palpitoad Palpitoad Water Ground
537 Seismitoad Seismitoad Water Ground
538 Throh Throh Fighting Fighting
539 Sawk Sawk Fighting Fighting
550 Basculin Basculin Water Water
559 Scraggy Scraggy Dark Fighting
560 Scrafty Scrafty Dark Fighting
561 Sigilyph Sigilyph Psychic Flying
562 Yamask Yamask Ghost Ghost
563 Cofagrigus Cofagrigus Ghost Ghost
564 Tirtouga Tirtouga Water Rock
565 Carracosta Carracosta Water Rock
568 Trubbish Trubbish Poison Poison
569 Garbodor Garbodor Poison Poison
570 Zorua Zorua Dark Dark
571 Zoroark Zoroark Dark Dark
572 Minccino Minccino Normal Normal
573 Cinccino Cinccino Normal Normal
574 Gothita Gothita Psychic Normal
575 Gothorita Gothorita Psychic Psychic
576 Gothitelle Gothitelle Psychic Psychic
577 Solosis Solosis Psychic Psychic
578 Duosion Duosion Psychic Psychic
579 Reuniclus Reuniclus Psychic Psychic
580 Ducklett Ducklett Water Flying
581 Swanna Swanna Water Flying
582 Vanillite Vanillite Ice Ice
583 Vanillish Vanillish Ice Ice
584 Vanilluxe Vanilluxe Ice Ice
585 Deerling Deerling Normal Grass
586 Sawsbuck Sawsbuck Normal Grass
587 Emolga Emolga Electric Flying
588 Karrablast Karrablast Bug Bug
589 Escavalier Escavalier Bug Steel
590 Foongus Foongus Grass Poison
591 Amoonguss Amoonguss Grass Poison
592 Frillish Frillish Water Ghost
593 Jellicent Jellicent Water Ghost
594 Alomomola Alomomola Water Water
595 Joltik Joltik Bug Electric
596 Galvantula Galvantula Bug Electric
603 Eelektrik Eelektrik Electric Electric
604 Eelektross Eelektross Electric Electric
605 Elgyem Elgyem Psychic Psychic
606 Beheeyem Beheeyem Psychic Psychic
610 Axew Axew Dragon Dragon
611 Fraxure Fraxure Dragon Dragon
612 Haxorus Haxorus Dragon Dragon
613 Cubchoo Cubchoo Ice Ice
614 Beartic Beartic Ice Ice
615 Cryogonal Cryogonal Ice Ice
616 Shelmet Shelmet Bug Bug
617 Accelgor Accelgor Bug Bug
618 Stunfisk Stunfisk Ground Electric
619 Mienfoo Mienfoo Fighting Fighting
620 Mienshao Mienshao Fighting Fighting
621 Druddigon Druddigon Dragon Dragon
622 Golett Golett Ground Ghost
623 Golurk Golurk Ground Ghost
624 Pawniard Pawniard Dark Steel
625 Bisharp Bisharp Dark Steel
626 Bouffalant Bouffalant Normal Normal
627 Rufflet Rufflet Normal Flying
628 Braviary Braviary Normal Flying
629 Vullaby Vullaby Dark Flying
630 Mandibuzz Mandibuzz Dark Flying
631 Heatmor Heatmor Fire Fire
633 Deino Deino Dark Dragon
634 Zweilous Zweilous Dark Dragon
635 Hydreigon Hydreigon Dark Dragon
641 Tornadus Tornadus Flying Flying
642 Thundurus Thundurus Electric Flying
644 Zekrom Zekrom Dragon Electric
646 Kyurem Kyurem Dragon Ice
647 Keldeo Keldeo Water Fighting
648 Meloetta Meloetta Normal Psychic
Bold indicates a Pokémon gains STAB from this move.
Italics indicates a Pokémon whose evolution or alternate form receives STAB from this move.

