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* 655-674 Pokémon:
* 655-674 Pokémon:
:''"[[Trade|Trading]] Pokémon with friends is another great way to fill up your Pokédex!"''
:''"[[Trade|Trading]] Pokémon with friends is another great way to fill up your Pokédex!"''
: 675 Pokémon:
* 675 Pokémon:
:''"If you have access, it might be a good idea to use the [[Global Terminal|GTS]], too!"''
:''"If you have access, it might be a good idea to use the [[Global Terminal|GTS]], too!"''

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Professor Augustine Sycamore
プラターヌ博士 Dr. Platane
XY Professor Sycamore.png
Art from X and Y
Gender Male
Eye color Gray
Hair color Dark blue
Region Kalos
Trainer class Pokémon Professor
Generation VI
Games Pokémon X and Y
Anime debut Lumiose City Pursuit!
English voice actor Jake Paque
Japanese voice actor Hiroshi Tsuchida

Professor Augustine Sycamore (Japanese: プラターヌ博士 Dr. Platane) is a Pokémon Professor from the Kalos region.

In the games

The player first meets him in Lumiose City, where he will battle the player and, afterwards, gives them one of the three Kanto starter Pokémon. On the way to Shalour City, he will instruct the player to meet Gurkinn, the Mega Evolution guru, to learn and get a better understanding about Mega Evolution. Later, he appears at the Coumarine City monorail station and talks to Diantha about Mega Evolution and how it may be possibly related to the bonds between Pokémon and their Trainers. There, he will congratulate the player for using Mega Evolution for the first time and gives them HM02 (Fly).

He feels disappointed when Lysandre reveals himself to be the boss of Team Flare, but turns to his network of acquaintances to try to stop the villainous team's plan. He sends Dexio and Sina to the Lysandre Labs in order to investigate Team Flare's interest in AZ and how to thwart their plans.

At Couriway Town, he will apologize to the player for not preventing what Lysandre had done. He then challenges the player to another battle to test how far they have come in their journey. After being defeated, he informs the player that he has a special surprise for helping stop Team Flare and leaves. Once the player has beaten the Pokémon League, he leads a parade for the player in Lumiose City, where he awards them and their friends with the Honor of Kalos for their heroics.

Later, he tells the player to meet him in Lumiose Station, where he gives them a ticket to Kiloude City. After Calem/Serena is defeated in Kiloude, Professor Sycamore will upgrade the player's Mega Ring so that they can detect hidden Mega Stones from 8 PM to 9 PM.

When the player completes all three Kalos Pokédexes (Central Kalos, Coastal Kalos, and Mountain Kalos) and evaluates all of them at his lab in Lumiose City, Sycamore congratulates them and gives them an Oval Charm as a reward.


