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Professor Willow
ウィロー博士 Dr. Willow
GO Professor Willow.png
Art from Pokémon GO
Gender Male
Birthday July 21[1]
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Relatives Unnamed mother, father
Trainer class Pokémon Professor
Generation VI
Games Pokémon GO
English voice actor Robbie Daymond
Japanese voice actor Nobuyuki Sakemoto

Professor Willow (Japanese: ウィロー博士 Dr. Willow) is a Pokémon Professor who appears in the Pokémon GO mobile game. Similar to Professor Birch, he specializes in Pokémon habitats and distribution. Unlike other Professors who directly give Trainers their first Pokémon, Professor Willow gives Trainers their first Poké Balls to capture their first Pokémon.

Background information

Professor Willow was an only child who learned his love of Pokémon and exploring from his parents. His mother researched Pokémon ecology and his father was fascinated by the outdoors.[2] Before setting out on his own exploration, he worked in a lab studying Pokémon under Professor Oak.[3] He still looks up to Professor Oak.

Despite his confident presentation, Professor Willow confesses to a shy side and values spending time alone outdoors for his research.[4] He always wears his lab coat to help himself focus on his research.[5] His dream is to explore uncharted lands and to examine and document new Pokémon species yet to be discovered in their natural habitat.[6]

Upon discovery of many Meltan-disguised Ditto by his assistants at the conclusion of the Chikorita Community Day, Professor Willow contacted Professor Oak to discuss the matter[7].

Transferring Pokémon

The player can transfer Pokémon to Professor Willow using the "Transfer" option on the status screen in exchange for 1 Candy for that Pokémon's evolutionary family. A Pokémon transferred to the Professor is permanently lost, equivalent to releasing a Pokémon in the core series games.


Candela, Blanche and Spark.

Professor Willow has three assistants who each are head of a team, that research Pokémon in different ways. They perform this research inside Gyms owned by their respective teams, with each team's mascot being one of the Legendary birds. The leader of the teams will also evaluate the Pokémon of trainers on their teams when asked to.

His assistants are:

  • Spark (Japanese: スパーク Spark), the leader of Team Instinct (Japanese: チーム・インスティンクト Team Instinct), who is researching Pokémon breeding. Team Instinct Trainers believe a Pokémon's intuition is linked to how they are hatched. Team Instinct is represented by Zapdos.
"Hey! The name's Spark — the leader of Team Instinct. Pokemon are creatures with excellent intuition. I bet the secret to their intuition is related to how they're hatched. Come and join my team! You never lose when you trust your instincts!"
  • Blanche (Japanese: ブランシェ Blanche), the leader of Team Mystic (Japanese: チーム・ミスティック Team Mystic), who is researching Pokémon Evolution. Team Mystic Trainers believe that by staying calm and analyzing every situation, they can't lose. Team Mystic is represented by Articuno.
"I am Blanche, leader of Team Mystic. The wisdom of Pokemon is immeasurably deep. I am researching why it is that they evolve. With our calm analysis of every situation, we can't lose!"
  • Candela (Japanese: キャンデラ Candela), the leader of Team Valor (Japanese: チーム・ヴァーラー Team Valor), who is researching Pokémon strength. Team Valor Trainers believe that their Pokémon are the strongest because they train to naturally enhance a Pokémon's power in search of true strength. Team Valor is represented by Moltres.
"I'm Candela — Team Valor's leader! Pokemon are stronger than humans, and they're warmhearted, too! I'm researching ways to enhance Pokemon's natural power in the pursuit of true strength. There's no doubt that the Pokemon our team have trained at the strongest in battle! Are you ready?"


