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My Pokémon Ranch explaining the general mechanics of a Mass Outbreak

Pokémon outbreaks (Japanese: 大量発生 mass outbreak), also known as swarms and—in Generation IVMass Outbreaks, are a feature introduced in Generation II that allows the player to catch Pokémon that are usually rare or otherwise unobtainable.

Generation II

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Pokémon outbreaks originated in Generation II. In that generation, if the player registered a certain Trainer in the Pokégear, that Trainer would occasionally call to tell the player that he saw or heard about a large number of Pokémon in a certain area; for the next 30 minutes after such a call (in real time, not play time), the swarming Pokémon would appear in the given area with much greater frequency than the usual 1%.

Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal

# Pokémon Location Levels Notifier Game
128 Tauros Tauros Route 38 13 Lass Dana (Route 38) G S C
183 Marill Marill Mt. Mortar Unknown Hiker Parry (Route 45) G S C
193 Yanma Yanma Route 35 12-14 Bug Catcher Arnie (Route 35) G S C
206 Dunsparce Dunsparce Dark Cave 2-4 Hiker Anthony (Route 33) G S C
209 Snubbull Snubbull Route 38 13 Schoolboy Chad (Route 38) G S C
211 Qwilfish Qwilfish Route 32* 10, 20, 30 Fisher Ralph (Route 32) G S C
223 Remoraid Remoraid Route 44* 10, 20 Fisher Wilton (Route 44) G S C

Generation III

In Generation III this method allows the player to catch Pokémon that cannot be caught normally and make rare Pokémon temporarily more common. This was possible due to the record mixing feature of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire. The outbreaks are advised by televisions in houses, where the Pokémon and its location is told.

Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald

# Pokémon Location Levels Game
270 Lotad Lotad Route 114* 13 R S E
273 Seedot Seedot Route 117* 13, 16 R S E
274 Nuzleaf Nuzleaf Route 114 15 R S E
283 Surskit Surskit Route 102Routes 102, 114 or 117* 15 R S E
300 Skitty Skitty Route 116 15 R S E

Generation IV

Pokémon outbreaks were largely expanded in Generation IV. Once the player attains the National Pokédex, every day in a particular location, a "swarm of Pokémon" appears, which changes the probability of finding the given Pokémon from 0% to 40%. Outbreaks last only one day and are random events. Information about Pokémon outbreaks can be found in Sandgem Town by talking to Lucas/Dawn's sister or by watching the Sinnoh television DPPt, or by listening to Professor Oak's Pokémon Talk HGSS.

When players all join the same group, they will all experience the same outbreak on any given day.

The species of an outbreaks seems to be determined using a formula, because it is not chosen randomly when the player starts the game that day. It is also possible that the species is determined the day before, though there is no additional evidence to support this. If the DS clock is changed or a different DS is used, then the game will detect this and will not change the species swarming until 12:00 AM.

Pokémon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum

By also using the Poké Radar and dual-slot mode in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, players can get all Pokémon excluding Tangela, Tropius, the starter Pokémon, and legendary Pokémon of previous generations, while Tangela, Tropius and two Legendary Trios can be regularly acquired in Pokémon Platinum.

Many of the Pokémon obtained through Pokémon outbreaks are outside of the Sinnoh Pokédex, and are usually exclusive to other regions. However, the player can obtain information about the current outbreak by talking to, depending on their own gender, Dawn's or Lucas's sister in Sandgem Town, or seeing the news report on a TV.

Due to higher catching rates for Pokémon that appear during outbreaks, they make longer and better chains when using Poké Radar.

# Pokémon Location Levels Game
016 Pidgey Pidgey Route 229 51 D P Pt
081 Magnemite Magnemite Fuego Ironworks 28-29 D P Pt
083 Farfetch'd Farfetch'd Route 221 28 D P Pt
084 Doduo Doduo Route 201 2 D P Pt
096 Drowzee Drowzee Route 215 20-21 D P Pt
098 Krabby Krabby Route 226 49-52 D P Pt
100 Voltorb Voltorb Route 218 28-29 D P Pt
104 Cubone Cubone Route 203 4 D P Pt
108 Lickitung Lickitung Lake Valor 34-36 D P Pt
127 Pinsir Pinsir Route 229 48-49 D P Pt
177 Natu Natu Route 224 53 D P Pt
206 Dunsparce Dunsparce Route 208 18 D P Pt
209 Snubbull Snubbull Route 209 16 D P Pt
220 Swinub Swinub Route 217 34 D P Pt
222 Corsola Corsola Route 230 50 D P Pt
225 Delibird Delibird Route 216 32 D P Pt
Route 217 32-33 D P Pt
231 Phanpy Phanpy Route 207 5, 7 D P Pt
238 Smoochum Smoochum Lake Acuity 35 D P Pt
246 Larvitar Larvitar Route 206 14-16 D P Pt
263 Zigzagoon Zigzagoon Route 202 3 D P Pt
283 Surskit Surskit Lake Verity 2 D P Pt
287 Slakoth Slakoth Eterna Forest 10-11 D P Pt
296 Makuhita Makuhita Route 225 48-51 D P Pt
299 Nosepass Nosepass Route 206 14 D P Pt
300 Skitty Skitty Route 222 40 D P Pt
36-40 D P Pt
309 Electrike Electrike Valley Windworks 7, 9-10 D P Pt
325 Spoink Spoink Route 214 22-23 D P Pt
327 Spinda Spinda Route 227 55 D P Pt
359 Absol Absol Route 213 20 D P Pt
374 Beldum Beldum Route 228 51-54 D P Pt

Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver

The feature also appears in HeartGold and SoulSilver, where all the wild Pokémon available include all those that were available in Generation II, Ditto, Chansey, and Pokémon from Hoenn and Sinnoh. Information on swarms can now be found by listening to Professor Oak's Pokémon Talk on the Pokégear radio.

