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==Popular Psychic Pokémon in the TCG==
* {{p|Ralts}}
* {{p|Alakazam}}
* {{p|Kirlia}}
* {{p|Slowking}}
* {{p|Gardevoir}}
* {{p|Gardevoir}}

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The Psychic type is one of the nine TCG elemental types.

The Psychic type contains all Psychic and Ghost Pokémon found in the Game Boy games. For example, Alakzam and Gengar are Psychic types in the TCG.

Battle Properties

Generally Psychic Pokémon has a weakness to:

Psychics are weak to Psychics in the TCG, because in the Game Boy games, Psychics are weak to to Ghosts.

These types are generally weak to Psychic Pokémon:

These types are generally resistant to Psychic Pokémon:

Popular Psychic Pokémon in the TCG

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