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Professor Rowan
ナナカマド博士 Dr. Nanakamado
Diamond Pearl Rowan.png
Art from Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
Age 60
Gender Male
Hometown Sandgem Town
Region Sinnoh
Trainer class Pokémon Professor
Generation IV
Games Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum
Anime debut Following A Maiden Voyage!
English voice actor Sean Reyes
Japanese voice actor Iemasa Kayumi

Professor Rowan (Japanese: ナナカマド博士 Dr. Nanakamado) is the resident Pokémon Professor of Sandgem Town in the Sinnoh region. He specializes in Pokémon evolution.

In the games

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl

Professor Rowan works in Sandgem Town with Dawn/Lucas and their family. This makes him the only Professor from the handheld games that does not live in the player's hometown. He left the Sinnoh region four years prior to the events of Generation IV to study the Pokémon of Kanto with Professor Oak, and has recently returned at the start of Pokémon Diamond and Pearl after reaching the conclusion that Sinnoh holds far greater secrets. He has a stern personality that makes him seem intimidating and mean, but he is actually very kind and patient. Rowan says he still feels a thrill whenever he travels anywhere with his Pokémon. He apparently has a sweet tooth, as the refrigerator in his laboratory is full of nothing but sweets and candy.

Rowan's particular field of study is Pokémon evolution, having discovered that 90% of all Pokémon are connected in some way to others through evolution. He is also interested in determining if evolution is supposed to be a form of Pokémon reaching maturity, or a way for an "incomplete" being to become "more complete," and the implications that the process has on legendary Pokémon, which don't evolve.

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, Professor Rowan is seen for the first time observing Lake Verity with his assistant. After being interrupted by the player and his/her friend, he quickly walks off leaving his briefcase, which holds three Poké Balls containing Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup, behind. The player and his/her friend try to return it to him, but are attacked by wild Pokémon in the process, and are forced to use two of the Pokémon in the briefcase for defense. After returning the Pokémon to Rowan in his lab, Rowan hears about the survival tactics that they used, and tells them to keep the Pokémon, as well as giving them each a Pokédex to record data about every single Pokémon. Soon after, Rowan and his assistant travel to Jubilife City to drop off some notes, where they are attacked by Team Galactic, just as the player returns from Oreburgh City with his/her first Badge.

After becoming suspicious of Team Galactic's activities, he gathers his assistant, the player and his/her friend in the Canalave Library late in the game, and tells them about the legends of Sinnoh. Before they are able to finish their discussion, however, an earthquake shakes the region, and the four manage to escape the building before an aftershock. Rowan urges the Trainers to journey to the three lakes of Sinnoh, seeing the aftermath of the explosion on the news, and sends the player's friend to Lake Acuity in the north, his assistant to Lake Verity near Twinleaf Town, and the player to Lake Valor.

He apparently previously gave Cynthia her first Pokémon and a Pokédex, though it is unknown how long before the games this occurred.

Professor Rowan is an old friend of Professor Oak, and Rowan's assistant claims that Oak is Rowan's junior in terms of seniority.


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In Pokémon Platinum

Lucas and Barry meet Professor Rowan for the first time
Rowan's role is similar to Diamond and Pearl, however, the player and his/her friend leave Twinleaf Town just as Rowan returns from the lake, with Rowan stopping the two from journeying into the tall grass without a Pokémon. His assistant then arrives with the briefcase he left behind at the lake, and Rowan offers the two a starter Pokémon. When he is visited in Sandgem for the first time, he hands out TM27 (Return) as well as the Pokédex. He can be seen occasionally in the basement of the Veilstone Department Store sulking about the fact they've run out of RageCandyBars.


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On Television

"Pokémon are by our sides, always. I hope you will understand the meaning of those words."