"Hello there! I am Professor Willow. Did you know that this world is inhabited by creatures known as Pokémon? Pokémon can be found in every corner of the earth. Some run across the plains, others fly through the skies, some live in the mountains, or in the forests, or near water... I have spent my whole life studying them and their regional distribution. Will you help me with my research? That's great! I was just looking for someone like you to help! You'll need to find and collect Pokémon from everywhere! Now, choose your style for your adventure."
After customizing avatar
"There's a Pokémon nearby! Here are some Poké Balls. These will help you catch one!"
After catching starter
"Congratulations! You've caught your first Pokémon! You are such a talented Pokémon Trainer! What should I call you?"
"Oh, what a cool nickname! Nice to meet you! You will need more Poké Balls and other useful items during your exploration. You can find items at PokéStops. They're found at interesting places like sculptures and monuments. From now on, you'll be off exploring all over the world. I hope you get out there and catch Pokémon—and register them in your Pokédex! It's time to GO!"
Trying to enter a Gym while below Trainer level 5
"This is a Gym, a place where you'll test your skills at Pokémon battles. It looks like you don't have much experience as a Pokémon Trainer yet. Come back when you've reached level 5!"
First time entering a Gym
"Wow! Looks like you've caught a bunch of Pokémon and gained a lot of experience as a Pokémon Trainer, huh? Great work! It looks like you're about ready to start participating in Pokémon battles! I have three excellent assistants. They each direct a team, and each has a slightly different approach to researching Pokémon. Part of their research is conducting Pokémon battles at Gyms. They're apparently excited to have you joining as a team member."
Tips or Quick Start
"This is a PokéStop. It's a real-world location where you can find Poké Balls and other items. The PokéStop will change its shape when you walk close enough. Tap it to interact with it. Spin the Photo Disc to generate items. Tap or swipe the items to collect them."
"This is a Gym. Teams battle for control of these real-world locations. Assign one of your Pokémon to an open Gym to claim it for your team. Strengthen a friendly Gym by assigning one of your Pokémon to help defend it. Train the Pokémon at a friendly Gym to increase the Gym's Prestige and level. Challenge a rival Gym to lower its Prestige and level. During battle, swipe right or left to dodge incoming attacks."
Special Research: “A Mythical Discovery”
  • Phase 1
"<player>, how are you? It's been a while, hasn't it? You've become quite the Trainer! I wanted to ask for your help. As you know, I study Pokémon and their habitats. I've learned a lot over the years, but recently, I've found some hints of something mysterious. I was wondering if you would help me investigate what's going on. You will? That's great! First things first, let's calibrate my instruments to your area. Could you please complete the following research tasks?"
  • "Spin 5 PokéStops or Gyms."
  • "Catch 10 Pokémon."
  • "Transfer 5 Pokémon."
  • Phase 2
"Great. Thanks, <player>! Now I should be able to detect anything out of the ordinary. I believe we need to be on the lookout for a Mythical Pokémon! Mythical Pokémon are extremely rare and unique, and many consider their existence to be mere rumor. Could you help get my equipment set up around your local habitat? This'll be a great time to take your buddy out to explore a bit and hatch some Eggs! Please complete the following research tasks."
  • "Earn 2 Candies walking with your buddy."
  • "Make 10 Great Throws."
  • "Hatch 3 Eggs."
  • Phase 3
"Incredible! This confirms my initial suspicion. I think we're seeing evidence of Mew! A Pokémon found in a jungle far to the south that was thought to have been extinct. It is so rare that many experts say that it is a myth. Only a few people have seen it worldwide. Apparently, it appears only to those people who are pure of heart and have a strong desire to see it. My colleagues in Kanto, including my instructor, Professor Oak, spent a long time studying Mew. It looks like our findings match theirs! According to our research, Mew was said to be observed using moves of all kinds. This observation has led some of us to say that Mew is the ancestor of all Pokémon! Perhaps by studying Pokémon in battle, we'll learn more! Please perform the following research tasks."
  • "Reach level 15."
  • "Battle in a Gym 2 times."
  • "Battle in 2 raids."
  • Phase 4
“Great work, <player>! This will help point us in the right direction. Did you know Mew is said to hold the genetic codes of all Pokémon? Mew's secrets could be a link to understanding the mystery of Pokémon growth and Evolution! Let's study some Pokémon Evolution to learn more about Mew! Please perform these research tasks for me.”