# Pokémon Location Levels Game
113 Chansey Chansey Route 13 23 HG SS
132 Ditto Ditto Route 47 34 HG SS
183 Marill Marill Mt. Mortar 15 HG SS
193 Yanma Yanma Route 35 12 HG SS
206 Dunsparce Dunsparce Dark Cave 2-3 HG SS
209 Snubbull Snubbull Route 38 16 HG SS
211 Qwilfish Qwilfish Route 32 40 HG SS
223 Remoraid Remoraid Route 44 20 HG SS
261 Poochyena Poochyena Route 1 2 HG SS
278 Wingull Wingull Vermilion City* 35 HG SS
280 Ralts Ralts Route 34 10-11 HG SS
302 Sableye Sableye Route 9 13-15 HG SS
303 Mawile Mawile Route 9 13-15 HG SS
316 Gulpin Gulpin Route 3 5 HG SS
333 Swablu Swablu Route 45 23 HG SS
340 Whiscash Whiscash Violet City 40 HG SS
343 Baltoy Baltoy Route 3 5 HG SS
366 Clamperl Clamperl Route 19 35 HG SS
369 Relicanth Relicanth Route 12* 40 HG SS
370 Luvdisc Luvdisc Route 27* 20 HG SS
401 Kricketot Kricketot Viridian Forest 3 HG SS
427 Buneary Buneary Route 25 8-10 HG SS

Generation V

The gates in Unova have a monitor inside that will alert the player where an outbreak is taking place.

Unlike previous games, the Pokémon outbreaks can be manipulated by soft resetting the game: turning the console off without saving the game beforehand, but only if the player has not saved their game at all that day. When the game is restarted, there will be a different Pokémon swarming.

Black and White

During winter, the monitor may occasionally not report on outbreaks, which is due to parts of Route 8, where Croagunk can be found, becoming frozen during Winter and not allowing the Pokémon to be caught there. All have the level range of 15-55.

# Pokémon Location Levels Game
046 Paras Paras Route 11 15-55 B W
056 Mankey Mankey Route 15 15-55 B W
083 Farfetch'd Farfetch'd Route 01Route 1 15-55 B W
084 Doduo Doduo Route 12 15-55 B W
102 Exeggcute Exeggcute Route 18 15-55 B W
161 Sentret Sentret Route 07Route 7 15-55 B W
193 Yanma Yanma Route 14 15-55 B W
204 Pineco Pineco Route 16 15-55 B W
228 Houndour Houndour Route 09Route 9 15-55 B W
235 Smeargle Smeargle Route 05Route 5 15-55 B W
236 Tyrogue Tyrogue Route 10Route 10 15-55 B W
261 Poochyena Poochyena Route 09Route 9 15-55 B W
285 Shroomish Shroomish Route 11 15-55 B W
311 Plusle Plusle Route 06Route 6 15-55 B W
312 Minun Minun Route 06Route 6 15-55 B W
313 Volbeat Volbeat Route 03Route 3 15-55 B W
314 Illumise Illumise Route 03Route 3 15-55 B W
353 Shuppet Shuppet Route 13 15-55 B W
360 Wynaut Wynaut Route 02Route 2 15-55 B W
449 Hippopotas Hippopotas Route 04Route 4 15-55 B W
453 Croagunk Croagunk Route 08Route 8 15-55 B W

Black 2 and White 2

All have the level range of 40-55.

# Pokémon Location Levels Game
022 Fearow Fearow Route 15 40-55 B2 W2
079 Slowpoke Slowpoke Abundant Shrine 40-55 B2 W2
083 Farfetch'd Farfetch'd Route 1 40-55 B2 W2
084 Doduo Doduo Route 12 40-55 B2 W2
097 Hypno Hypno Dreamyard 40-55 B2 W2
122 Mr. Mime Mr. Mime Route 20 40-55 B2 W2
162 Furret Furret Route 7 40-55 B2 W2
166 Ledian Ledian Route 22 40-55 B2 W2
168 Ariados Ariados Route 22 40-55 B2 W2
177 Natu Natu Route 5 40-55 B2 W2
185 Sudowoodo Sudowoodo Route 20 40-55 B2 W2
187 Hoppip Hoppip Route 18 40-55 B2 W2
195 Quagsire Quagsire Route 8 40-55 B2 W2
204 Pineco Pineco Route 16 40-55 B2 W2
277 Swellow Swellow Route 13 40-55 B2 W2
284 Masquerain Masquerain Route 11 40-55 B2 W2
311 Plusle Plusle Route 6 40-55 B2 W2
312 Minun Minun Route 6 40-55 B2 W2
313 Volbeat Volbeat Route 3 40-55 B2 W2
314 Illumise Illumise Route 3 40-55 B2 W2
317 Swalot Swalot Route 9 40-55 B2 W2
332 Cacturne Cacturne Reversal Mountain 40-55 B2 W2
450 Hippowdon Hippowdon Desert Resort 40-55 B2 W2

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