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In the anime, several Pokémon are shown to develop illnesses. For example, both Pikachu (in Get the Show on the Road!) and Elekid (in Reversing the Charges) developed an illness due to being overcharged with electricity. This article describes the known illnesses that Pokémon can get, the cause (if known), what kind of Pokémon they affect and the treatment.

List of Illnesses

Electrical Overcharging

Affects Template:Type2 Pokémon, although Magnemite appear to be immune. This illness is caused by exposure to high levels of electromagnetic energy. Symptoms appear to vary, possibly by species, as Pikachu appeared quite lethargic when affected by this illness whereas the wild Elekid did not. Treatment is to discharge electricity, usually through attacks, until the Pokémon's level of electricity is more normal.


Meowth had some kind of fever in The Problem with Paras. It's unclear whether this was just heatstroke or actually some form of illness. It was cured by a mixture of herbs, but he was given pills to take with meals for awhile after. A Ralts had a fever that progressed into pneumonia in Do I Hear a Ralts?. This was treated by Ash Ketchum and friends giving it food and keeping it cool until they got it to the local Pokemon Center for more intensive treatment. The nature of this intensive treatment is unclear, but appeared to include use of an oxygen mask. Recovery was rapid, with no follow-up treatment needed. Both Meowth and Ralts were very listless when affected, however in Ralts this was variable.

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