Route 201

"Hold it! You two don't seem to have any Pokémon between you? Then, what is the meaning of going into the tall grass?! ... ... ... ..."
"... ... They tried to go into the tall grass because they wanted Pokémon... Hmm... What to do...? Their world would surely change if they were to meet Pokémon... Is it right for me to put them on that path...? ... ... You two. You truly love Pokémon, do you?"
"I will ask you once again. You two. You truly love Pokémon, do you?"
"...A pair of reckless kids who foolishly try to enter tall grass without Pokémon of their own...? It worries me what people like that would do with Pokémon."
" ! How big of you... Very well, then! I will entrust you two with Pokémon! I apologize for putting you through that exercise. However! You must promise me that you will never recklessly endanger yourselves again. Now, then... Hm? Now, where...?"
"Ah! There it is! Dawn/Lucas, nice work. What I was about to do was to entrust these two with their own Pokémon."
"Hm! We exist side by side with Pokémon. There comes a time when people should meet Pokémon. There is a world that should be explored together. For them, today is that time. The place, right here. Go on! Open the briefcase and choose a Pokémon!"
"Very well! Both of you have chosen a good Pokémon, it seems. Now, listen well! The Pokémon you have been entrusted with are unfamiliar with the world. In that regard, they’re much like you. As fellow newcomers to the world, I hope you’ll all do well together. If you have any trouble, come see me at my lab in Sandgem Town. And now, we’ll be on our way."

Sandgem Town

"Well, well, look who’s here. <player>, was it? Let’s have a look at your Pokémon. … Hmm… I see… This Pokémon seems to be rather happy. Hm! Entrusting you with that Turtwig/Chimchar/Piplup was no mistake, it seems! Well, would you like to give it a nickname?"
"When I first saw you two about to step into the tall grass without Pokémon, I was shocked. I was astounded by these foolhardy children. But now, you’ve astounded me in an entirely different way. Already, there is a bond growing between you and that Pokémon. I feel privileged to have met you. I’m sure Turtwig/Chimchar/Piplup feels the same way about you. That’s why I’ll ask you to cherish that Turtwig/Chimchar/Piplup of yours."
"Er-hem! Let’s move on to the main topic. There is something I want you to do for me. Allow me to properly introduce myself first. My name, as you know, is Rowan. I study Pokémon. First of all, I want to know exactly what kinds of Pokémon live in the Sinnoh region. To do so, it is necessary to collect data using the Pokédex. This is what I wish to ask of you. I want to entrust you with this Pokédex. Will you use it to record data on all the Pokémon in Sinnoh for me? (If yes is selected) Hm! Good answer! That Pokédex is a very high-tech device. It will automatically record data on every kind of Pokémon you encounter. <player>, I ask that you go everywhere and meet every kind of Pokémon in this region!(If no is selected)... ... ... ... I can stand here without speaking for hours. I'm a very patient man. Let me ask you again, <player>."
"When you walked up Route 201 with your Pokémon, what did you feel? I’ve lived for 60 long years. Even now, I get a thrill when I’m with a Pokémon. Now, you should know that there are countless Pokémon in this world. That means there are just as many thrills waiting for you out there! Now go! <player>, your grand adventure begins right now!"
"Go on! <player>, your grand adventure awaits you!"
"<Player>!! I have something good here. You should take this as well. That is a Technical Machine. That one contains the move Return. Using a Technical Machine, or TM for short, teaches a move instantly to a Pokémon. Bear in mind, however, that a TM is single-use only. The move Return gains power the more friendly your Pokémon is with you. It’s up to you, of course, if you want to use that TM or not. I’ll send you off with the wish that your journey will be fun."

Jubilife City (2nd Visit)

"Ah, <player>. Well? How is the Pokédex progressing? Hm! That’s Oreburgh’s Gym Badge, I see. But hadn’t I given you your first Pokémon only recently...? Perhaps being a Trainer is like second nature to you."
"Quiet, you lot! Why must you be such a nuisance? Let me list some lessons you still need to learn. #1: Don’t loiter about for no good reason. #2: Don’t interrupt others while they are attempting to converse. #3: If you don’t get your way, don’t raise your voice to be intimidating. #4: Don’t think you’ve grown strong just because you’re in a group. #5: What is with those outlandish outfits you have on? My goodness... You call yourselves adults? You kids, don’t grow up to be like these sorry specimens."
"You kids, give these thugs a lesson in civility, please."
"That lot... They called themselves Team Galactic. When Pokémon evolve, they seem to release some type of energy... However, I believe that it’s a mystic power far beyond our control. But Team Galactic seems to be studying that power’s potential. They want to know if it can be used as energy for something..."
"It’s all over, so you can relax now. Still, thanks to you two, nothing came of that situation. I appreciate that. Incidentally, <player>. Kudos to you for your battling skill. It got me thinking. Why don’t you collect all the Gym Badges of Sinnoh? Doing so, you will be sure to encounter lots of Pokémon. That, of course, means your Pokédex pages will continuously fill up. In other words, it will be of great help to my research. That said, I’ve given you your first Pokémon and Pokédex as yours to keep. You’re free to do with them as you wish. Take care now."