In the anime

Slowpoke Rain Dance.png Byron Bronzor Rain Dance.png Vito Alakazam Rain Dance.png Clair Dragonair Rain Dance.png
Slowpoke Bronzor Alakazam Dragonair
The Pokémon shoots an energy ball into the air. The attack then creates a rain cloud which causes rain.
Pokémon Method
User First Used In Notes
079 Slowpoke Slowpoke yawns, causing clouds to appear in the sky.
Multiple wild Slowpoke A Shadow of a Drought Debut
249 Lugia Lugia's body becomes surrounded in a crimson red aura, making a storm appear.
A wild Lugia A Parent Trapped! None
148 Dragonair The orb on Dragonair's neck shines brightly and stormclouds appear, making it rain.
Clair's Dragonair Great Bowls of Fire! None
065 Alakazam Alakazam crosses its spoons and a light blue energy ball forms in front of them. It then shoots the energy ball into the sky, creating storm clouds and making it rain.
Vito Winstrate's Alakazam Candid Camerupt! None
356 Dusclops Dusclops dances around, always staying on one leg and switching back and forth between the two. It also moves its hands back and forth first with its palms open, then with its pointer fingers sticking up. After a while, rain clouds appear in the sky and it starts to pour.
A wild Dusclops Pikachu's Ghost Carnival None
109 Koffing Koffing moves and spins its body around. After a while, rain clouds appear in the sky and it starts to pour.
A wild Koffing Pikachu's Ghost Carnival None
094 Gengar Gengar does a hula-like dance, then sticks its backside in the air and shakes it around. After a while, dark rain clouds appear and it starts to pour.
A wild Gengar Pikachu's Ghost Carnival None
093 Haunter Haunter dances around by clawing the air back and forth. After a while, dark rain clouds appear and it starts to pour.
A wild Haunter Pikachu's Ghost Carnival None
353 Shuppet Shuppet dances around by floating back and forth and flipping around. After a while, dark rain clouds appear and it starts to pour.
A wild Shuppet Pikachu's Ghost Carnival None
092 Gastly Gastly dances by floating back and forth. After a while, dark rain clouds appear and it starts to pour.
A wild Gastly Pikachu's Ghost Carnival None
200 Misdreavus Misdreaves dances by floating back and forth and occasionally spinning its body around in the air. After a while, dark rain clouds appear and it starts to pour.
A wild Misdreavus Pikachu's Ghost Carnival None
355 Duskull Duskull dances by crouching with its hands over its eye, then opening them and shaking its body. After a while, dark rain clouds appear and it starts to pour.
A wild Duskull Pikachu's Ghost Carnival None
009 Blastoise Blastoise fires two orbs of water from its hydro cannons into the sky at the sun. Then, rain clouds appear and it starts to rain.
Three Blastoise Kellyn captured with his Capture Styler Pokémon Ranger and the Kidnapped Riolu! Part 2 None
436 Bronzor Bronzor's body glows white and releases steam from its body, causing a large raincloud to appear above the battlefield.
Byron's Bronzor Dealing With Defensive Types! None
562 Yamask Yamask causes it to rain heavily all around the battlefield for a few moments.
A wild Yamask A Night in the Nacrene City Museum! None

In the manga

In the Phantom Thief Pokémon 7 manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

In the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga

In the Pokémon Pocket Monsters manga

In other generations

Rain Dance II.png Rain Dance III.png Rain Dance PtHGSS.png
Generation I RBY Generation I
Generation I
Generation II Generation II
Generation II
Crystal Generation III Generation III
Generation III
RS FRLG FRLGE Generation IV Generation IV
Generation IV
PtHGSS HGSS Generation V BW B2W2 Generation V
Generation V
Generation VI XY ORAS Stadium (Jap) Stadium Stadium 2 Colosseum XD Battle Revolution Battle Revolution
(alternative animation)
Battrio Mystery Dungeon PMD: Red and Blue PMD: Time, Darkness, Sky Rumble Rumble Blast

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 乞雨 Qǐyǔ*
Denmark Flag.png Danish Regndans
The Netherlands Flag.png Dutch Regendans
Finland Flag.png Finnish Sadetanssi
France Flag.png French Danse Pluie
Germany Flag.png German Regentanz
Greece Flag.png Greek Χορός Βροχής
Indonesia Flag.png Indonesian Tarian Hujan
Italy Flag.png Italian Pioggiadanza
South Korea Flag.png Korean 비바라기 Bibaragi
Norway Flag.png Norwegian Regndans
Portuguese Brazil Flag.png Brazil Dança da Chuva
Portugal Flag.png Portugal Dança da Chuva
Romania Flag.png Romanian Dansul Ploii
Serbia Flag.png Serbian Kišni Ples
Spanish CELAC Flag.png Latin America Danza de Lluvia
Spain Flag.png Spain Danza lluvia

Moves that cause weather conditions
Status HailRain DanceSandstormSunny Day
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Generation II HMs
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Generation III HMs
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Generation IV HMs
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