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Professor Rowan
ナナカマド博士 Dr. Nanakamado
Art from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
Age 60
Gender Male
Hometown Sandgem Town
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Former Champion Trainer, Pokémon Professor
Generation IV
Games Diamond, Pearl,
Anime debut Following a Maiden Voyage
English voice actor Billy Beach
Japanese voice actor Iemasa Kayumi

Professor Rowan (Japanese: ナナカマド博士 Dr. Nanakamado) is the resident professor of Sinnoh. He specializes in Pokémon evolution.

Professor Rowan is an old friend of Professor Oak, and Rowan's assistant claims that Oak is Rowan's junior in terms of seniority.

In the anime

File:Rowan anime.jpg
Prof. Rowan in the anime

In the anime, he first appeared in Following a Maiden's Voyage to give Dawn her Piplup. His Japanese voice actor is 家弓家正 Iemasa Kayumi and his English voice actor is Billy Beach. He also appeared from DP088 to DP091 in the school. He was one of the people by the finish line in DP091.



He also has these Pokémon to give to new trainers:


Known Trainers with his starter Pokémon

Piplup (to Dawn)

In the games

Professor Rowan works in Sandgem Town with Dawn/Lucas and their family. This makes him the only Professor from the handheld games that does not live in the player's hometown. He has a stern personality that makes him seem intimidating, but he is actually very kind. Rowan says he still feels a thrill whenever he travels anywhere with his Pokémon. He apparently has a sweet tooth, as the refrigerator in his laboratory is full of nothing but sweets and candy.

Rowan's particular field of study is Pokémon evolution, having discovered that 90% of all Pokémon are connected in some way to others through evolution. He is also interested in determining if evolution is supposed to be a form of Pokémon reaching maturity, or a way for an "incomplete" being to become "more complete", and the implications that the process has on Legendary Pokémon, which don't evolve.

In the manga

In Pokémon Special, he gave Berlitz three Pokétches, three Pokédexes and Turtwig (for Diamond), Chimchar (for Pearl), and Piplup (for herself)

In Pokémon DP, Professor Rowan adopted Hareta as a grandson. However, on seeing Hareta's ability to understand the souls of Pokémon, he felt it was best to leave him out in the forest with his Pokémon friends to care for him. He did not see Hareta again for four years. Deciding it would help the boy to travel and see the world, the Professor decided he should be a Pokémon Trainer and travel with his assistant, Mitsumi, and one of his Pokémon, Piplup.

In the TCG

Professor Rowan appears on his own card in the Diamond & Pearl and Secret Wonders expansions, much like the other professors have.


  • Rowan's Japanese name is actually the word for the rowan tree. After much speculation that it would be a direct translation, it was revealed that his name would be Rowan in the English translation, continuing the long-standing pattern of professors named for trees.
  • Rowan's studies naming 90% of all Pokémon as related through evolution are only close to true even as of Generation IV, as there are 77 Pokémon that do not evolve into or from any others, 35 being legendary Pokémon, giving a total of 84% that are related by evolution.
  • Unlike Oak who wants the Pokédex to be filled by capturing all 150 Pokémon, Rowan prefers the player to merely see all 150.
  • He is the only Professor not to be found in the players hometown.


Language Name Reference to
Japanese ナナカマドはかせ Dr. Nanakamado Nanakamado, Rowan tree.
English Professor Rowan Similarly to the other professors, after a tree, as well as a direct translation from Japanese.
German Professor Eibe Eibe is German for Taxus.
French Professeur Sorbier Sorbier is French for Sorbus.
Italian Professore Rowan Same as English name.
Spanish Profesor Serbal Serbal is Spanish for Sorbus.
Korean 마박사 Ma-baksa
Chinese (Taiwan) 山梨博士 Shān Lí Bó Shì

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