Professor Friede's Pokémon Seminar

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0554Darumaka.png The subject of this article has no official English name.
The name currently in use is a fan translation of the Japanese name.
Friede and Captain Pikachu's first seminar

Professor Friede's Pokémon Seminar (Japanese: フリード博士のポケモンゼミ Professor Freed's Pokémon Seminar) is a question-and-answer segment in Pokémon Horizons: The Series that started in HZ002, replacing Get Inspired! Let's Solve a Poké Riddle!! Following the initial Japanese airing of the episode, the segments are later uploaded to the official Japanese Pokémon Twitter account.

The position of the question and answer segments has changed between episodes:

  • From HZ002 to HZ012, the question is presented for 22 seconds before the post-credits commercial break. The answer is presented for 23 seconds after the post-credits commercial break.
  • From HZ013 on, the question is presented for 22 seconds before the ending credits. The answer is presented for 23 seconds after the post-credits commercial break.

List of Pokémon Seminar segments

The correct answers are in bold.

Episode Problem Choices Question Answer Extra Scene
HZ002 "What is needed to intensify the sweet scent?" A battle Pokémon Seminar question HZ002.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ002.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ002.png
A sun bath
A meal
HZ003 "What is stored in its cheeks?" Electricity Pokémon Seminar question HZ003.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ003.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ003.png
Poké Balls
HZ004 "What emotions can you see expressed by the flames on its head?" Joy Pokémon Seminar question HZ004.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ004.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ004.png
HZ005 "What is Scyther referred as?" A thief Pokémon Seminar question HZ005.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ005.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ005.png
A pirate
A ninja
HZ006 "What flows out of its swords when it cuts?" Moisture Pokémon Seminar question HZ006.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ006.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ006.png
Life force
HZ007 "Why is it making its body glossy?" Prevent dirt Pokémon Seminar question HZ007.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ007.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ007.png
Repel Water
Keeping itself stylish
HZ008 "What do Spearow fight to protect?" Justice Pokémon Seminar question HZ008.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ008.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ008.png
HZ009 "What does inhaling do to its body?" Inflates Pokémon Seminar question HZ009.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ009.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ009.png
Makes others laugh
HZ010 "What is stored in the fruits on its head?" Oil Pokémon Seminar question HZ010.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ010.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ010.png
HZ011 "What does Smoliv's oil taste like?" Very sweet Pokémon Seminar question HZ011.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ011.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ011.png
Very bitter
Very sour
HZ012 "What kind of personality does Arboliva have?" Being mean Pokémon Seminar question HZ012.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ012.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ012.png
Being gentle
Being wild
HZ013 "What is affected by its magnetic force?" TVs Pokémon Seminar question HZ013.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ013.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ013.png
Washing machines
HZ014 "What does its wings produce?" Motivation Pokémon Seminar question HZ014.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ014.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ014.png
HZ015 "What can be rewritten with its Psychic powers?" Musical scores Pokémon Seminar question HZ015.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ015.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ015.png
HZ016 "What is involved in Umbreon's evolution?" Sun Pokémon Seminar question HZ016.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ016.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ016.png
HZ017 "Which one of its senses is the best?" Taste Pokémon Seminar question HZ017.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ017.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ017.png
HZ019 "What can Alcremie produce?" Sugar Pokémon Seminar question HZ019.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ019.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ019.png
HZ020 "What does the body burn to generate heat?" Water Pokémon Seminar question HZ020.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ020.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ020.png
HZ021 "What does it catch on the protrusion on its head?" Radio waves Pokémon Seminar question HZ021.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ021.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ021.png
HZ022 "What is the secret behind Carkols coal?" It doesn't fall apart Pokémon Seminar question HZ022.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ022.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ022.png
It's cold
It's soft
HZ023 "What emotion does it use as a weapon in fights?" Sorrow Pokémon Seminar question HZ023.png Pokémon Seminar answer HZ023.png Pokémon Seminar extra scene HZ023.png

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