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If you were looking for the phone app, see Pokémate.

Pokémon mate was a large collection of different Pokémon merchandise produced and distributed by Tomy in Japan in 1997. Some of the earlier playsets were released into the English market via the US under the name Pokémon House.

Jakks Pacific's Pokémon Deluxe Micro Playset Series, released in 2009, shares many characteristics with Pokémon Mate.

Mini playsets

Picture Name Figures Included Case Colour Release Date
MP Clefairy Diglett open.jpg A-Type Clefairy & Diglett Turquoise 1997
Description: This playset is based on Kanto's Mt Moon, it features a blue moon stone, a buildable rock archway alongside Clefairy and Diglett figures. A removable dome covers the most of the upper half to give the illusion of a mountain.
MP Snorlax Chansey open.jpg B-Type Snorlax & Chansey Yellow 1997
Description: This playset is based Kanto's Safari Zone. It features an entry building with a removable roof and a brick path that leads to the upper half. The small penned areas fit one figure each. The upper left corner includes a tree, capable of spinning, which serves as an outlook.
MP Pikachu Oddish open.jpg C-Type or Forest Adventure Pikachu & Oddish Light Blue 1997
Description: This playset is based Viridian Forest. A swinging pink hammock hangs in the center of the playset, and the tree stump in the lower half spins around.
MP Poliwhirl Squirtle open.jpg D-Type or Beach Adventure Poliwhirl & Squirtle Light Pink 1997
Description: This playset is based on a tropical setting. It includes a movable water wheel, spinning island and removable island that can hide a small figure underneath it.
MP Eevee Charmander open.jpg City Adventure Eevee & Charmander Light Green 1997
Description: This playset is based on a township. It includes a house with a removable roof, a seesaw and a Pokémon Center complex.
PH Paradise.jpg Pokémon Paradise Pikachu & Togepi Light Purple 1998
Description: This playset is a direct tie into Pikachu's Vacation short. It features a slide, climbing set and other interactive features.
MP Tangelo Island open.jpg Orange Islands A-Type Vileplume & Lapras Orange 1999
Description: This playset is based on the Tangelo Island, though it features a sign that states "Seafoam Island". It features an entry gate with closing doors, two palm trees and a Pokémon transfer station building. A track in the water section connects only with Lapras, giving the illusion the Pokémon is swimming in the ocean.
PH Orange Islands B-type.jpg Orange Islands B-Type Pink Rhyhorn & Psyduck Dark Blue 1999
Description: This playset is based on the Pinkan Island, hence the reason for the Rhyhorn figure’s unusual color. The upper half includes a gym stadium ground, which can either be the standard setup or the two halves fold out to reveal a water terrain. Two Pinkan berry trees help to complete the scenery, and a press-button pusher can send a figure flying across the playset.
PH Ice Island open.jpg Ice Island Articuno Dark Blue 1999
Description: This playset is based on Ice Island, a setting featured in The Power of One. It includes Articuno's shrine and a blue elemental orb. The two ice sheets separate to reveal several water Pokémon wading in the water.
PH Lightning Island.jpg Lightning Island Zapdos Yellow 1999
Description: This playset is based on Lightning Island, a setting featured in The Power of One. It includes Zapdos' shrine used to house a yellow elemental orb above a water-filled caldera volcano. The caldera volcano opens, allowing for figures and pieces to be stored inside. A water spout sits on a spinning turntable in the lower half to give the illusion of a chaotic storm brewing.
PH Fire Island.jpg Fire Island Moltres Red 1999
Description: This playset is based on Fire Island, a setting featured in The Power of One. It includes Moltres’ shrine and a red elemental orb. The featured volcano splits open, whilst moveable waves and a water spout create a scene of natural disaster.
PH I-type.jpg I-Type Pikachu & Totodile Light Yellow 2000
Description: This playset is a re-release of the D-Type set, only featuring different figures a lighter recoloring.
MP Pikachu Chikorita open.jpg Forest Adventure II Pikachu & Chikorita Purple 2000
Description: This playset is a re-release of the C-Type set, only featuring different figures a lighter recoloring.
MP Pikachu Pichu open.jpg Pokémon Paradise II Pikachu & Pichu Pink 2000
Description: This playset is a re-release of the Pokémon Paradise set, only featuring different figures a lighter recoloring.
MP Pikachu Cyndaquil open.jpg Laboratory Adventure Pikachu & Cyndaquil Light Orange 2000
Description: This playset was the only original-style set of its respective series, and is based on Professor Elm's laboratory in New Bark Town.

