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|he=עוזי פוקס ''Uzi Fox''<br>עדי וייס ''Adi Weiss''}}
|he=עוזי פוקס ''Uzi Fox''<br>עדי וייס ''Adi Weiss''}}
==In the Pokémon Special manga==
==In the Pokémon Adventures manga==
In [[Pokémon Special]], Professor Birch is the father of {{Special|Sapphire}}, and supplies her with most of her Pokémon. He is good friends with [[Norman]].
In [[Pokémon Adventures]], Professor Birch is the father of {{Adv|Sapphire}}, and supplies her with most of her Pokémon. He is good friends with [[Norman]].
After {{Special|Ruby}} rescued Birch from some wild {{p|Mightyena}}, Birch gave him a Mudkip.
After {{Special|Ruby}} rescued Birch from some wild {{p|Mightyena}}, Birch gave him a Mudkip.
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[[Category:Game characters|Birch, Professor]]
[[Category:Game characters|Birch, Professor]]
[[Category:Manga characters|Birch, Professor]]
[[Category:Manga characters|Birch, Professor]]
[[Category:Pokémon Special characters|Birch, Professor]]
[[Category:Pokémon Adventures characters|Birch, Professor]]
[[Category:Ruby and Sapphire characters|Birch, Professor]]
[[Category:Ruby and Sapphire characters|Birch, Professor]]
[[Category:Emerald characters|Birch, Professor]]
[[Category:Emerald characters|Birch, Professor]]

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Professor Birch
オダマキ博士 Dr. Odamaki
Art from Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire
Age Mid-30s (est. by Pokeani)
Gender Male
Hometown Littleroot Town
Region Hoenn
Relatives Brendan/May (as rival), unnamed wife, unnamed son (Emerald only)
Trainer class Pokémon Professor
Generation III
Games Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald
Anime debut Get The Show On The Road!
English voice actor Dan Green
Japanese voice actor Fumihiko Tachiki

Professor Birch (Japanese: オダマキ博士 Dr. Odamaki) is the resident Pokémon Professor of Littleroot Town and Hoenn, and also works in his lab in Littleroot. He specializes in Pokémon habitats and distribution.

Background information

Birch distributes Pokédexes and one of the three starter Pokémon of Hoenn: Treecko, Torchic, and Mudkip, to aspiring Hoenn trainers in the Generation III games. In addition, after trainers complete the Hoenn Pokédex in Pokémon Emerald, he will give them one of the three starter Pokémon of Johto: Chikorita, Cyndaquil, and Totodile.

He is known to be more outgoing than the other Pokémon Professors, and oftentimes his research takes him outdoors. His field of study is primarily how Pokémon behave in the wild.

In the games

In the Generation III games, Professor Birch is the father of the rival character.

In the start of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, he must be rescued from a wild Poochyena. In the start of Pokémon Emerald, he must be rescued from a wild Zigzagoon. After saving him, he will give the protagonist of the games the starter Pokémon they used in the rescue.

He often works with his child to help observe and capture wild Pokémon. His wife worries about him, because he's always busy and rarely has time to come home.


This listing is of Prof Birch's Pokémon in the video games in which he has appeared.

Ruby and Sapphire


Pokémon Emerald


In the anime

File:Birch anime.JPG
Professor Birch and Max

Birch was first mentioned in a flashback of Harrison on Johto Photo Finish. His first appearance was in Get The Show On The Road when he gave May her Torchic. He later appeared in Dewford Town in both A Three Team Scheme! and Seeing is Believing!. Birch also appeared in A Six Pack Attack, when he was meeting Professor Oak. Later, Birch was seen in The Evolutionary War! at a vacation on A-B-C Islands. Over there, he and the twerps cleared the mystery of the Clamperl evolution.Birch's most recent appearance was a short cameo in The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon; it is unknown if he will appear again.

It is not confirmed, but many suspect Birch is the father of the anime version of Brendan, who has made three short cameo appearances in the anime and has the starter Pokémon whose type weakens May's.

His preferred mode of transport is a jeep that he drives recklessly.


Prof. Birch shows Ash and May the Hoenn starter Pokémon.
This listing is of Professor Birch's Pokémon as of the most recent Japanese episode.

On hand


He also has these Pokémon to give to new trainers:


Trainers with his starter Pokémon

(to Harrison)
(to May)

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 立木文彦 Fumihiko Tachiki
English Dan Green
Dutch Ewout Eggink (Season 6)
Louis van Beek (Season 7-8)
Hebrew עוזי פוקס Uzi Fox
עדי וייס Adi Weiss
Norwegian Trond Teigen
Polish Andrzej Chudy
Brazilian Portuguese José Parisi Jr.
Mauro Eduardo
Ricardo Sawaya
Latin American Spanish Salvador Delgado

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

In Pokémon Adventures, Professor Birch is the father of Sapphire, and supplies her with most of her Pokémon. He is good friends with Norman.

After Ruby rescued Birch from some wild Mightyena, Birch gave him a Mudkip.

Birch gave away most of his Pokémon to Sapphire and Ruby. His last Pokémon was a Treecko, that he lost in a flood caused by Kyogre. Wally has since rescued the Pokémon and began to raise it.


This listing is of Prof. Birch's Pokémon in the Pokémon Special manga.


Treecko (Lost and found by Wally)
Torchic (Given to Sapphire)
Mudkip (Given to Ruby)
Aron (Given to Sapphire)
Wailord (Given to Sapphire)
Tropius (Given to Sapphire)

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring Professor Birch or his Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Name Type Level Rarity Set Set no.
Professor Birch T Uncommon EX Ruby & Sapphire 89/109
EX Emerald 82/106
EX Power Keepers 80/108


Language Name Reference to
Japanese オダマキ博士 Dr. Odamaki オダマキ Odamaki, Aquilegia.
English Professor Birch Birch tree, following the naming of Professor Oak and Professor Elm.
French Professeur Séko From Séquoia, french word for Sequoiadendron.
German Professor Birk Birke means Birch in German.
Spanish Profesor Abedul Abedul means Birch in Spanish.
Chinese 小田卷博士 Dr. Xiǎotiánquàn 小田卷 is from 小田巻 Odamaki, Aquilegia.
Korean 털보박사 Teolbobaksa


  • Birch is the only Pokémon Professor who has been known to have given away multiple starter Pokémon that has not given away members of more than one species.

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