Lumiose City

Couriway Town rematch


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Pokémon X and Y

Lumiose City

"So, we finally meet!"
"Fantastic! You're here! Come this way, won't you?"
"Many thanks for coming all the way from Vaniville Town! I'm Professor Sycamore! It's a pleasure to finally meet you! How is your Pokémon journey going so far? Have you met many different Pokémon? Fantastic! Let me have a quick look at your Pokédex and see!"
Uses the line depending on how many Pokémon have been seen in the Central Kalos Pokédex.
"Well now, you DO have a certain je ne sais quoi! I have a good feeling about you! At first, I was thinking of choosing only one child from a town when I was deciding who to give a Pokémon to. In Vaniville Town, it was going to be the child of a Veteran Trainer I know. About then, I learned that the Rhyhorn racer Grace and her son were moving here. Here in the Kalos region, you're far away from everything you used to know... That really hit me right here... Then it hit me--I should give you a Pokémon and have you travel around Kalos!"
"Fantastic! Now, let's all have a Pokémon battle! Your opponent shall be me!"
  • Before battle
"Shall we start the battle?"
Yes: "Just so you know, I'm not that tough!"
No: "No problem at all! I'll wait! I'll wait as long as I must!"
  • Being defeated
"Ha ha! You're too much for me! You're really something, aren't you?"
  • After being defeated
"I think I've about figured it out!"
"<player>! You are an interesting Pokémon Trainer indeed! It'd be fantastic if you took another Pokémon with you! Here! Pick one!"
"You picked Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle, then! I see. That's simply wonderful!"
"Would you like to give your Pokémon a nickname?"
Yes: "So, you've decided its nickname will be <nickname>?"
No: "Oh, I see. You're not going to give your Pokémon a nickname, then."
"Since you chose Bulbasaur/Charmander/Squirtle, I'll give you this Mega Stone."
"Come now, you two. Pick your Pokémon."
"Well, I've got a feeling everyone else will show up soon."
"See. Wonderful! Everyone's all here! So now that we're all here, I'd like to say a few words. Be the best Trainer you can be! At the same time, remember to have fun traveling with your Pokémon! Also, I want to ask for your help in solving the Kalos region's biggest Pokémon mystery: the secret and potential of Mega Evolution, a new kind of Evolution that occurs in battle! That's why I gave you that Mega Stone just now. It's an important clue!"
"Trevor, my lad, if that's what "best Trainer" means to you, then I want you to go out there and complete that Pokédex!"
"If you're investigating Mega Evolution, why don't you check out Camphrier Town? That town has a lot of history--you might find a hint there! Now listen. If you visit many different places to complete the Pokédex, you will probably see Pokémon with many ways of living and meet people with many ways of thinking. First, accept the ways of living and thinking that sometimes conflict with your own. And think about what's really imporant--this will truly broaden your horizons."

Coumarine City

"Why hello, <player>!"
"Congratulations! I see you finally obtained everything you need for Mega Evolution! A Mega Stone for the Pokémon, a Mega Ring for the Trainer, and a strong bond with your Pokémon."
"It's only a hypothesis, but I think the bond between Pokémon and Trainer is the key to this new Evolution. But what is this bond, exactly? And why are there examples of Mega Evolution only in the Kalos region? There's still so much we don't know..."
"Oh! What an excellent point! Indeed! The more you know, the more there is to research! The excitement never ends, does it?"
"Oh, that's right! I came here to give you this!"
"Use the HM Fly to pop right over to Pokémon Centers of places you've already visited! Well then, <player>..."
"Diantha, I hope to see you both again soon!"

Lumiose City (Lysandre Café)

"Over here!"
"I was just having a conversation with Lysandre about Mega Evolution."
"Actually, Lysandre himself is of royal ancestry... He truly is a chosen one."
"By the way, <player>... Do you know where the Holo Caster is made?"
Yes: "That's right! They're made in Lysandre's lab."
"Lysandre is a great man. He supports Trainers and Pokémon research with some of the profit from the Holo Caster."
"What a passionate person. He's just like a blazing flame. Perhaps his pride in his lineage is what makes him burn so intensely."
"That being said, what Lysandre says is only one way to looking at things... It's not necessarily the truth. <player>! What's truly important is the time you spend together with others! Treasure these moments spent traveling the Kalos region with your Pokémon!"

Couriway Town

"I have to apologize to you about Lysandre... I'm very sorry for the trouble he caused..."
"And I'd also like to thank you! I'm sincerely grateful for what you did for all of the Pokémon and people of this world. And by stopping Team Flare, you also saved Lysandre. I always knew that he desired a beautiful world..."
"And maybe someday the population of people and Pokémon will actually increase to where resources become very scarce. If someone acts out of greed in such a world, surely some will go without. If all living things keep acting that way, there will be nothing left at all in the end. Why, there won't even be anything left to steal, will there?"
"But what I really wanted was for him to put his ego aside and lead everything to greater heights. I never had this discussion with him, though. So I'm partially responsible for this."
  • Before battle
"Well, enough of that. <player>! I want you and your Pokémon to take everything you learned from your journey and hit me with your very best shot!"
  • Being defeated
"You are really something! You and your Pokémon have developed strong bonds by spending time together and by caring about one another. That's why you and your Pokémon are so strong."
  • After being defeated
"The strength you've found is simply marvelous! And... You truly love and trust your Pokémon! <player>! A treasure of mine is hidden in this town! If you'd like, try to find it. Well, I'll be off then! I have many preparations I must attend to! I have a little surprise planned for all of you to thank you for fighting Team Flare and saving Kalos!"

