Professor Oak's Laboratory

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File:Oaks Lab - Full view.jpg
Entrance of Oak's Laboratory.

The famous Professor Oak's Laboratory is a Pokémon lab ubicated in Pallet Town, in the region of Kanto, that is directed by Professor Samuel Oak and his assistant Tracey Sketchit. His functions are the research in the world of Pokémon, unravel the mysteries of this creatures and study their charactersitic and behaviors in a natural environment. Another particular function is take care of the Pokémon that belong to Pallet Town's trainers.

The lab posses natural hectares for the correct development of all types of Pokémon. They are many areas of grass, sand, rocks and lakes to promote the good interaction between the different classes of creatures. Also the laboratory has the technology to keep healthy the normal and injured pokémon, and to make the biggest investigations in the country.

In the anime

The laboratory debuted in the first episode, Pokémon, I Choose You!, when Ash received his Pikachu. Since then it has been in a couple of normal episodes, mostly in the start and ending of a region adventure, but also in Pokémon Chronicles and in the movies. The building stans out in Pallet Town for its wind turbine, the three windows of the inner balcony and for the four windows of the second floor.



File:Oaks Lab - Lobby.jpg
Talking in the Lobby.
File:Oak's Lab - Poke ball store.jpg
The Poké Ball Store exposed.

The "house" is composed by two floors and a inner balcony in the second one. Inside the entrance door is the hall with several doors and to the left are a chest of drawers and the upstairs. Here is a list of the rooms, all of them are in the first floor with the exception of the last one.

  • The Lobby is a space to talk, eat, relax and study (remember that is a laboratory). Above a pink, sometimes green, carpet are two couches and a table. To a side are a computer and the first of many stands of books, all of the same color this time.
  • The Poké ball Store has the pokémon of every trainer born in Pallet Town. This treasure (of hundreds of pokémon), and the fact that the only security system it has is a sliding door, has been the reason for the attempted robbery by Team Rocket.
  • Also in the first floor is the Library, that is composed by two rooms; one is the study room with a huge stand of books in the wall and a pair of windows, and the other in the back is the books store, full with all kind of books like the old Oak's sketchbook (with the famous sketch of Celebi and Pikachu sleeping). The full view of the library is only shown in Pokémon 4Ever.
File:Oaks Lab - 1Floor - Biblio.jpg
The study room of Professor Oak.
  • Upstairs is the Research Floor. Here are all the technological pieces, for that reason this a fundamental room, the brain of the laboratory. To analize the whole room lets indicate the point of start of the view, the downstairs to the first floor. To the right are several machines for pokémon testing and a table with chemicals. Near is a blue chair (now down to the second image), in front of it are the status screen (show the healthy and power of a pokémon) and Professor Oak's computer, where he write his research and besides is utilized as a videophone to comunicate with others professors or trainers in any place of the country. Aside the computer is the Poké Ball Transfer for the teletransportation of pokémons to their trainers in a Pokémon Center.
To the right are the upstairs to the inner balcony, who has a door and the three large windows that we can see from the outside. Down are a stand of books, a desk whith his lamp, a brown sette (the professor sleep in this couch in Spell of the Unown) and a drawing board with parallelogram to make sketches. Next a couple of machines connected to a glass container full of water, possibly to study aquatic pokémon. And finally is the downstairs again. In the middle of the floor is a huge spotlight for a better observation.
A full view of the Research Floor.


File:Oaks Lab - Corral.jpg
A small view to the Oak Corral.

The Oak Corral is a natural environment for the right development of Pokémon's life. It's divided in regions according the type; some areas are exclusives for rock Pokémon, some with desert scenery are for sand and fire ones, they are regions of grass and several lakes. Sometimes the Pokémons that live in the same or in a near territory have big fights (like Grass ones vs another class of Grass or against Water ones), for that reason are some guards to keep an eye on them, like Ash's Bulbasaur.

In the game

The Laboratory form part of the history of the games Pokémon Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, FireRed and LeafGreen. Is the place where Professor Oak gives to the player his Starter Pokémon, a Bulbasaur, a Charmander or a Squirtle. Here the player receive the Pokédex too.

Ubicated in Pallet Town the lab is a small building near to the player's house that it has been slightly modify in every game. Lets see the differences:

  • Pokémon Red and Blue: The sign says "Oak Pokémon Reserach Lab". Inside are 3 Proffesor Oak's Aides, two mens and one woman, a couple of stands full with books, a table with 3 Poké balls, a computer, two blank encyclopedias (Pokédex) an two tips for the player.
  • Pokémon Green: The same things that Red and Blue except the sign that says instead "Here is the Institute of Dr. Okada.", remember that is the translated version of the original japanese game.
  • Pokémon Yellow: The same that Red and Blue except that is only one Poké ball in the table and next to it is a wastepaper basket.
  • Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen: Same that Red and Blue but also has two plants in the enter, a mysterious machine, books in the floor, two regular machines in the corner and a window.

The evolution through the games.
File:Pokémon Fire Red.png
FireRed & LeafGreen.

In the manga

File:Oaks Lab - Manga.jpg
Red in the laboratory.

In his search to be the best trainer, Red goes to see Professor Oak, but nobody was in the laboratory, and the open was open, so he entered. That is the first view of the lab in the Pokémon Special manga. Is a one-floor building with his own sign, inside are machines, tables, stands of books, the glass container full of water and, of course, a Poké ball store with a peculiar characteristic, distinctive of the manga version of Pokémon, we can see the miniature criature from the outside.