Pokémon in Spain

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Pokémon in Spain
Pokémon logo English.png
Spain Flag.png
Flag of Spain
Language Iberian Spanish
Continent Europe
Original anime airdates
EP001 1999
DP001 February 28, 2008

The Pokémon franchise first reached Spain in 1999 when the anime was dubbed into Iberian Spanish.

Pokémon video games

Spanish-language versions of Pokémon Red and Blue Versions were sold in Spain on October 5, 1999. Subsequent Pokémon games have been available since then.

Pokémon anime

The Iberian dub of the Pokémon anime is recorded and produced in Madrid, Spain. Since the first season, Telson has been the dubbing studio of the show. After the 8th season, they moved to Arait Multimedia (due to the closing of Telson), which recorded the 9th season and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters out of the Gate!. After the 9th season, they moved to 103 - Todd Ao, which has been recording the show since Pokémon Diamond and Pearl.

The movies were recorded in Tecnison, S.A. (movies 1-3), Soundub (movies 8 and 9) and 103 - Todd Ao (movies 10 and 11).

The Iberian dub is based on the English dubs by 4Kids Entertainment and Pokémon USA, Inc., retaining their character names (Some exceptions are Gym leaders, Frontier Brains, and game characters). The anime has aired on both nationally-owned channels such as Telecinco and Canal 2 Andalucía and on the Spanish branch of Jetix (now Disney XD).


As with the dub, all of the anime openings are translated versions of the English songs used by 4Kids Entertainment and Pokémon USA, Inc.. A Spanish-language version of Pokémon 2.B.A. Master was released under the title of Pokémon: ¿Eres capaz de aprenderte el PokéRap?. Another CD, Pokémon Total, was released in 2001 featuring several songs from Pokémon Karaokémon and the Pokérap GS.

Cast and crew

Many different voice actors have worked on the dubbing of Pokémon in Spain.

Adolfo Moreno has provided the voice of Ash Ketchum since EP001 except for movie 3 and Mewtwo Returns, where he is voiced by Rafael Alonso Naranjo Jr.. Ash's mother, Delia, is voiced by Cecilia Santiago (EP001-002) and Marisa Marco for the entire series.

Míriam Valencia provides the voice for Misty except for movie 3 and Mewtwo Returns, where she is voiced by Pilar González Aguado. Brock has been voiced by Javier Balas for most of the series, although Sergio Sánchez provided his voice for movie 3 and Mewtwo Returns.

May has been voiced for the entire series by Cristina Yuste. May's younger brother, Max, is voiced by Beatriz Berciano. May's and Max's mother, Caroline, is voiced by María José Castro. Another of Ash's friends, Dawn, is voiced by Mar Bordallo.

For most of the series, James has been voiced by Iván Jara, but Luis Manuel Martín Díaz voiced him for Movie 3 and Mewtwo Returns. Jessie has been voiced for the entire series by Amparo Valencia (who is also the dubbing director of the show, except in the first three movies and Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Team Go-Getters out of the Gate!) except for movie 3 and Mewtwo Returns, where she is voiced by Ana Jiménez. José Escobosa has provided the voice of Meowth since EP001, while Mario Arenas voiced him for movie 3 and Mewtwo Returns.

Gary Oak is voiced by Jesús Alberto Pinillos. His grandfather, Professor Oak, is voiced by Roberto Encinas. Another one of Ash's rivals, Paul, is voiced by Pablo Sevilla.

Other notable voice actors in the Spanish dub include Ricardo Escobar as Tracey Sketchit (since EP084), Isacha Mengíbar as Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, Valle Acebrón as Officer Jenny, Pilar Martín as Nurse Joy, and Eduardo del Hoyo as the narrator.

Pokémon Trading Card Game

Spanish-language cards for the Pokémon Trading Card Game were first available in Spain starting in 1999 with the Jungle expansion set. They were sold by the Devir company until 2007. Since then, Panini has sold the TCG cards starting with the Diamond & Pearl. Spanish-language cards are recognized as tournament legal for Pokémon Organized Play.

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