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A free Raid Pass in Pokémon GO

A Raid Pass (Japanese: レイドパス Raid Pass) is an item in Pokémon GO that is required to join a Raid Battle. Once a player uses a Raid Pass, they will join a lobby with all the other raid participants. Raid Passes cannot be refunded even if the player decides to quit before or during a raid. Using a single Raid Pass, a player may attempt a raid as many times as they like until they win the raid or the raid expires.

There are three types of Raid Passes: free Raid Passes, Premium Raid Passes, and EX Raid Passes. Free and Premium Raid Passes are effectively identical, but obtained in different ways. When joining a raid, the game will prioritize using a free Raid Pass before tapping into the premium ones. EX Raid Passes can only be used to join EX Raids, which have a set time and location in advance.


Image English name Japanese name Description
GO Raid Pass.png Raid Pass レイドパス
Raid Pass
Pass to join a Raid Battle. You can get a free pass at Gyms once per day if you don't already have one.
GO Premium Raid Pass.png Premium Raid Pass プレミアムレイドパス
Premium Raid Pass
Premium Raid Pass to join a Raid Battle. You can use this pass anytime.
GO Legendary Raid Pass.png EX Raid Pass EXレイドパス
EX Raid Pass
Exclusive Raid Pass to join a special Raid Battle. You can use this pass only at the specified limited-time event.


A free Raid Pass may be obtained only once a day by spinning the Photo Disc of a Gym if there is not one in their Bag. If the player already has a free Raid Pass from a previous day, they must use it first before obtaining another one.

Premium Raid are awarded for completing certain Special Research tasks. They can also be purchased at the Shop for PokéCoin.png100 each or by purchasing certain boxes that contain them.

EX Raid Passes are distributed on a semi-random basis to players who have recently completed a Raid at the same Gym the EX Raid is to take place. Each EX Raid Pass allows a player to invite one Ultra Friend to participate, but may not send another even if the invitation is declined.