Professor Ivy's assistants

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The assistants
Professor Ivy's assistants, also known collectively as the triplets (Japanese: ウチキド博士の助手の三つ子 Dr. Uchikido's triplet assisants) are three women who live with Professor Ivy on Valencia Island and help with her research work. Individually, their names are Charity (Japanese: ミナミ Minami), Hope (Japanese: ツナミ Tsunami) and Faith (Japanese: コナミ Konami). In Japanese, Charity is voiced by 大谷育江 Ikue Ohtani, Hope is voiced by かないみか Mika Kanai, and Faith is voiced by こおろぎさとみ Satomi Kōrogi. In English, they are all played by Kayzie Rogers. Their individual English names were mentioned only in Tracey West's anime novelisations.

The triplets appeared in Poké Ball Peril. Though they are useful as research assistance, the three women are not particularly good at domestic duties. Their need for someone to handle the cooking and cleaning around the house reminded Brock of his family, which is one reason why he stayed behind as an assistant for Professor Ivy instead of traveling with Ash through the Orange Islands.

Their English names are references to the three Theological virtues, which is one of very few religious references in Pokémon series.