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This article is about the ancient civilization in the anime. For the fan website, see Pokemopolis.

Pokémopolis is an ancient civilization in close proximity to near Pallet Town. It made its only anime appearance in The Ancient Puzzle of Pokémopolis.

It was discovered by accident when Ash was battling Brock's Vulpix with his Pikachu; Jigglypuff landed between the two Pokémon as they were preparing to attack each other during a training battle and were forced to deflect their attacks. Although the two were the ones who uncovered it, an archaeologist named Eve took credit for finding it, and was honored for it.

Among the artifacts found in the ruins of Pokémopolis were several odd-shaped objects. As it turns out, those objects were ancient Poké Balls, and inside of them were a giant Alakazam and Gengar. The two were released, and it appeared they were going to have an epic battle on the spot.

Luckily, a giant Jigglypuff—presumed to be the ancient defender of Pokémopolis—was released as well. Using Sing, it made the other two giants fall into a deep sleep. Soon afterward, all three were put safely back into their ancient Poké Balls. Eve said she would continue efforts to uncover how the ancient structures operated.