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Pop Roxie
ホミカのパパ Homika's Papa
B2W2 Roxie father Back.png
Pop Roxie's back sprite in Brycen-Man Series
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown, possibly Virbank City
Region Unova
Relatives Roxie (daughter)
Generation V
Games Black 2 and White 2

Pop Roxie (Japanese: ホミカのパパ Homika's Papa) is a character appearing in Black 2 and White 2. He is a sailor who runs a ferry between Virbank and Castelia City. He is Roxie's father. First seen arguing with Roxie in front of Virbank's Pokémon Center over his movie career, he insists that since Roxie is both a Gym Leader and a musician, he can be both a sailor and a movie star.

While he is auditioning at Pokéstar Studios, the gate to the studios cannot be entered until the player obtains the Toxic Badge. Upon entering Pokéstar Studios, the player watches Pop Roxie's first movie, Midlife Man of Justice vs. Brycen-Man of the Brycen-Man Series. As Riolu-Man, he ends up acting scared and being defeated. He later claims that one day, he will act once more. He then reopens his ferrying service.


Pokéstar Studios

Midlife Man of Justice vs. Brycen-Man


Virbank City

  • Upon arriving in the city
"Roxie, don't try to stop me! I'm off to Pokéstar Studios to live up my true potential! My dream is to be a ship captain an a movie star!"
"Oh, dear daughter. You split your time between your responsibilities as a Gym Leader and with your band, right? I can do that, too!"
"So you saw it..."
"That movie was...No, it wasn't the movie. It was me. I was so excited that I didn't really become Riolu-Man!"
"Acting like that won't thrill or excite anyone..."
"OK! I guess I'll do my best as a captain!"
"I'll excite and thrill everyone by barreling through rough waves!"
  • After battling Plasma Grunt on Route 20
"Of course! Please, step away!"
  • After first trip
"What can I do for you? Would you like to sail for Castelia City?"
Yes: "Of course! Please, step this way!"
No: "OK then! Please come to talk to me whenever you'd like to board!"

Pokéstar Studios

  • In the cinema
"Oh, if it isn't the scout himself! Thanks to you, I've made my movie debut!"
"And who would that be?"
"You beat Roxie, I see."
"You must be a pretty good Trainer. Oh, you know what? They're releasing my movie now! Are you thinking about making a Pokéstar Studios debut, too? Then, I do insist you watch my movie in order to gain acting tips from a professional such as myself."
"Awesome! Lest's go!"
"This is where you choose the movie you want to watch. There are eight screens in the theater here in Pokéstar Studios! Pretty impressive, huh? Now... Huh? It seems my movie will be shown on a special screen."
  • In the movie
"Can you hold on, please?"
"The Messenger of Truth and Ideals, Riolu-Man enters! Hey there, Brycen-Man! It's not nice to do bad things!"
"I'm scared!*"
"I wasn't hero material after all..."
  • After the movie
"Ha ha ha. I've always dreamed of making my debut on the silver screen..."
"Now I've fulfilled that dream..."
"Different people have different talents. I knew it all along. But I see my daughter striving to balance the responsibility of being a Gym Leader while pursuing her own dream of being in a band. Although I'm a father, I really wanted to pursue my own long-held dream... If you stop pursuing your dreams, your life might as well be over, right?"
"I'm going back to my duties as a ship captain for now. Someday, I'll return to the screen! Until that day comes, I'll leave all of the starring roles to you!"

Castelia City

  • Upon arriving
"Everyone, we've arrived at Castelia City!"
  • After first trip
"What can I do for you? Would you like to sail to Virbank City"
Yes: "Of course! Please, step this way!"
No: "OK then! Please come to talk to me whenever you'd like to board!"
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