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Pokemopolis forum is a forum dedicated to Pokémon. Their slogan "Not dirty, just dodgy!" still stands for both the main site and the forum. It is a small forum with little users, but is still popular amongst guests and the current accounts.



The Pokemopolis section is the main section of the forums. Here, a user is able to see updates in the Welcome to Pokemopolis section, ask questions in Ask The Dodgemasters, and post up fanart and fanfics in the Fanworks thread.


The Pokémon section allows users to talk about the anime, games, and everything else not from Generation IV in the Pokémon - The Dodgy Journeys section. For Diamond and Pearl, a user must go to Pokémon - Diamond and Pearl.

Everything Else

The Everything Else thread is for Entertainment and Current News, Other Anime, and Rants and Ramblings.

Beyond Reality

Beyond Reality is for those users that wish to discuss 'conspiracies'. Whether it's about aliens or bigfoot, it can be discussed in this topic.


  • Dodgemaster Tim
  • Yam

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