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====Gold Symbol challenge====
====Gold Symbol challenge====
color={{emerald color}} |
trainerimage=SpriteBrandon.png |
|LV1=Lv. 100
prize=???? |
trainerclass=Pyramid King |
|HI1=[[Scope Lens]]
trainername=Brandon |
games={{game|Emerald}} |
|M2P1={{m|Water Pulse}}
place=Battle Frontier (Hoenn)#Battle Pyramid |
|M3P1={{m|Aerial Ace}}
link=Battle Pyramid |
generation=3 |
numberinparty=3 |
num1=144 |
poke1=Articuno |
|LV2=Lv. 100
ability1={{a|Pressure}} |
item1=[[In-battle effect item#Scope Lens|Scope Lens]] |
|HI2=[[Lum Berry]]
gender1= |
level1=100 |
move1poke1=Blizzard |
|M3P2={{m|Drill Peck}}
move2poke1=Water Pulse |
|M4P2={{m|Light Screen}}
move3poke1=Aerial Ace |
move4poke1=Reflect |
num2=145 |
poke2=Zapdos |
|LV3=Lv. 100
gender2= |
ability2={{a|Pressure}} |
level2=100 |
|M1P3={{m|Fire Blast}}
item2={{b|Lum}} |
|M2P3={{m|Hyper Beam}}
move1poke2=Thunder |
|M3P3={{m|Aerial Ace}}
move2poke2=Detect |
move3poke2=Drill Peck |
move4poke2=Light Screen |
num3=146 |
poke3=Moltres |
gender3= |
ability3={{a|Pressure}} |
item3=[[In-battle effect item#BrightPowder|BrightPowder]] |
level3=100 |
move1poke3=Fire Blast |
move2poke3=Hyper Beam |
move3poke3=Aerial Ace |
move4poke3=Safeguard |

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ジンダイ Jindai
Art from Emerald
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Hoenn*/Kanto*
Trainer class Pyramid King
(Frontier Brain)
Generation III
Games Pokémon Emerald
Brain of Battle Pyramid
Symbol Brave Symbol
Anime debut Battling the Enemy Within
English voice actor Craig Blair
Japanese voice actor Masayuki Komuro

Pyramid King Brandon (Japanese: ピラミッドキング ジンダイ Pyramid King Jindai) is the Frontier Brain and chief of the Battle Frontier's Battle Pyramid.

In the anime

Brandon's Japanese voice actor is 小室正幸 Masayuki Komuro and his English voice actor is Craig Blair. Internationally, he is played by Frank Verkerk in Dutch and Rolando del Castro in Latin-American Spanish.

He is shrouded in mystery for most of the Battle Frontier saga. Unlike the other Brains, his silhouette is not shown on its own during the opening and is only seen in the center of the group shot. Trainers will only find out the location of the Battle Pyramid after they have collected the other six symbols. This may mean that Brandon ranks higher than the rest of the Frontier Brains, although in the video games and manga this position belongs to Anabel. When Ash finally gets his sixth Frontier Symbol in Second Time's the Charm, he learns that it is located near Pewter City.

The first battle with Brandon occurred in Battling the Enemy Within. However, Ash was possessed by an ancient king of the Pyramid who battled Brandon's Regirock with Ash's Sceptile. Sceptile unfortunately was defeated, though Ash eventually regained control of his body and the Pyramid was moved to an area near the Indigo Plateau.

For their second battle in Overjoyed!, Ash's Torkoal squared off against Brandon's Registeel. However, it too was defeated by Brandon's Legendary Pokémon.

Ash and co. met up with Brandon in a forest, in Gathering the Gang of Four. In Pace - The Final Frontier!, Brandon and Ash fought in a 4 vs 4 battle, in which Ash was able to win.


This listing is of Brandon's known Pokémon in the anime.


In the games

Sprite Image of Brandon from Pokémon Emerald

Any trainer arriving at the top of the pyramid just after Brandon must battle this Pyramid King for the status of the pyramid's conqueror.

Brandon appreciates the grand life of the explorer. He recalls the passion, danger, and desperation of his death-defying and life-affirming adventures. When defeated in battle, he'll praise the grandness of the match and hand over the Brave Symbol.


Silver Symbol challenge

Gold Symbol challenge


  • First battle:

"Young adventurer… Wouldn’t you agree that explorations are the grandest of adventures? Your own wits! Your own strength! Your own Pokémon! And, above all, only your courage to lead you through unknown worlds… Aah, yes, indeed this life is grand! Grand, it is! Eh? I’m Brandon. I’m the Pyramid King, which means I’m in charge here. Most people call me the chief! You coming here means you have that much confidence in yourself, am I right? Hahahah! This should be exciting! Now, then! Bring your courage to our battle!"

"That’s it! You’ve done great! You’ve worked hard for this! Hahahah! Grand it was! Grand, yes, indeed! Well done! You’ve earned recognition! Your Frontier Pass, please! Young explorer! I look forward to our next meeting! "

  • Second battle:

"…You’ve finally returned, young explorer… Your love for adventure seems to come deep from within your heart… Yes… You are exactly as I was in my own youth… … … …Ah… The passionate! The dangerous! The desperate! Those days of death-defying, life-affirming adventures are back… Now, then! I sense my courage is off the meter! Everything you have! I’m braced for it all!"

"That’s it! You’ve done it! You kept working for this! Hahahah! Remarkable! Yes, it’s grand, indeed! Young explorer! You’ve dested me through and through! Here! I want you to have this! Ah, yes! It just goes to show that I have much to learn still! May our paths cross again! Farewell for now, young explorer!"

In the Pokémon Special manga

Brandon took witness to Emerald's battle with Noland and immediately refined his facility for him, just in case. He seems to carry a special dislike for Emerald, but treats him fairly - explaining the rules of the Battle Frontier and showing off his Pokémon to the boy before the challenge. He expects Emerald to be tired out during their confrontation, but is surprised to see that Emerald used a Phanpy's Pick Up ability to collect enough items to keep his team refreshed. Brandon says he favors one-hit KO moves like Explosion.


The following is the listing for Brandon's Pokémon in the Pokémon Special manga:



  • He's the only character in the anime to officially train Pokémon that have been deemed legendary, though Noland did befreind and train with an Articuno.
  • He is also the only character to have been challenged 3 times by Ash before being defeated.


Language Name Reference to
Japanese ピラミッドキング ジンダイ, Pyramid King Jindai
English Pyramid King Brandon Brave.
French Roi Pyramide Bayar Bravoure.
German Pyrakönig Brian Bravur.
Italian Re Piramide Baldo Literally means brave.
Spanish Rey Pirámide Valente Valentía.
Korean 피라미드킹 기선 Pyramid King Giseon 'Gi' may be from the 'bravery' (勇気, Yonggi), and 'Seon' from 'ancient' (先, seon)
Chinese (Taiwan) 神代 Shén Daì Literally means ancient, phonetical translation of Jindai.

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