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==Plants sold==
==Plants sold==
After defeating [[Wattson]] at the [[Mauville Gym]], the player can return here and purchase [[secret base]] decorations.
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{{shoprow|{{shopdec|Red Plant|RedPlantSprite|3000}}|{{shopdec|Tropical Plant|TropicalPlantSprite|3000}}}}

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Pretty Petal Flower Shop フラワーショップ サン・トウカ
Flower Shop St. Touka
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Map description: {{{mapdesc}}}
Location: Route 104
Region: Hoenn
Generations: III
File:Hoenn Pretty Petal Flower Shop Map.png
Location of Pretty Petal Flower Shop in Hoenn.
Pokémon world locations
File:Pretty Petal Flower Shop.png
Inside the Pretty Petal Flower Shop

The Pretty Petal Flower Shop (Japanese: フラワーショップ サン・トウカ Flower Shop St. Touka) is a flower shop located on Route 104 in Hoenn, between the Petalburg Woods and Rustboro City. In this shop, players may purchase plants to decorate their secret bases. The store is staffed by three sisters. The youngest will hand out Berries each day, while the middle sister will give away the Wailmer Pail to the player when first spoken to.


Item Location Games
Random Berry Once per day  R  S  E 
Wailmer Pail Wailmer Pail Gift  R  S  E 

Plants sold

After defeating Wattson at the Mauville Gym, the player can return here and purchase secret base decorations.

Red Plant Red Plant
Tropical Plant Tropical Plant
Pretty Flowers Pretty Flowers
Colorful Plant Colorful Plant
Big Plant Big Plant
Gorgeous Plant Gorgeous Plant

In the anime

File:Pretty Petal Flower Shop anime.png
The Pretty Petal Flower Shop in the anime

The Pretty Petal Flower Shop appears in The Lotad Lowdown. It is run by Nicole, Rita and Natalie. The shop has a backyard where more Berry plants are held. This is where Brock caught his Lotad.

In other languages

Language Title
Italy Flag.png Italian Fiorista Bel Petalo

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