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Potter (Japanese: イワカゼ Iwakaze) is a character of the day of the Pokémon anime who appeared in Make Room for Gloom.

In the anime

Ash and his friends meet Potter in Pallet Town's Xanadu Nursery, where he tends the plants grown there. He wears an off-white polo shirt, and pants, under a khaki apron. He is first seen carrying a water sprayer that resembles a flamethrower. He wears his long, spiky hair in a ponytail. He is the resident gardener of the Xanadu Nursery.

Potter's personality was not well very well-defined in the episode since he appears mostly as only a background character. He appears to be very helpful and kind, though, as he tends to his gardening tasks humming. He is a very good worker, as Florinda Showers, the Xanadu Nursery's owner noticed, and even serves Florinda, Ash, Brock and Misty tea after getting a short break from work.

Towards the end of the episode, his familiarity with Florinda was established when we learn that he fell in love with Florinda ever since he started working for her. He obviously has kept this silent for a long time, and only revealed his emotions when Florinda revealed hers first. Florinda and Potter now work together, managing the Xanadu Nursery.

Voice actors

Language Voice actor
Japanese 宮崎一成 Issei Miyazaki
English Ted Lewis
European Spanish Jesús Maniega

In the Electric Tale of Pikachu manga

Potter also appeared in Electric Tale of Pikachu, a manga series based on the Pokémon anime. He appears in the chapter Days of Gloom and Glory.

Potter's personality in the manga is vastly different from his anime counterpart. He was the butler for the Showers family. He was brave and brawny and didn't care what dangers lay in front of him, as long as he could make Florinda happy. He even fought two Gyarados by himself and ran across water to rescue Team Rocket. He worked to retrieve Florinda's ruined things from her sunken home.

His only fear was that of snakes. When confronted by Jessie's Arbok, he was paralyzed with fear.

Potter was very hostile and sometimes violent to anyone who he deemed a threat to Florinda. Despite this, he was kind and caring towards Florinda and also developed feelings for her.

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