Basement of the Veilstone Department Store

"Hmm... Rage Candy Bars are too popular, it seems. Ah, <player>, it's you. Does life continue to thrill you? It does for me. For example, I recently discovered some Pokémon evolve only in certain locations. When I learned that, I felt thrilled!"

Lake Verity

  • Before visiting Lake Valor
"<player>, how was Lake Valor? Anything to report? What? You're just going there now? You've got to move faster than that!"
  • After stopping Team Galactic at Lake Valor
"Ah, <player>! What timing! Those Team Galactic scoundrels are after the legendary Pokémon! You've got to help Dawn/Lucas!"
"How dare you! You misguided thugs! <Player>! Dawn/Lucas needs your help!"
"I see... This also occurred at Lake Valor... Another legendary Pokémon was taken away by Team Galactic... Both of you went up against full-fledged criminals... The fact that you're unharmed is reason enough to celebrate. ...But what about <rival>? What is happening at Lake Acuity? Is <rival> safe?"
"<Player>, I need you to go to Lake Acuity right away. I'm worried about <rival>."

The Villa

  • After Buying Bookshelf
"Hm, that's rather a good Bookshelf. The curved surfaces described sublime lines of an indefinable charm. Here, allow me to give you this book I've been reading as a gift."
"Hm! you look well. It's commonly accepted that Pokémon evolve to grow more powerful. There must be other reason than that. I would like to know during my lifetime."

Galactic Eterna Building

  • After Rotom enters an appliance for the first time
"Ah, imagine finding you here! You must be eager to fill your Pokédex to be searching even here. What am I doing? I visit a professor I know in Eterna every so often. He tells me intriguing rumors of rare Pokémon sightings and such."
"A Pokémon that slips into electric appliances, you say... Hmm... That is somewhat off from what I've heard about it. Hmm... This is what I've heard. Long ago, there was a Pokémon that merged with a toy robot. Should that Pokémon be recognized as a new species or not... Debates over the issue were about to start when they were rendered moot. The very topic of discussion--the Pokémon-infused robot--disappeared..."
"Anyway, this Rotom... What an interesting Pokémon. So, you say it enters an appliance and essentially merges with the device. In the process, it may also learn new moves. In a way, I suppose it could be thought of as a mechanical Pokémon. Hmm...! Though it is utterly unique, it is undeniably a form of Pokémon. Fine, fine, so be it! No matter how old one gets, there will always be new Pokémon discoveries! Take care, <player>!"

In the anime

Prof. Rowan in the anime

Professor Rowan made his anime debut in Following A Maiden's Voyage! to give Dawn her Piplup. He made another short appearance in Ill-Will Hunting!, where he worked with Gary.

He also appeared from Camping It Up! to One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team! at a school with his assistants and Yuzo. He was one of the people by the finish line in One Team, Two Team, Red Team, Blue Team!.

He made a cameo appearance in Saving the World From Ruins!. He appeared again in The Battle Finale of Legend!, monitoring the distortions being caused by Cyrus' plot to control Dialga and Palkia.

Professor Rowan made a cameo appearance in Zoroark: Master of Illusions. His latest appearance was in SS024, he was seen studying a Shuckle before Dawn appeared. Then a Piplup and Chimchar escape, and Dawn and Shinko try to find them. Later they successfully bring back the Pokémon. He later says his farewells to Dawn, who is on her journey to Hoenn.


Gives to new Trainers

He has these Pokémon to give to new Trainers:

Professor Rowan's Turtwig
Turtwig is a Starter Pokémon which a new Trainer can choose from to start their Pokémon journey. One appeared in Following a Maiden's Voyage! where it was the only one that stayed in the lab after Piplup and Chimchar trashed the lab. Another one appeared in SS024 where Shinko was picking a Starter Pokémon, Piplup and Chimchar started fighting and escaped leaving Turtwig still eating.
Debut Following a Maiden's Voyage!
Professor Rowan's Chimchar
Chimchar is a Starter Pokémon that a new Trainer can choose from to start their Pokémon journey. One appeared in Following a Maiden's Voyage! where it causes havoc in the lab by stealing Piplup's food. Chimchar then escapes from the lab with Piplup on hot pursuit. It is later found and a Staraptor brings it back to the lab. Another one appeared in SS024 where Shinko was picking a Starter Pokémon. Chimchar and Piplup started to fight causing a window to break and Chimchar and Piplup escape.

