Proteam Omega

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Proteam Omega

Proteam Omega (Japanese: タウリナーΩ Tauriner Omega) is a mecha anime that Diamond is a huge fan of in the Pokémon Adventures manga series. The anime is the reason why he works so hard to prevent Cyrus from accomplishing his goals of creating an emotionless world.


Proteam Omega's formation

Proteam Omega is a giant robot that defends the world. When a crisis occurs, Commander Venusaur calls his team:

  • Pikachu controls Tauri-Brain (Jp: タウリブレーン), a biplane;
  • Poliwrath controls Tauri-Liner (Jp: タウリライナー), a train;
  • Gyarados controls Tauri-Ship (Jp: タウリシップ), a boat;
  • Aerodactyl controls Tauri-Balloon (Jp: タウリバルーン), a hot air balloon;
  • Snorlax controls Tauri-Rescue (Jp: タウリレスキュー), a fire truck.

When all five unite their vehicles, Proteam Omega is formed. Its antagonist is Demon Brioche (Japanese: デモニッシュ デニッシュ Devilish Danish), known as Devilish Dennis in the Chuang Yi translation.


Proteam Omega first appeared in A Bevy of Bidoof where Diamond is seen watching it and singing its theme song. In Robust Rotom, Diamond and Pearl spot two mysterious figures while going through the Eterna Forest. When they go inside the Old Chateau they are attacked by a Rotom who is hiding in a television, Diamond uses the figures he saw earlier to find the hidden Rotom as the mysterious figures he saw were the villains from an episode of Proteam Omega.

Dia brings up Proteam Omega when the Celestic Ruins are attacked by Cyrus in Problematic Probopass and Mad Magnezone I, where he compares Team Galactic to Proteam Omega's enemy, the Demon Brioche and its minions.

In Luring in a Lickilicky when Dia fights a wild Lickilicky, he finds out that it was trying to protect a pile of stolen objects, among the pile was a Proteam Omega toy. In the next round, Diamond attempts to return all of the items his newly captured Lickilicky, Kit, had stolen. When he goes to return the Proteam Omega toy he finds out that it was thrown away by the child who previously owned it thus allowing him to keep it for himself, he decides to play with his newly acquired toy but it runs off with Dia chasing after it, eventually leading him to Platinum's house.

When infiltrating the Galactic shuttle, Dia reveals that he never once believed that people as evil as the villains were made up and could never exist in reality. However, during his adventures he is shocked to find out that they do exist, and that he cannot allow such evil to exist.

In the last round of Platinum chapter, Rotom infuses itself with a Proteam Omega toy in order to take and destroy Charon's Pokémon controlling device.


  • The live-action puppets used in Proteam Omega's show represent Red's Pokémon.

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