Parade at Lumiose City (after entering Hall of Fame)

"What an amazing turnout! All of these people are here to celebrate your achievements. I'd like to present you with the Honor of Kalos for the bravery you showed battling Team Flare! I'm so proud of you all! On behalf of the entire Kalos region, I'd like to say... Thank you!"
"His Pokémon was waiting all this time... Waiting for him to return to the man he was. The man who loved Pokémon with all his heart."

Lumiose Station (post-game)

"How did you like your parade, <player>? So the reason I asked you to come here is... I wanted to give you a pass to Kiloude City!"
"Doesn't ring any bells? Kiloude City is a city in the southern part of the Kalos region. And it's the perfect place for Trainers looking to sharpen their skills! So here's your pass for the super high-speed rail to Kiloude City!"
"Use it to ride the TMV super high-speed rail! Take your pass to that scanner over there. It's an orange machine. Have the machine scan your pass to board the train. Have a fantastic time!"
Pokédex evaluation
  • Before evaluating the player's Pokédex in person:
"Well now, let's have a look at your Pokédex!"
  • After evaluating the player's Pokédex in person:
"Your Pokédex must be jam-packed with all the memories of your journey... I hope you treasure it always!"
  • After evaluating one of the Kalos Pokédexes via a PC after all three have been finished:
"You're encountering Pokémon at a really good clip, aren't you?"
"I have something for you, so stop by the lab when you have a moment!"
  • After evaluating one of the Kalos Pokédexes in person after all three have been finished:
"You're encountering Pokémon at a really good clip, aren't you?"
"I want to give you this to help you reach your goal!"
"So, if you're holding an Oval Charm, Eggs are discovered at the Pokémon Day Care more easily than normal."
Central Kalos Pokédex
  • When talking to Sycamore to get the Pokédex evaluated:
"Hmm... So you've seen <number> kinds of Pokémon in Central Kalos, then."
  • 30-38 Pokémon:
"Oh ho! The pages are getting filled in. It's starting to look good!"
  • 41-59 Pokémon:
"Some Pokémon can be hard to find, but keep on searching in the tall grass!"
  • 66-87 Pokémon:
"Battling against other Trainers is another, good way to fill up your Pokédex!"
  • 92-108 Pokémon:
"Some Pokémon only appear in certain places! Keep an eye out!"
  • 115-126 Pokémon:
"Why hello! Find any Pokémon that you've taken a particular shine to yet?"
  • 130-149 Pokémon:
"Just a little bit more, and you'll have found every kind of Pokémon in the Central Kalos area!"
  • 150 Pokémon (first time):
"Congratulations! You've encountered every kind of Pokémon in the Central Kalos area!"

If the player has already obtained the evaluation for the completed Pokédex once, subsequent evaluations skip the sentence stating the number of seen Pokémon altogether and simply say:

"Incredible! You've already completed the Central Kalos Pokédex!"
Coastal Kalos Pokédex
  • When talking to Sycamore to get the Pokédex evaluated:
"Oh ho! You've seen <number> kinds of Pokémon in Coastal Kalos. "
  • 5 Pokémon:
"A new Pokédex means new Pokémon! How exciting!"
  • 48-59 Pokémon:
"Some Pokémon can be found only by fishing. Aren't Pokémon fascinating?"
  • 65-87 Pokémon:
"Some Pokémon can only be seen inside caves!"
  • 97-107 Pokémon:
"Some Pokémon Abilities make it easier for you to encounter wild Pokémon!"
  • 114-129 Pokémon:
"You should try using Surf to explore new areas and find the Pokémon that live there!"
"Just a little bit more, and you'll have found every kind of Pokémon in the Coastal Kalos area!"
  • 150-153 Pokémon (first time, with at least all Pokémon other than Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres seen):
"Congratulations! You've encountered every kind of Pokémon in the Coastal Kalos area!"

