Professor Malveaux

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Professor Malveaux

Professor Malveaux (Japanese: マーブル博士 Dr. Marble) is one of the characters of the day in Crisis at Ferroseed Research!. He is the director and leading researcher of the Ferroseed Research Institute. He was on an academic meeting when an experiment with electric stones from Chargestone Cave and the Ferroseed of the institute went drastically out of control. Thus, he was deeply shocked when he arrived at the Institute and found out that almost the complete building was covered by moss produced by the Ferroseed.

He hurried inside and met up with Ash, Cilan and Georgia and followed on the screens how Iris, being trapped on the roof, was doing wiping out the spreading moss. He then went through the complete building with Cilan and Georgia, removing the moss in the process with help of Georgia's Beartic and using a special device to save the Institute's overcharged Ferroseed. In the end, with all moss removed and the Ferroseed cured, his Institute was saved. It seems he cares deeply for the Ferroseed, as indicated how he hugged them when they were cured.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 広瀬正志 Masashi Hirose
English Sean Schemmel
European Spanish Francisco Javier Martínez

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