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Professor Oak's Pokémon Talk (Japanese: オーキドはかせの ポケモンこうざ Dr. Okido's Pokémon Lecture), also known as the Pokémon Channel is a radio show. It is hosted by Professor Oak and DJ Mary, and is prerecorded. The show operates on the radio frequency 4.5, only in afternoons in Generation II but all day in Generation IV; during the morning in Generation II, the Pokédex Show is broadcast.

The show talks about Pokémon and where they are found, but starting post-National Pokédex, it also informs the viewers of Pokémon swarms.

At first, Professor Oak was going to turn down the offer of having his own radio show, but Mary's energy and enthusiasm convinced him to host it.

The following Pokémon may be found by listening to Professor Oak's Pokémon Talk.

Pokémon Location Game
113 Chansey Route 13 HG SS
132 Ditto Route 47 HG SS
183 Marill Mt. Mortar HG SS
193 Yanma Route 35 HG SS
206 Dunsparce Dark Cave HG SS
209 Snubbull Route 38 HG SS
211 Qwilfish Route 32 HG SS
223 Remoraid Route 44 HG SS
261 Poochyena Route 1 HG SS
278 Wingull Vermilion City HG SS
280 Ralts Route 34 HG SS
302 Sableye Route 9 HG SS
303 Mawile Route 9 HG SS
316 Gulpin Route 3 HG SS
Route 4 HG SS
333 Swablu Route 45 HG SS
340 Whiscash Violet City HG SS
343 Baltoy Route 3 HG SS
Route 4 HG SS
366 Clamperl Route 19 HG SS
369 Relicanth Route 12 HG SS
370 Luvdisc Route 27 HG SS
401 Kricketot Viridian Forest HG SS
427 Buneary Route 25 HG SS


  • In Pokemon FireRed and LeafGreen, one aide mentions Professor Oak's show he's planning, but mentions that it's called Professor Oak's Pokemon Seminar.