If the player has already obtained the evaluation for the completed Pokédex once, subsequent evaluations skip the sentence stating the number of seen Pokémon altogether and simply say:

"Incredible! You've already completed the Coastal Kalos Pokédex!"
Mountain Kalos Pokédex
  • When talking to Sycamore to get the Pokédex evaluated:
"I see! You've seen <number> kinds of Pokémon in Mountain Kalos. "
  • 4 Pokémon:
"The third Pokédex of the Kalos region! I wonder what kinds of Pokémon you'll find!"
  • 20-27 Pokémon:
"It's so interesting to look at the differences between the Pokémon that live in each area!"
  • 45 Pokémon:
"I'll bet the Pokémon you can find in the mountains and caves are tough and rugged!"
  • 60-87 Pokémon:
"There are still many Pokémon awaiting you in locations you've yet to visit!"
  • 90-99 Pokémon:
"It's fascinating to learn how certain Pokémon evolve!"
  • 111-129 Pokémon:
"Isn't it great to learn about all of the different Pokémon that are out there?"
  • 130-150 Pokémon:
"Just a little bit more, and you'll have found every kind of Pokémon in the Mountain Kalos area!"
  • 151 Pokémon (first time):
Congratulations! You've encountered every kind of Pokémon in the Mountain Kalos area!"

If the player has already obtained the evaluation for the completed Pokédex once, subsequent evaluations skip the sentence stating the number of seen Pokémon altogether and simply say:

"Incredible! You've already completed the Mountain Kalos Pokédex!"
National Pokédex

Note: This Pokédex only counts caught Pokémon towards the evaluation.

  • When talking to Sycamore to get the Pokédex evaluated:
"You've caught a total of <number> kinds of Pokémon! Fantastic! And you caught <number> of those Pokémon species in the Kalos region!"
  • 38 Pokémon:
"Keep traveling through the Kalos region, and you might find even more new encounters!"
  • 88-148 Pokémon:
"I hear there are more than 700 kinds of Pokémon to be found in the National Pokédex!"
  • 157 Pokémon:
"Non remember--the trick to catching a Pokémon is to lower its HP before using a Poké Ball!"
  • 258-299 Pokémon:
"You won't be able to find all of the underwater Pokémon by fishing in just one spot!"
  • 300-349 Pokémon:
"The Sticky Hold and Suction Cups Abilities make Pokémon easier to reel in when fishing."
  • 350-399 Pokémon:
"Pokémon with the Magnet Pull Ability can help you encounter Steel-type Pokémon more easily!"
  • 400-449 Pokémon:
"Pokémon with the Static Ability can help you encounter Electric-type Pokémon more easily!"
  • 450-499 Pokémon:
"Some Pokémon only evolve by becoming friendly with their Trainer!"
  • 500-523 Pokémon:
"Wow! You've caught 500 kinds of Pokémon! You sure are an amazing Trainer!"
  • 547-559 Pokémon:
"Some Pokémon can only evolve at certain times of day or in certain places!"
  • 560-589 Pokémon:
"There are some moves that leave Pokémon with just a tiny bit of HP left!"
  • 590-614 Pokémon:
"Some Pokémon have Abilities that prevent wild Pokémon from fleeing!"
  • 615-634 Pokémon:
"Wow, 600! Pokémon sure do live in all kinds of places!"
  • 635-654 Pokémon:
"You're a Pokémon-catching pro, you know that? My jaw drops at your incredible skills!"
  • 655-674 Pokémon:
"Trading Pokémon with friends is another great way to fill up your Pokédex!"
  • 675 Pokémon:
"If you have access, it might be a good idea to use the GTS, too!"

