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Pokémon in Denmark
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Flag of Denmark
Language Danish
Continent Europe

The Pokémon anime first reached Denmark in 2000, with the first broadcast of Pokémon - Jeg vælger dig!. In Denmark, Bergsala A/S owns the franchise.

Pokémon video games

Pokémon games sold in Denmark are in English, and are released at the same time as in the rest of Europe.


Event Pokémon distributed in Denmark include Movie 11 Shaymin in 2009 and Michina Arceus in 2010.

Pokémon anime

The Pokémon anime is broadcasted on Disney XD (previously known as Fox Kids and later Jetix), and TV2, which is a publicly owned television station based in Odense.

Who's That Pokémon? was omitted in some airings of the first two seasons, but appeared on the VHS releases.

Only the last 16 episodes of the Johto saga aired on Danish television.

Skipping directly from Pokémon: Advanced Battle to Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl, Pokémon: Battle Frontier was not aired until after Pokémon: Diamond and Pearl.


The first, second, and third movies were released in theaters and on home video.

The fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh movies were released on home video only.

The eighth and ninth movies haven't been dubbed in Danish.

The tenth and eleventh movies premiered on Jetix Scandinavia, February 14, 2009 and May 9, 2009, respectively. These were later made available on home video for a contest with about 10 copies of each.

The twelfth movie premiered on Disney XD June 26, 2010.

The fourteenth movie pair premiered on Disney XD August 18 (Black) and August 19th (White), 2012.

Cast and crew

The Danish version is dubbed by Dubberman AS. It is known that Pokémon Heroes was translated by Dorte Langberg, and that Jirachi: Wish Maker and Destiny Deoxys were translated by Thomas Maintz. We also know, from subtitles of voice actors and translators on Disney XD, that Mathias Klenske translates Black and White himself.

Mathias Klenske: Ash Ketchum, and other roles such as Lance. He made his debut at age 17.

Lulu Jacobsen: Misty in the first two seasons.

Peter Holst-Beck: Brock, also voiced Arceus.

Annevig Schelde Ebbe: May, Dawn, and Misty in seasons 5 and 8.

Malene Tabert: Iris.

Sonny Lahey: Cilan.

Christian Damsgaard: Gary.

Mikkel Følsgaard: Ritchie, and Drew in season 6.

Jan Tellefsen: Trip.

Peter Zhelder: Meowth


Danish versions of Pokémon 2.B.A. Master and Pokémon 3: The Ultimate Soundtrack were released in Denmark under the titles Pokémon, Du skal fange dem! and Pokémon 3: Det Ultimative Soundtrack, respectively.

Pokémon manga

No Pokémon manga has been released in Denmark.

Pokémon Trading Card Game

In Denmark, the Pokémon Trading Card Game is distributed by Bergsala Enigma. The card text is not translated into Danish.

Pokémon merchandise

Cover artwork from an issue of the Pokémon Official Magazine

A Danish version of Pokémon Official Magazine is released monthly in Denmark under the title Pokémon Det Officielle Magasin, counting over 40 issues. It was first released February 5, 2007. The official abbreviation is POM.


PokeTeam is a Danish website that finds Pokémon related news items and translate them into Danish. After the official Danish Pokémon forum closed, many fans have turned to PokeTeam.

In 2009, like Germany, Italy, Sweden and the Netherlands, Denmark held a Pokémon Day 2009. It was a small event which included a download of Shaymin, a drawing contest, and a screening of the Danish dub of The Rise of Darkrai.


  • In the Danish versions of the opening themes prior to Unbeatable, all lyrics referencing the season titles are replaced.

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