  • “Earn a silver Kanto medal.”
  • “Evolve 20 Pokémon.”
  • “Earn 5 Candies walking with your Buddy.”
  • Phase 5
“Amazing. Just amazing! Isn't Evolution wondrous? I learn something new every time I see it! With the data we've collected so far, I should be able to pinpoint Mew's location! It looks like... Yes, it looks like Mew has visited your area recently! Hmm... Interesting. If that's the case, someone should have reported a sighting... Maybe Mew is hiding or disguised as another Pokémon? Let's study some other Pokémon that use these tricks and the best ways to catch them! Please perform the following research tasks.”
  • “Catch a Ditto.”
  • “Catch 10 Ghost-type Pokémon.”
  • “Make 20 Great Throws.”
  • Phase 6
“Thank you, <player>! With your help, I've determined that Mew is invisible! Let's collect some data to build a tool to find it. I have an idea... I'll need you to study some powerful Pokémon up close to help me out! Could you complete the following research tasks?”
  • “Reach level 25.”
  • “Evolve a Magikarp.”
  • “Battle in 10 raids.”
  • Phase 7
“Nice! My prototype is functioning well. I've upgraded your AR camera with the new ability to see invisible Pokémon! The final step is to lure out Mew. Mew is said only to appear to those who are pure of heart and have a strong desire to meet it... Let's show Mew what a great Trainer you are and how excited we are to see it! Please carry out the following research tasks.”
  • “Catch 50 Pokémon using a Berry.”
  • “Earn a gold Kanto medal.”
  • “Make an Excellent Curveball Throw.”
  • Phase 8
“We found Mew! Awesome! This is an experience to remember forever. Now you can see why I love studying Pokémon so much! The whole world is out there to discover. So go have some fun! My assistants and I will request some Special Research from you in the future. Stay in touch!”
  • “Catch Mew!”
Special Research: “A Ripple in Time”
  • Phase 1
"<player>, you've been such a help in conducting Field Research and Special Research! I have a feeling that there's so much more about this world that we've yet to discover, and I'm glad I can count on you to see it through. I've been doing some experiments of my own, and I suspect that I'm onto a further exciting discovery about another Mythical Pokémon that's rarely seen. Would you mind completing these tasks while I conclude my studies."
  • "Power up Pokémon 5 times"
  • "Battle in a Gym 2 times"
  • "Battle in a raid"
  • Phase 2
"Wow, you and your Pokémon have some amazing power! But according to my most recent data, it seems that the Mythical Pokémon I'm tracking only appears in times of peace. Also, from what I've gathered, it seems fond of forests and lush greens. Would you mind exploring this further, <player>?"
  • "Catch a Pokémon 3 days in a row"
  • "Make 3 new friends"
  • "Evolve an evolved Grass-type Pokemon"
  • Phase 3
"Excellent work, <player>! I feel we're getting closer to this Mythical Pokémon. I wonder if we can find some more friends for it by hatching some Eggs. Ah, and maybe you could put that Sun Stone you've earned to good use as well?"
  • "Use a Sun Stone to evolve Gloom or Sunkern"
  • "Hatch 9 Eggs"
  • "Reach Level 25"
  • Phase 4
"Oh wow, is that an Eevee you've caught? Perfect timing! Did you know that this Pokémon's unstable genetic makeup enables it to take on one of several different Evolutions? I'll bet if you spend some time with it during the day, you'll be able to evolve your Eevee into an Espeon-a Psychic-type Pokémon just like the Mythical Pokémon I'm researching!"
  • "Evolve Eevee into Espeon during the day"
  • "Walk 10 km with Eevee as your buddy to earn Candy"
  • "Send 20 Gifts"
  • Phase 5
"Oh wow, is that an Eevee you've caught? Perfect timing! Wait... Have we...had this conversation already? I'm getting a funny feeling in the back of my mind-like we've been here before. <player>, would you spend some time with this Eevee during the night? I think you'll be able to see an intriguing evolved form as a result. I wonder if this funny feeling will recur..."
  • "Evolve Eevee into Umbreon"
  • "Walk 10km with Eevee as your buddy to earn Candy"
  • "Trade a Pokemon"
  • Phase 6
"<player>, I have some exciting news! That funny feeling hasn't returned, but I did some important reading and learned that the Mythical Pokémon we're researching has the ability to travel across time! Maybe that's why all of this is occurring...or recurring... Maybe this Pokémon is nearby?! I suggest that you collect samples over the course of the next week and experiment with some Evolution items to see whether that feeling occurs again. While you're at it, do you have any Pinap Berries? My research could benefit from more data on their use. Return with that, and you can have these exotic Silver Pinap Berries!"
  • "Use items to evolve 2 Pokémon"
  • "Visit PokéStops 7 days in a row"
  • "Use 25 Pinap Berries while catching Pokémon"
  • Phase 7
