Pokémon hunters (M21)

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The name currently in use is a fan designator; see below for more information.
Pokémon hunters
Pokémon hunters M21.png
Pokémon hunters
Gender Male
Hometown Unknown
Region Unknown
Anime debut The Power of Us
English voice actor Sam Black
Rob Mungle
Japanese voice actor Toru Sakurai
Kosuke Takaguchi

The Pokémon hunters are a pair of minor antagonists who appeared in The Power of Us.

In the anime


The two Pokémon hunters watched the Pokémon Channel's coverage about a rare Pokémon living in the mountains around Fula City, and became interested in capturing it. Meanwhile, Margo overheard Callahan continuing an earlier lie he told to Risa, and assumed he knew about Zeraora, her friend. As a result, she went on to sabotage the Wind Festival to protect her friend.

Margo spotted the Pokémon hunters the next day. The pair had already netted themselves a Sentret, but were looking for a bigger target to make a profit. They soon noticed Margo, and she pointed them to a different direction for a Pokémon to capture. As the hunters prepared to leave, a Teddiursa and Ditto caught their attention. When they tried to capture the two Pokémon, Zeraora intervened, but also revealed itself to the hunters and a battle began. Zeraora did its best to fend off the hunters' Pokémon, but was left fatigued from injuries it had sustained earlier. Zeraora, Margo, and the Pokémon were saved by the arrival of Ash and his friends, who had come to find the eternal flame that Margo had stolen. Mayor Oliver threatened the hunters with legal action, and the pair quickly fled the area in response.

Personality and characteristics

The hunters are opportunistic people who travel around in a truck, looking for their next profit. They use their net guns to ensnare unassuming wild Pokémon. For tougher opponents, they have their Houndoom and Sneasel to rely on.


This listing is of the Pokémon hunters' known Pokémon in the anime:

Pokémon Hunters M21's Houndoom
The Pokémon hunters called on Houndoom to help them capture a Ditto and Teddiursa. After Zeraora intervened, Houndoom battled it. Houndoom was quickly recalled to its Poké Ball when Mayor Oliver and the others arrived on the scene.

Houndoom's known moves are Fire Fang and Flamethrower.

Debut The Power of Us
Voice actors
Japanese Shohei Komatsu
English H.D. Quinn
Ash's Sneasel
The Pokémon hunters called on Sneasel to help them capture a Ditto and Teddiursa. After Zeraora intervened, Sneasel battled it. Sneasel was quickly recalled to its Poké Ball when Mayor Oliver and the others arrived on the scene.

Sneasel's known moves are Icy Wind, Slash, and Ice Shard.

Debut The Power of Us
Voice actors
Japanese Kiyotaka Furushima
English Michele Knotz

In the manga

Movie adaptations

Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us: Zeraora's Story

A trio of Pokémon hunters served as antagonists in Pokémon the Movie: The Power of Us: Zeraora's Story. Two of the hunters made their first appearance in ESEZ1, where they were part of a virtual reality simulation of Fula City's past. There, the two attempted to kidnap the wild Pokémon living in Fula City, only to be stopped by Zeraora. Thinking they could make a profit on Zeraora as well, the hunters attempted to take it as well and used their Pokémon to battle it. Zeraora easily defeated the hunters' Pokémon and forced them to escape. Afterwards, the hunters informed their boss, Agee, of the situation, which led to him deciding to face Zeraora himself.

In ESEZ2, Agee and the other hunters attacked a boy named Norbert in an attempt to steal his Elekid. After Norbert was saved by Zeraora, Agee battled it, only to lose as well, forcing him and the hunters to retreat once more.

Pokémon hunter's Scizor
Scizor is the male hunter's only known Pokémon. It was first used to battle Zeraora in order to capture it, but was defeated.

Scizor's only known move is Slash.

Debut ESEZ1
Pokémon hunter's Houndoom
Houndoom is the female hunter's only known Pokémon. It was first used to battle Zeraora in order to capture it, but was defeated.

Houndoom's only known move is Crunch.

Debut ESEZ1


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