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Ponigiri (Japanese: ぽにぎり ponigiri) is a food item featured in Pokémon Conquest.

When ponigiri is fed to a Pokémon, its Energy is increased depending on the ponigiri's type. Ponigiri Shops can be upgraded to higher levels by investing in the Bank.

The types of ponigiri available in Ponigiri Shops vary depending on the shop's level. In a level one Ponigiri Shop, only the Ponigiri is sold. In a level two Ponigiri Shop, Ponigiri and Red Ponigiri are available. In a level three shop, Ponigiri, Red Ponigiri, and Blue Ponigiri are available.

After ponigiri is fed to a Pokémon, sometimes the Shopkeeper will ask if the player wants to feed the Pokémon another helping of the ponigiri. If the Pokémon doesn't eat too much, the Energy will increase to its maximum level. If the Pokémon eats too much, the Energy will decrease. Occasionally, the additional ponigiri helping is missing an ingredient and will do nothing for their Energy level.

Ponigiri, Red Ponigiri and Blue Ponigiri can also be purchased from shops in Pugilis, Chrysalia, Cragspur, Viperia, Dragnor and Nixtorm at Lv.1, 2 and 3 respectively. Purple Ponigiri can only bought from Traveling Merchants and can't be found in a Ponigiri Shop. All Ponigiri that was not bought in a Ponigiri Shop can only be eaten in battle by equipping it before battle and then selecting to use it in battle.

Types of Ponigiri

  • Ponigiri - increases a Pokémon's Energy a little bit (one level.
  • Red Ponigiri - increases a Pokémon's Energy quite a bit (two levels).
  • Blue Ponigiri - increases a Pokémon's Energy by a significant amount (three levels).
  • Purple Ponigiri - increases a Pokémon's Energy to the maximum level.

Ponigiri shops


  • Ponigiri is based on rice balls, called "onigiri" in Japanese.

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