"This data is so helpful. Thank you! I'll use it to explore my theory. While you were in the field, I made more headway in learning about this Mythical Pokémon, and it seems that its mere presence causes grass and trees to flourish. I think if you catch more Grass-type Pokémon, this elusive time-traveling Pokémon will reveal itself!"
  • "Make an Excellent Curve Throw"
  • "Earn a Gold Johto Medal"
  • "Catch 40 Grass or Psychic Type Pokemon"
  • Phase 8
"<player>, what an amazing experience! The appearance of the Mythical Pokémon Celebi is thought to be a sign that a bright and shining future awaits us. You've come a long way in your research, and I must say you're inspiring me to discover even more Pokémon. Until next time, <player>!"
  • "Catch Celebi!"
Special Research: “GO Fest 2018”
  • Phase 1
"<player>! Thanks goodness you made it. I was ready for a fun-filled day of playing with Pokémon, but as you may have seen, the park has all sort of unusual geological phenomena occuring! We need to figure out what's happening and set it right, so I am asking for your help. Now that you're here, I need you to be part of my Elite Research team. First things first–could you help survey the park and get some supplies?"
  • "Spin 3 PokéStops or Gyms"
  • "Earn 1 Candies walking with your buddy"
  • "Catch 15 Pokémon"'
  • Phase 2
"<trainer>! As you may have noticed, the park has all sorts of unusual geological phenomena going on today! I am not sure what could have caused it–they juste appeared out of nowhere...and they seem to get bigger and bigger! Whatever is causing it, the local park habitat here is quite disrupted by all the changes. The local Pokémon have become confused... It looks like they're acting more aggressive and territorial! Let's see if we can help out by catching some Pokémon to make the situation a bit more stable."
  • "Catch 10 Fire-type Pokémon"
  • "Catch 10 Water-type Pokémon"
  • "Catch 10 Grass-type Pokémon"'
  • "Catch 10 Steel-type Pokémon"
  • "Catch 10 Rock-type Pokémon"
  • "Catch 10 Ice-type Pokémon"'
  • Phase 3
"Well it looks like there were some pretty powerful Pokémon causing the ruckus. Thanks for taking care of them! I'm sure they'll make great friends. However, I'm not sure that was sufficient–the strange habitats are just as active as before. The local park and all the Pokémon here seem worried. We need to get to the bottom of this! I've been seeing some unusual Pokémon called Unown floating around the area... This Pokémon is shaped like ancient writing...and I think they may be trying to tell us something! I think they want us to call on a powerful Pokémon–the Guardian of the Forest? I'll bet if we follow the Unown around the park, they'll lead us to this Pokémon!"
  • "Catch 7 Unown"
  • "Spin 3 PokéStops or Gyms"
  • "Hatch 3 Eggs"'
  • Phase 4
"Amazing! Never though I would see Celebi here. I think Celebi's time travel abilities may be exactly what we need to fix the situation. Celebi can go back in time and stop those distortions while they're still small! It's a difficult task... We need to ensure Celebi has all the support it needs! The Plusle and Minun in the park would be perfect to help us out. These Pokémon are famous for loving teamwork and cheering on their partners with their pom-pom made of sparks! If we colelct a bunch, I think they'll be able to work together to get Celebi really pumped up! Then Celebi can focus its power to return to the past and prevent this problem before it starts!"
  • "Catch 5 Plusle"
  • "Catch 5 Minun"
  • Phase 5
"That did it! It seems like the strange habitats are slowly returning to nornal. It appears that Celebi has safely returned from the past to stay with your. Looks like you two have formed a bond! I'll bet by next weekend the park will have returned to its old self! Celebi is truly a wondrous Pokémon! Thanks for all your help today! We couldn't have done it without you. This weekend will be one to remember!"
Special Research: “Pokémon GO Safari Zone in YOKOSUKA”
  • Phase 1
"<player>! Thanks goodness you made it to this important research site. I came to study Pokémon that commonly appear in this area, but it seems I need your help! The species of Pokémon I've observed today don't normally appear around here. What a strange occurence! Would you be willing to travel throughout the park and perform some task for me? With all these wild Pokémon around, it almost feels like a safari!"
  • "Spin 3 PokéStops or Gyms"
  • "Catch 10 Beldum"
  • "Catch 10 Ralts"
  • "Catch 10 Slakoth"
  • "Hatch 3 Eggs"
  • Phase 2
"Wow, great work today! In addition to completing some insightful research, you've skillfully helped me document the amazing nature around us and the fascinating migration patterns that Pokémon follow. I have a feeling there's even more to discover out there! The result of your works have produced an awesome amount of Stardust. Perhaps could you find good use for it in powering up or trading a Pokémon! Enjoy, <player>!"


