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* Princess Salvia is the second known person to win an official {{pkmn|Contest}} on the first attempt. The first person to do so was [[James]].
* Before the airing of ''[[DP171|Dawn of a Royal Day!]]'', she was referred to as '''Princess Iris''' (アイリス王女) by official sources.
** Coincidentally, both {{pkmn|Coordinator}}s gave their Ribbons to [[Jessie]] and were disguised as other people.
* Her name comes from {{wp|Salvia}}, a genus of plants in the {{wp|Mentha|mint}} family.
* Before the airing of ''[[DP171|Dawn of a Royal Day!]]'', she was stated to be named '''Princess Iris''' (アイリス王女) by official sources, indicating that "Salvia" could have been a last-minute name change.
** Ash's next female traveling companion after {{an|Dawn}} is {{an|Iris}}. Whether the reason of the name change was this or just a coincidence is unknown.
** Coincidentally, Princess Salvia's voice actresses in the Castilian and Latin American dubs are the same as Iris's.
*Her name comes from {{wp|Salvia}}, a genus of plants in the {{wp|Mentha|mint}} family.
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Princess Salvia

Princess Salvia (Japanese: サルビア王女 Princess Salvia) is a character in the Pokémon anime. She made her main appearance in Dawn of a Royal Day!.

She is a doppelgänger of Dawn, only differing in appearance by her hairstyle, clothing, and voice. Wishing to escape from her royal duties and compete in a Pokémon Contest after all her hard training with Togekiss, the princess swapped identities with Dawn.

Using her Togekiss, Salvia won against Jessilina in the final round and earned the Arrowroot Town Ribbon. Out of kindness, she gave the Ribbon she won to Jessilina rather than keeping it for herself. She also gave her Togekiss to Dawn so that it could compete in more Contests.

She appeared in a flashback in With the Easiest of Grace! and briefly appeared in A Grand Fight for Winning! watching the finals of the Sinnoh Grand Festival on television.


Given away

Princess Salvia's Togekiss
Main article: Dawn's Togekiss

When Princess Salvia entered the Arrowroot Contest as Dawn, she used Togekiss in both the Performance Stage and the Battle Stage.

Debut Dawn of a Royal Day!

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese かかずゆみ Yumi Kakazu
English Bella Hudson
Finnish Heljä Heikkinen
German Nicola Grupe
Polish Joanna Pach
Spanish Latin America Susana Moreno
Spain Belén Rodríguez


  • Before the airing of Dawn of a Royal Day!, she was referred to as Princess Iris (アイリス王女) by official sources.
  • Her name comes from Salvia, a genus of plants in the mint family.

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