Deluxe playsets

Picture Name Figures Included Release Date
PH Deluxe Type A - Shamouti Island.jpg Deluxe Type A – Shamouti Island Slowking & Lugia 2001
Description: This playset is based on Shamouti Island, a setting featured in The Power of One. It includes a shrine to contain all three of the elemental orbs (also included with the set) to summon Lugia, as well as a detachable lighthouse. This set can be connected with the regular Pokémon Mate playsets using the small bridges included with them. A play-mat featuring a frozen ocean and whirlpools was also included with the set.
PH Deluxe Type B - Crystal World.jpg Deluxe Type B – Crystal World Charizard, Pikachu, Teddiursa, Phanpy & Entei 2001
Description: This playset is based on the events of The Spell of the Unown, featuring the Hale Mansion in Greenfield, Johto. The sets of stairs travel through the two locations where Brock and Misty battled against Molly Hale and her Illusion Pokémon, and the top tier is Molly Hale’s bedroom. The crystals around the spinning Unown section light up a red color. Unlike other Deluxe playsets this set does not feature any removable pieces.
PH Deluxe Type C - Pokemon Centre.jpg Deluxe Type C – Pokémon Center Bulbasaur, Pikachu, Jigglypuff, Farfetch’d & Nurse Chansey 2001
Description: This playset is based on a Pokémon Center and to the right a Pokémon Mall. The Pokémon Center roof hinges open to reveal an image of the three legendary birds and Arcanine (much like the one seen in Pokémon Emergency!), a reception and attached nurse’s station as well as an operating theater. The Pokémon Mall to the right is a three tiered building (two shopping floors and one roof deck complete with tables and snack machines). To the left of the Pokémon Center is a tree with swing; Farfetch'd is th only figure that can sit on the piece that moves the swing. And a river with a red boat causes a Magikarp to jump out of the water, a pedestrian bridge to separate and a trio of Diglett to emerge from the ground. Like the Deluxe Type A, the Type C has the capacity to connect to two of the regular playsets. This is the only Deluxe set not based on the events or setting of either a Pokémon Movie or Short.
PH Deluxe Type D - Tree.jpg Deluxe Type D – Tree Pikachu, Togepi, Elekid, Marill, Ledyba & Bellossom 2001
Description: This playset is based on Pikachu's Rescue Adventure short, and includes a play-mat. This playset features a lot of hiding places. The waterspout in the tree trunk can be raised like a lift, transporting a Pokémon through the tree to the top. The tree top opens up to reveal even more play space. Other Pokémon featured in the set include Gyarados, Exeggcute, Gloom and Vileplume.
Pokemon House Deluxe Type E - Pokemon Town open.jpg Deluxe Type E – Pichu Brother’s Town Pikachu, Window Cleaner Meowth, 2× Pichu, Furret, Igglybuff, Hoppip & Hitmontop 2001
Description: This playset is based on the events of the Pikachu & Pichu short, in Big Town, Johto. It is foldable, much like the regular Pokémon Mate sets, and includes a convenient handle to carry. The elevator shaft attaches to the right of the set via pins, it has a wind up wheel which moves the platform. A window washer platform connects with two holes on the left side of the set. Next is the clock tower, with movable hands and weather vane. The blue slide connects to the clock tower. The building next to the clock tower features a rooftop deck, an events room celebrating Pikachu and Ash’s first anniversary, and on the ground level a bus depot. The Hitmontop figure has a small knob on top of its "horn," which fits into a hole. Hitmontop can spin upside down, and cause the grey pipes to rise and fall, like a seesaw. A black tire and pin staircase are also included.
PH Deluxe - Hide-and-Seek Mansion.jpg Hide-and-Seek Mansion Pikachu, Sandshrew, Cyndaquil, Togepi, Larvitar, Rollout Donphan, Azurill, Kecleon 2003
Description: This playset is based on the events of the Pikachu’s Pikaboo short. This set is also foldable revealing three different sections, and includes a hedge maze playmat. Other pieces includes are a fountain, a bowl, a purple hydrant statue, a tree, Wailmer's waterspout, and a wind-up lawnmower. In addition to the listed figures, an Oddish, Wailmer and Diglett are also featured though not movable.
PH Deluxe - Ilex Forest.jpg Deluxe- Lake of Life Scizor, Tyranitar, Pikachu, Suicune, and Celebi (the latter 3 are magnetic) 2003
Description: This playset is based on the events of the Pokémon 4Ever - Celebi: The Voice of the Forest movie. It features the Lake of Life, a setting central to the movie's plot, near Arborville, Johto. The magnetic figures can attach to platforms located in the lake, with a nearby wheel causing it to spin. When the magnetic pole is spun it changes the image featured in the tree tops to either flying Butterfree, a group of Celebi or Celebi's twig monster form.
PH Deluxe - Campfire Train.jpg Deluxe- Campfire Train Pikachu, 2× Pichu, Wynaut, Volbeat & Duskull 2003
Description: This playset is based on the events of the Camp Pikachu short. The set features a train which travels along tracks, a water mill with an opening roof. The tracks diverge in two directions, wither towards the station or further down. This train can travel onto the tracks included with the various Tomy Plarail sets. This playset also features a storage hatch for character figures at the back.

In addition to the sets pictured above, a further three Tomy sets are known to exist. Two were based on the events of M05, one for Latios featuring only a Latios figure based on Alto Mare's Secret Garden, and the another for Latias, which features only Latias and is based on the city and canals of Alto Mare. The third set is based on the Gotta Dance short, and features a Pikachu, Torchic, Meowth and three conjoined Whismur holding maracas. They are uniquely cube shaped and foldable.

A series of characters and buildings were released to mark M06, a Japanese exclusive that featured Absol and Salamence, amongst others.

Deluxe Type's C and D were later also rereleased to mark the Advanced Generation. These sets only feature different figures and are slightly lighter in color. The Type C remake includes Pikachu, Blissey, Treecko, Torchic and Mudkip figures. And the Type D remake includes Pikachu, Meowth, Mew, Marshtomp Spheal and Munchlax.

Figure packs

Pokémon Mate also included individually sold figure packs, including main characters from the original series of the anime and sets of seven Pokémon figurines.

Human figurines



Main article: Pokémon Roll & Play Stampers

Pokémon Wind-Ups

Model kits

Several of these are known to exist including:

Wind-up Poké Ball playsets

The two figures in each set are protected by a clear plastic dome, and they move when the winding mechanism is turned. Only three varieties of these miniature sets are known to exist.

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