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==Pokémon video games==
==Pokémon video games==
Pokémon games are not sold in Serbia.
Pokémon games are not sold in Serbia.
* The Serbian version of [[Gotta_catch_'em_all!|Gotta catch 'em all!]] can be heard in the first theme. It's {{tt|Treba da skupiš sve!|You should collect them all!}}.
==Related articles==
==Related articles==

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Pokémon in Serbia
Pokémon logo English.png
Serbia Flag.png
Flag of Serbia
Language Serbian
Continent Europe
Original anime airdates
EP001 2000
AG001 Only S07 aired
DP001 Never aired
BW001 2012
XY001 Never aired

Pokémon anime

The anime in Serbia was dubbed from Pokémon: Indigo League to Pokémon: Master Quest by studio LoudWorks. Pokémon Chronicles came out, dubbed by an unknown studio, with seemingly all voice actors changed except for Misty, on four DVDs in 2005 - 2006. Some of the episodes also aired on Happy TV. With Pokémon: Advanced never getting dubbed surprisingly Pokémon: Advanced Challenge started airing a fair while after Master Quest concluded, still dubbed by LoudWorks, but with some voice actors changed. The original dub aired on many different channels, including Pink and Ultra. while Advanced Challenge aired only on Ultra. Indigo League and Orange Islands' theme song was the Pokémon Theme dubbed in Serbian with Pokémon World being skipped. Johto Journeys, Johto League Champions and Master Quest all used Pokémon Johto dubbed in Serbian, skipping Born to Be a Winner and Believe in Me. Advanced Challenge used This Dream dubbed in Serbian. Seasons 8 through 13 were never dubbed. Pokémon: Black & White started airing on Happy TV in Serbian, dubbed by studio Ideogram, using Black and White dubbed in Serbian as it's opening. Anything beyond was never dubbed as of now.

In Serbia the anime is available on Netflix.

Pokémon movies

The only movies that were dubbed in Serbian are M04 and M07 with both of them seemingly having a completely different dubbing studio than the other and the regular anime. They were released on DVD. The opening theme and ending themes were not dubbed.

Cast and crew

S01 - S05 (Loudworks)

Pokémon video games

Pokémon games are not sold in Serbia.

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