Quote Spark Blanche Candela
Introduction "Hey, <player>! You want me to check out your <Pokémon>?" "Hello <player>. I am available to analyze your <Pokémon>, if you wish." "Hi <player>! Let's take a look at your <Pokémon>, shall we?"
IV total 37-45 "Overall, your <Pokémon> looks like it can really battle with the best of them!" "Overall, your <Pokémon> is a wonder! What a breathtaking Pokémon!" "Overall, your <Pokémon> simply amazes me. It can accomplish anything!"
30-36 "Overall, your <Pokémon> is really strong!" "Overall, your <Pokémon> has certainly caught my attention." "Overall, your <Pokémon> is a strong Pokémon. You should be proud!"
23-29 "Overall, your <Pokémon> is pretty decent!" "Overall, your <Pokémon> is above average." "Overall, your <Pokémon> is a decent Pokémon."
0-22 "Overall, your <Pokémon> has room for improvement as far as battling goes." "Overall, your <Pokémon> is not likely to make much headway in battle." "Overall, your <Pokémon> may not be great in battle, but I still like it!"
Best stat First "Its best quality is its <stat>." "I see that its best attribute is its <stat>." "Its <stat> is its strongest feature."
If tie "Its <stat> is great, too!" "It is matched equally by its <stat>." "I'm just as impressed with its <stat>."
Highest IV 15 "Its stats are the best I've ever seen! No doubt about it!" "Its stats exceed my calculations. It's incredible!" "I'm blown away by its stats. WOW!"
13-14 "Its stats are really strong! Impressive." "I am certainly impressed by its stats, I must say." "It's got excellent stats! How exciting!"
8-12 "It's definitely got some good stats. Definitely!" "Its stats are noticeably trending to the positive." "Its stats indicate that in battle, it'll get the job done."
0-7 "Its stats are all right, but kinda basic, as far as I can see." "Its stats are not out of the norm, in my opinion." "Its stats don't point to greatness in battle."
Size XS "Wh-whoa. That's the tiniest <Pokémon> I've ever seen!" "Your <Pokémon> is tinier than any we have on record. Astounding." "Your <Pokémon> is so tiny, I almost didn't notice it!"
S "Your <Pokémon> is a little small for its kind, don't you think?" "Your <Pokémon> is below average in size." "Aww, what a small <Pokémon>! It's rather cute, I'd say."
L "Your <Pokémon> is a BIG one!" "Your <Pokémon> is above average in size." "Your <Pokémon> is rather sizable, that's for sure!"
XL "Your <Pokémon> is just HUGE!" "The size of your <Pokémon> is... colossal. This is indeed exceptional. Fascinating!" "Your <Pokémon> is gigantic—the largest I've ever seen!"
Conclusion "That's what I think! See ya!" "This ends my analysis. Farewell." "Hope I was able to help. Take care!"