Later Shinko and Dawn find Chimchar and Piplup in an Ariados's web. Dawn gets them free, but multiple Ariados arrive. Dawn is able to fend them off but the leader Ariados uses Psychic to paralyze the group. Suddenly Dawn's Cyndaquil evolves into a Quilava and saves the group. Chimchar and Piplup are then sent back to the lab.

Chimchar's only known move is Ember.

Debut Following a Maiden's Voyage!
Professor Rowan's Piplup
Piplup is a Starter Pokémon that a new Trainer can choose from to start their Pokémon journey. One appeared in Following a Maiden's Voyage where it got annoyed by a Chimchar after it stole its food, but in the end it was chosen by Dawn. Another one appeared in SS024 where Shinko was picking a Starter Pokémon. Piplup and Chimchar started to fight causing a window to break and Chimchar and Piplup escape.

Later Shinko and Dawn find Piplup and Chimchar in an Ariados's web. Dawn gets them free, but multiple Ariados arrive. Dawn is able to fend them off but the leader Ariados uses Psychic to paralyze the group. Suddenly Dawn's Cyndaquil evolves into a Quilava and saves the group. Piplup and Chimchar are then sent back to the lab.

Some of the Piplup's known moves are BubbleBeam, Bide, Peck and Bubble.

Debut Following a Maiden's Voyage!

Gave away to new Trainers

Dawn Piplup.png
Dawn's Piplup

Used in his studies

Rowan's Starly
Starly was first seen in Rowan's lab being examined by his colleagues. When Chimchar and Piplup got into a fight, Piplup used BubbleBeam which accidentally hit Staraptor causing the laboratory to get ruined in the process. It is later seen coming back after Staraptor brings Chimchar back to the lab.
Debut Following A Maiden's Voyage!
Rowan's Staraptor
Staraptor was first seen in Rowan's lab being examined by his colleagues. When Chimchar and Piplup got into a fight, Piplup used BubbleBeam which accidentally hit Staraptor causing the laboratory to get ruined in the process. It is later seen coming back after it brings Chimchar back to the lab with Starly.

Staraptor's only known move is Whirlwind.

Debut Following A Maiden's Voyage!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 家弓家正 Iemasa Kayumi
English Sean Reyes
Dutch Louis van Beek
Polish Andrzej Chudy
Brazilian Portuguese Guilherme Lopes (DP001-DP003)
Renato Márcio (DP045)
Gileno Santoro (DP088-DP091)
Sidney Lilla (DP151-DP152)
Spanish Latin America Mario Díaz Mercado (DP001-DP045)
Humberto Solórzano (DP088-DP091)
Spain Luis Mas

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Professor Rowan in Pokémon Adventures

Professor Rowan first appears after he and Platinum's father, Professor Berlitz, are accidentally knocked onto the ground after Diamond and Pearl crash into them. After yelling at the two boys, Rowan talks to Sir Berlitz about sending his daughter out into the world but notes that since she promised to record the Sinnoh Pokémon, he quickly accepted this and gave a Pokédex, Pokétch, and some Poké Balls for her journey. They quickly meet up with Paka and Uji, two bodyguards hired to protect Platinum on her journey and give them the letter detailing their mission inside of it. Unbeknownst to them, when Rowan and Professor Berlitz were knocked on the ground by Diamond and Pearl, they had accidentally switched letters, causing Diamond and Pearl to take the bodyguard mission while mistaking it for a tour and Paka and Uji getting Diamond and Pearl's prize for winning a comedy competition, a bike ride.

Later, at Professor Rowan's lab, he and Professor Berlitz are discussing the topics on their upcoming presentation in Canalave City. After taking a break for sweets, they set off to Canalave for the conference. Later, they reach Canalave and note the discoveries they can make while Gym Leader Byron talks to his son Roark on the Pokégear as he passes by them. Sometime later, they go to do their presentation when a woman gives Rowan a newspaper from the Pokémon News Press. Rowan just decides to throw it away, failing to notice that Platinum is on the cover and is traveling with Diamond and Pearl instead of her bodyguards.

Later, after Platinum defeats Fantina in their Gym Battle, she sees on the television that both Professor Rowan and her father have gone missing. Platinum, Diamond, and Pearl go to Canalave to find the missing scientists; they eventually find them at the Canalave Gym being held there by the Gym Leader, Byron. After clearing up some misunderstandings, Byron reveals that it was a Galactic Grunt wearing a cloak that used a special device to trap the two scientists in a cage.

