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For the Pokémon Daisuki Club card of the same name, see Poké Dude.
For the character who teaches players how to catch Pokémon in Generation II, see Dude.

Poké Dude
テレビのおにいさん Television Dude
The Poké Dude says hello to his viewers.
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown, possibly Viridian City
Region Kanto and Johto
Relatives Old man, Maximo
Trainer class Trainer
Generation III, IV
Games FireRed and LeafGreen, HeartGold and SoulSilver

The Poké Dude (Japanese: テレビのおにいさん Television Dude), known as Primo (Japanese: ハジメ Hajime) in HeartGold and SoulSilver, is the host of the Poké Dude Show available on the Teachy TV, which only appears in Generation III. He teaches the player:

The Poké Dude is the grandson of the old man in Viridian City who taught the player how to catch Pokémon in Generation I, and gives the Teachy TV in Generation III.

The Poké Dude also appears in HeartGold and SoulSilver, where he is called Primo. Primo can be found in Violet City's Pokémon Center. If the player tells him a secret combination of words there, he will give him or her a new wallpaper for their Boxes. Primo may also participate in the Pokéathlon's Supreme Cup in the Power Course with his Machamp, Rhydon, and Granbull.


Teachy TV


Spr 4h 068.png
Spr 4h 112 m.png
Spr 4h 210.png

TMs owned

TM Move
TM01 Focus Punch
TM03 Water Pulse
TM09 Bullet Seed
TM35 Flamethrower

In the TCG

This listing is of cards mentioning or featuring the Poké Dude or his Pokémon in the Pokémon Trading Card Game.

Name Type Rarity Set
Poké Dude T - Unnumbered Promotional cards (no English release)


At the start of the show:
Hey, all you Trainers out there! HELLO, TRAINERS! ...Come on, let me hear you! HELLO, TRAINERS! It's me, the Poké Dude!

Before moving to a particular aspect of the show:
All righty, here goes! Keep your eyes glued to the super Poké Dude Show!

At the end of the show:
Remember, Trainers, a good deed a day brings happiness to stay!



  • Hironobu Yoshida once performed in a live-action version of Teachy TV, dressing up as the Poké Dude to present it. Depictions of him in various poses form the basis for the illustration for the Poké Dude promotional card.
  • Aside from Gym Leaders, the Poké Dude is one of few NPCs shown to possess TMs. He is the only NPC shown to possess a TM Case, though it is natural to assume that other Trainers also own TM Cases.

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