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This article is about the Professor Juniper Jr.. For this character's father, see Professor Juniper Sr..
Professor Juniper
アララギ博士 Dr. Araragi
Art by Ken Sugimori
Gender Female
Eye color Green/Cyan
Hair color Light Brown
Hometown Nuvema Town
Region Unova
Relatives Professor Juniper Sr. (father)
Trainer class Pokémon Professor
Generation V
Games Black and White
Anime debut In The Shadow of Zekrom!
English voice actor Khristine Hvam
Japanese voice actor Naomi Shindō

Professor Juniper (Japanese: アララギ博士 Dr. Araragi) is the resident Pokémon professor of the Unova region. She specializes in the origins of Pokémon, and is the first main series Pokémon professor who is female.

In the games

Professor Juniper debuted in Pokémon Black and White, where, like the other professors, she will give the player a Pokédex in her lab; however, she leaves a present containing the starter Pokémon at the player's house for the player, Bianca, and Cheren.

She also demonstrates to the player how to capture their first Pokémon, a level 2 Patrat, with her level 7 Minccino.


Caught in tutorial

Spr 5b 504.png
Held item:
None.png None None.png
Patrat Lv.2
Normal Status


Juniper BW Intro.png BW Juniper Back.png File:Juniperstanddown.png
Sprite from
Black and White's introduction.
Back sprite from
Black and White
Overworld sprite from
Black and White

In the anime

Professor Juniper in the anime

Professor Juniper makes her first appearance in In The Shadow of Zekrom! and is an old friend of Professor Oak. She gives Ash, Delia and Oak a ride in her jeep to her lab so she can study Ash's Pikachu. She then shows Ash the new Starter Pokémon with Trip, and gives Trip his first Poké Balls.

Ash later returns to Professor Juniper's lab after finding out that Ash's Pikachu has lost his electricity from Zekrom. Later the storm arrives again but this time it gives Pikachu's electric powers back, and Ash departs from her lab the next day.

She reappeared in A Sandile Gusher of Change! where she sent Oshawott's Poké Ball to Ash. In BW013 it was shown that she sent Bianca to give Ash his badge case. She then spoke to Ash via Bianca's Xtransceiver. Ash sent one of his Pokemon to her in BW018 to make room for Ash's Sewaddle. That Pokemon has yet to be revealed.


This listing is of Professor Juniper's known Pokémon:

Gives to new Trainers

Juniper Snivy.png
Juniper Tepig.png
Juniper Oshawott.png

Pokémon she gave away to Trainers

Trip's Snivy
Main article: Trip's Janovy

He was chosen by Trip to be his starter Pokémon.

Debut In The Shadow of Zekrom!
Ash's Oshawott
Main article: Ash's Oshawott

He tried to use his cuteness to win Trip over. However, Trip chose Snivy. He gained feelings for Ash after he called him cute, and he also watched the battle between Ash and Trip before returning. He later joined Ash's party.

Debut In The Shadow of Zekrom!

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Professor Juniper in the manga

Although just starting, Professor Juniper has already appeared in the first chapter of the Black & White chapter of Pokémon Adventures, where she was seen with the three starters, talking to Fennel on the phone, and mentioning that tomorrow three boys and girls from Nuvema Town would be coming by to pick up the starters, also commenting that she hoped their trainers would be able to handle them, after they destroyed her office in a fight with each other. Of the three, Tepig ended up in Black's hands, while Cheren and Bianca received Snivy and Oshawott, respectively. She also issued them three individual copies of the Unova Pokédex, but an accident left two of them broken, and as of yet Black's is the only one still functional.


Given away
Poka (Taken by Black)
Snivy (Given to Cheren)
Oshawott (Given to Bianca)


  • While Juniper is the first female professor in the games, she is not the first female professor in the anime. Professor Ivy of the Orange Archipelago takes this honor, having been introduced more than ten years prior to Juniper.
  • Excluding Pokémon seen through hacking, Professor Juniper is the only regional Professor in the main series to own a Pokémon which is never given to either a protagonist or rival.
    • However, Professor Oak had a whole team of Pokémon in secret coding for the Generation I games which was never used in the final copy.
    • She is also the only regional Professor shown to actually own the Pokémon shown in the exposition of the game to introduce the concept of Pokémon to the player.
  • After Juniper catches the Patrat, it can be seen wandering about her laboratory.
  • Despite it being level 7, Juniper's Minccino doesn't know Helping Hand, which the species normally learns at that level.
  • Like the professors before her, Professor Juniper is named after a tree.


Language Name Reference to
Japanese アララギ博士 Dr. Araragi アララギ Araragi, Japanese yew, or wild rocambole (old name).
English Prof. Juniper From Juniper.
French Prof. Keteleeria From Keteleeria.
German Prof. Esche From Esche, German word for Ash.
Italian Prof.ssa Aralia From Aralia.
Spanish Prof.ª Encina From encina, Spanish word for Holm Oak.
Chinese (Mandarin) 紅豆杉博士 Dr. Hóngdòushān May be derived from 東北紅豆杉 Dōngběi hóngdòushān (Japanese yew). Also, 紅豆杉 refers to the Chinese yew.

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