Radio in the Pokémon world

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Lucky Channel is a radio program broadcast from the Johto Radio Tower in Goldenrod City in Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. The station, hosted by DJ Reed, broadcats in Johto on channel 8.5 in the Pokégear. The channel will broadcast an OT number, and if a player has a Pokémon whose OT matches this number, they can immediately show this Pokémon to the man on the radio tower's ground floor. The player will then be given a Master Ball. As a Pokémon's OT is dependent on the trainer who first caught that Pokémon, this encourages players to trade Pokémon with more people, in order to collect more OT numbers.

A new OT number is drawn every Friday.

Elements of this program were later used in daily drawings at the Lilycove Department Store in Generation III and at Jubilife TV in Generation IV.