Purika City

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Purika City
プリカシティ Purika City
Purika Contest Hall.png
Purika City Contest Hall
Region Hoenn
Debut A Cacturne for the Worse

Purika City (Japanese: プリカシティ Purika City) is a Hoenn location exclusive to the anime. It is located in between Mossdeep City and Sootopolis City, and on Izabe Island.

The most famous part of Purika City is its Pokémon Contests. Purika is where May and Harley battled each other for the first time, and where she first learned of his double-crossing ways. In fact, he tricked Max into telling him an embarrassing story about May. He secretly recorded it and played it back during the competition. However, May was able to bounce back and defeat Harley, winning her fourth Ribbon.

Pokémon seen in Purika City

Kent Surskit.png
Izabe Island Tentacruel.png
Izabe Island Azurill.png
Izabe Island Camerupt.png

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