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Image:PsychicEnergy4.JPG|{{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}} print
Image:PsychicEnergy4.JPG|{{TCG|Diamond & Pearl}} print
Image:PsychicEnergyDF.jpg|{{TCG|EX Dragon Frontiers}} print
Image:PsychicEnergyDF.jpg|{{TCG|EX Dragon Frontiers}} print
Image:Psychic Energy - Movie Random Pack.jpg|{{TCG|Movie Commemoration Random Pack}} Print<br>

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Psychic Energy
超エネルギー Psychic Energy
Psychic Energy
Classification Basic Energy card
Provides Psychic
Additional effect No

Template:EnergyCardInfobox/Expansion Template:EnergyCardInfobox/Footer Psychic Energy (Japanese: 超エネルギー Psychic Energy) is a Basic Energy card which provides one Psychic Energy (Psychic). This can be attached to Pokémon cards and used to power moves with Psychic or Colorless Energy requirements.



  • Prior to the Expedition Base Set, all prints of this card credited Keiji Kinebuchi as its illustrator. The Expedition print, as well as all subsequent prints, did not list an illustrator credit.


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