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==Ending animation==
==Ending animation==
Bonnie plays with Puni-chan.
* {{Ash}}
* {{Ash}}

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Roaring All-Stars
Japanese ending themes


Puni-chan no Uta
Puni-chan's Song
XY ED 05
Artist ユリーカ(伊瀬茉莉也)
Eureka (Mariya Ise)
Lyrics 佐香智久
Tomohisa Sako
Composer 馬渕直純、長田直也
Naozumi Mabuchi, Naoya Nagata
Arrangement 中西ゆういちろう
Yūichirō Nakanishi

Puni-chan's Song (Japanese: プニちゃんのうた Puni-chan no Uta) is the fifth ending theme of the XY series. It debuted with XY093, replacing Roaring All-Stars.

Ending animation


Bonnie plays with Puni-chan.




TV size

Japanese English
(プニちゃん こっちこっち いっしょにあそぼうよ)
(プニちゃん ピカッとキャッチ)

プニプニ やわらかくて
プニプニ みどりいろで
プニプニ ポシェットのなかが
おきにいりね プニちゃん!

もっともっと おしえて!

したならもう どもだち
あなたのこと まもってあげる!

(プニちゃん なにしてあそぼっか?)
(Puni-chan, come here, come here, let's play)
(Puni-chan, a sparkly catch)

Squishy and tender
Squishy and green
Squishy and in my pochette
You like it? Puni-chan!

Where are you from?
Why is the sun your meal?
I love my mysterious Puni-chan!
Please tell me more and more!

I nuzzle together our cheeks
From then on, we are friends
We'll always be together!
And I'll protect you!

(Puni-chan, what do you want to play?)
(Tickle~ tickle~ How about we bask ourselves under the sun?)
(I got it! How about this? [whispers].)
(Well? Wouldn't that be great? Tee hee hee)

Full version


  • This is the only ending of the XY series not to feature Clemont's Dedenne.
  • The song was recorded by Mariya Ise, Bonnie's regular Japanese voice actress, even though she was on maternity leave.



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Roaring All-Stars
Japanese ending themes


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