Poni Beach

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Poni Beach ポニのビーチ
Poni Beach
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
Poni Beach USUM.png
Map description: A beach on Poni Island with an abundance of nature. It's one of the Mantine Surf Spots.
Location: West of Poni Wilds
Region: Alola
Generations: VII
Alola Poni Beach Map.png
Location of Poni Beach in Alola.
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Poni Beach (Japanese: ポニのビーチ Poni Beach) is a location on Poni Island in Alola, located west of Poni Wilds. It serves as the Poni Surf Spot for Mantine Surf. It only appears as a distinct location in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon. In Pokémon Sun and Moon, this area existed as part of Poni Wilds, although at a smaller size compared to the actual size of Poni Beach.


Poni Beach is a sandy beach with several large rocks standing here and there.

Mantine Surf

The player can travel from this beach to other islands' Surf Spots using Mantine Surf if they have visited those locations. The player can travel to the following locations:


Item Location Games
Pearl Pearl Next to the southernmost rock on the beach (hidden) (regenerates occasionally)  US  UM 
Big Pearl Big Pearl ×2
  • Behind the scoreboard (hidden) (regenerates occasionally)
  • Between the two northernmost rocks (hidden) (regenerates occasionally)
 US  UM 
Max Repel Max Repel In the north corner of the beach  US  UM 
Comet Shard Comet Shard Received upon becoming the No. 1 ranked surfer at the Surf Spot  US  UM 

In the anime

Poni Beach in the anime

Poni Beach first appeared in That's Some Spicy Island Research!, where Ash ventured there in an attempt to find Tapu Fini so that he could battle it for his Poni Island grand trial. Instead, he found a group of Oricorio, which were being captured by Tupp, Zipp, and Rapp of Team Skull, using Poni Island radishes stolen from Hapu's farm to lure them in. Ash tried to battle them, but was stopped when Hapu showed up. Upon being informed that Team Skull was behind the theft of her radishes, she sent out her Mudsdale to fight them. Team Skull had their Pokémon attack Mudsdale, but all they succeeded in doing was activating its Stamina Ability, boosting its Defense. Mudsdale then used High Horsepower, knocking out all of Team Skull's Pokémon in one hit. Just then, Plumeria showed up, berating the Skull trio for their stupid plan and having them retreat. Afterwards, Hapu asked Ash to forgive her for having accused him of stealing her radishes earlier, to which he accepted.

The beach reappeared in Evolving Research!, where Lana and Ida went there to train together, although Ida's Primarina and Lana's Popplio ended up just playing together. Unbeknownst to any of them, a Mystery Box was laying in the waters just off the shore, with several Meltan moving away from it.

Pokémon seen on Poni Beach

Oricorio Sensu Style anime.png
Oricorio (multiple)

In the manga

Poni Beach in Pokémon Adventures

Pokémon Adventures

Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun & Ultra Moon arc

Poni Beach appeared in Thieving and Boss Crabominable. Sun arrived there on his quest to deliver a Mirage Berry to Poni Island's guardian deity, Tapu Fini. Due to multiple Ultra Beasts having been unleashed all over the Alola region, the island had already been evacuated, leaving Sun without anyone that could help tell him where Tapu Fini could be located. Immediately after, a pair of wild Crabrawler knocked Sun down and stole the Mirage Berry he was holding, forcing him to chase after them to get it back.

In other languages

Language Title
Chinese Cantonese 波尼海灘 Bōnèih Hóitāan
Mandarin 波尼海灘 / 波尼海滩 Bōní Hǎitān
France Flag.png French Plage de Poni
Germany Flag.png German Strand von Poni
Italy Flag.png Italian Spiaggia di Poni
South Korea Flag.png Korean 포니비치 Poni Beach
Spain Flag.png Spanish Playa de Poni

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