Later that night, the Advanced level Grunt returns to Canalave to set Professor Rowan and Professor Berlitz from their prison. Although freed from the cage, they are weak from staying inside of it for several days and need crutches just to be able to stand up. After Professor Berlitz allows Platinum to go and defeat Team Galactic and have Diamond and Pearl as her bodyguards, Professor Rowan upgrades their Pokédex to the National mode and gives them the ability to see gender differences.

During the final battle on the Spear Pillar, Rowan and Professor Berlitz join Byron and the Underground Man in the final battle against Team Galactic. They use a machine to monitor the distortion of space-time as Dialga and Palkia battle each other.


Gives to new Trainers
Diamond's Turtwig
Main article: Tru

Rowan gave Turtwig to Platinum. It ended up with Diamond instead of her real bodyguards.

Debut Stagestruck Starly
Pearl's Chimchar
Main article: Chimler

Rowan gave Chimchar to Platinum to deliver to her bodyguards. However, it was sent to Pearl instead.

Debut Stagestruck Starly
Platinum's Piplup
Main article: Platinum's Empoleon

Rowan gave Piplup to Platinum. Unlike the others, Platinum kept Piplup.

Debut Stagestruck Starly

In the Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure! manga

Professor Rowan in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!

In Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Adventure!, Professor Rowan adopted Hareta as a grandson. However, on seeing Hareta's ability to understand the souls of Pokémon, he felt it was best to leave him out in the forest with his Pokémon friends to care for him. He did not see Hareta again for four years. Deciding it would help the boy to travel and see the world, the Professor decided he should be a Pokémon Trainer and travel with his assistant, Mitsumi, and one of his Pokémon, Piplup.


Given away
Hareta's Piplup
Main article: Hareta's Piplup

Hareta was given Piplup for his journey. It was used to try to stop an out of control Onix with the help of Hareta and some Aipom. After doing so, Piplup traveled with Hareta.

Debut In Search of the Legendary Pokémon Dialga!!
Mitsumi's Chimchar
Mitsumi was given a Chimchar when she was a member of Team Galactic in order to teach her about kindness and love. It later evolved into an Infernape that she has to this day.
Debut Battle Against Team Galactic...and Mitsumi!

In the Pocket Monsters DP manga

Professor Rowan first appears in PMDP01 of the Pocket Monsters DP manga. In PMDP04, he makes a cameo where he receives Kazuki's briefcase, only to contain Red's Clefairy instead of what he wanted. In PMDP06, he goes out on a dig to search for fossils.

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Professor Rowan in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Related cards
Cards listed with a blue background are only legal to use in the current Expanded format.
Cards listed with a silver background are legal to use in both the current Standard and Expanded formats.
Card Type English
Rarity # Japanese
Rarity #
Professor Rowan Su Diamond & Pearl Uncommon 112/130 Space-Time Creation Uncommon  
Secret Wonders Uncommon 123/132 Dialga LV.X Constructed Standard Deck    
      Palkia LV.X Constructed Standard Deck    
      Arceus LV.X Deck: Grass & Fire   016/017
      Arceus LV.X Deck: Lightning & Psychic   016/017


  • Rowan's Japanese name is actually the word for the rowan tree. After much speculation that it would be a direct translation, it was revealed that his name would be Rowan in the English translation, continuing the long-standing pattern of professors named for trees.
  • Rowan's studies declaring that 90% of all Pokémon are related through evolution are only true as of Generation IV, and even then only if legendary Pokémon are not included.
  • Rowan is the only Professor without a known relative.


Language Name Origin
Japanese ナナカマド博士 Dr. Nanakamado ナナカマド Nanakamado, Rowan tree.
English, Italian Professor Rowan Similarly to the other professors, after a tree, as well as a direct translation from Japanese.
German Professor Eibe From Eibe, Taxus.
French Professeur Sorbier From sorbier, Sorbus.
Spanish Profesor Serbal From serbal, Sorbus.
Korean 마박사 Dr. Ma From 마가목 magamog, rowan tree.
Chinese 山梨博士 Dr. Shānlí From 山梨糖醇 Shān​lí Tángchún (sorbitol), sugar alcohol that can be derived from plants of the genus Sorbus. 山梨 also refer to Pyrus ussuriensis, a species of pears from the same family as the rowan tree.

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