  • Professor Willow is the only professor to be named after a tree outside of the core series of games.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ウィロー博士 Willow-hakase From willow
English, German, Italian,
Brazilian Portuguese
Professor Willow Same as Japanese name
French Professeur Willow
Professeur Saule*
Same as Japanese name
From saule (willow)
Spanish Profesor Willow Same as Japanese name
Korean 윌로우박사 Willow-baksa Same as Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 維羅博士 / 维罗博士 Wéiluó-bóshì Transliteration of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 維羅博士 Wàihlòh-boksih Mandarin-based transliteration of his Japanese name


Language Name Origin
Japanese スパーク Spark From spark
English, French, German, Italian,
Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
Spark Same as Japanese name
Korean 스파크 Spark Same as Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 史帕克 Shǐpàkè Transliteration of his Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 史帕克 Sípaakhāk Mandarin-based transliteration of his Japanese name

Team Instinct

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 靈犀隊 Lìhngsāi Déui
Mandarin 靈犀隊 Língxī Duì
France Flag.png French Équipe Intuition
Germany Flag.png German Team Intuition
Italy Flag.png Italian Squadra Istinto
South Korea Flag.png Korean 팀 인스팅트 Team Instinct
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Equipe Instinto
Spain Flag.png Spanish Equipo Instinto


Language Name Origin
Japanese ブランシェ Blanche From blanche (French for white)
English, French, German, Italian,
Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
Blanche Same as Japanese name
Korean 블랑쉬 Blanche Same as Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 布蘭雪 Bùlánxuě Transliteration of her Japanese name. Contains 雪 xuě (snow)
Chinese (Cantonese) 布蘭雪 Boulàahnsyut Mandarin-based transliteration of her Japanese name. Contains 雪 syut (snow)

Team Mystic

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 叡智隊 Yeuihji Déui
Mandarin 叡智隊 Ruìzhì Duì
France Flag.png French Équipe Sagesse
Germany Flag.png German Team Weisheit
Italy Flag.png Italian Squadra Saggezza
South Korea Flag.png Korean 팀 미스틱 Team Mystic
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Equipe Sabedoria
Spain Flag.png Spanish Equipo Sabiduría


Language Name Origin
Japanese キャンデラ Candela From candela (Latin for candle)
English, French, German, Italian,
Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese
Candela Same as Japanese name
Korean 칸델라 Candela Same as Japanese name
Chinese (Mandarin) 坎迪拉 Kǎndílā Transliteration of her Japanese name
Chinese (Cantonese) 坎迪拉 Hámdihklāai Mandarin-based transliteration of her Japanese name

Team Valor

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 武勇隊 Móuhyúhng Déui
Mandarin 武勇隊 Wǔyǒng Duì
France Flag.png French Équipe Bravoure
Germany Flag.png German Team Wagemut
Italy Flag.png Italian Squadra Coraggio
South Korea Flag.png Korean 팀 발로 Team Valor
Brazil Flag.png Brazilian Portuguese Equipe Valor
Spain Flag.png Spanish Equipo Valor


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