In the anime

Professor Sycamore in the anime

Professor Sycamore made his first appearance in Lumiose City Pursuit!, when Ash, Clemont and Bonnie brought an injured Froakie to him. Sycamore treated Froakie while explaining that it used to be owned by Trainers but had severe behavioral problems which caused it to either abandon or be abandoned by its past Trainers. Sycamore also explained that his area of research was Mega Evolution, and Garchomp was the Pokémon he was researching since she was capable of achieving it.

After Team Rocket's failed attempt to steal Froakie caused Garchomp to go wild, Professor Sycamore joined Ash in his attempt to calm her down but was forced to simply watch from the bottom of Prism Tower. After the situation had been resolved, he thanked Ash by giving him a new Kalos Pokédex and allowing him to take Froakie, who had bonded with the Trainer, with him.

In A Battle of Aerial Mobility!, Sycamore met Serena as she arrived to pick her starter Pokémon.

He appeared again in XY010, where he meets up with Ash, Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie when they return to Lumiose City. Later, he is captured by Team Rocket, who seek for his knowledge about Mega Evolution. Serena and Bonnie are also captured when they try to help the Professor. The three are rescued by Ash, Pikachu, Clemont, and a Chespin from Sycamore's lab, but Team Rocket activates their newest mecha, which chases them across the forest. After Ash and Clemont unsuccessfully try to defeat the mecha with Pikachu and Chespin, the group is saved by Blaziken Mask and his Blaziken, who destroys the mecha, and Team Rocket are then sent blasting off by Ash and Clemont. At the end of the episode, Sycamore allows Clemont to capture Chespin when it wants to travel with the group.


This listing is of Professor Sycamore's known Pokémon:

On hand

Professor Sycamore's Garchomp
Professor Sycamore's only known Pokémon is a Garchomp who lives at the lab with him as the main test subject as he researched Mega Evolution. Despite her fearsome appearance, Garchomp is very gentle as shown by her concern for Froakie. She also enjoys company, and happily allows others to pet her. However, when Team Rocket attempted to capture Froakie, Garchomp defended it from Team Rocket's device which then attached itself to her. This caused her severe pain resulting in her going on a rampage through Lumiose City and heading to the top of Prism Tower.

Once there, she was carefully approached by Ash who refused to allow Pikachu to use any moves against her since she couldn't help her behavior. Soon, with Ash and Froakie's help, the device was removed and Garchomp returned to her old self.

She appears in a flashback in XY003.

Garchomp's only known move is Hyper Beam.

Debut Lumiose City Pursuit!

Gives to new Trainers

Sycamore Chespin.png
Sycamore Fennekin.png
Sycamore Froakie.png

Gave away to Trainers

Ash Froakie.png
Ash's Froakie
Serena Fennekin.png
Serena's Fennekin
Clemont Chespin.png
Clemont's Chespin

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 土田大 Hiroshi Tsuchida
English Jake Paque
European Spanish Óscar Castellanos

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Professor Sycamore in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Related cards
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Professor Sycamore Su XY Uncommon 122/146 Collection X Uncommon  


  • Sycamore is the first Pokémon Professor to battle the player in the games.
  • Sycamore is also the first Professor to hand out starter Pokémon that were not introduced in his generation upon first meeting the player character.
  • According to a male Scientist on the second floor of the lab in Lumiose City, Sycamore learned a lot from Professor Rowan in Sinnoh when he was young.
  • In the anime, Sycamore gives all three Kalos starters in reverse Pokédex order.


Language Name Origin
Japanese プラターヌ博士 Dr. Platane From platane, French for plane trees.
English Professor Augustine Sycamore From sycamore and possibly the Augustine Henry.
French Professeur Platane Same as Japanese name.
German, Italian Professor Platan Same as Japanese name.
Spanish Profesor Ciprés From ciprés, Spanish for cypress.
Korean 플라타느박사 Peullataneu-baksa Transliteration of Japanese name.

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