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This article is about game decoration. For the escape item, see Poké Doll. For the plush toy line, see Poké Doll (plush). For the Pokéstar Studios opponent, see Doll.

A Pokémon doll is a sort of decoration used in the Pokémon games.

Generation I

In the first Generation games, decorations were not featured. Despite this, Pokémon dolls could be found decorating the Copycat's room in Saffron City. When talked to, the doll would turn to the player and this message would appear: "This is a rare Pokémon! Huh? It's only a doll!"

Generation II

In the second Generation games, dolls became available as a decoration for the bedroom. In these games, sometimes the player character's mother will buy dolls for his or her room with saved up money, but the most common way to receive them is with Mystery Gift.

One feature of Pokémon Stadium 2 allows players to view their entire room and its decorations, including any dolls, in 3-D.

List of dolls

Generation III

In the third Generation games, dolls can be used to decorate a Secret Base, and can be either bought in various locations, such as at the marketplace in Slateport City, at the Lilycove Department Store, with coins at the Mauville Game Corner or with Battle Points at the Battle Frontier. Lanette will also give one in exchange for keeping her messy house a secret. A girl in Sootopolis City will also give the player one. All dolls must be placed on a Desk, a Mat, or on a certain kind of Ornament.

Dolls are not available in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, particularly because there are no Secret Bases in FireRed and LeafGreen. However, Lorelei's house contains a number of dolls, since she collects them.

List of dolls

Regi dolls

The three legendary golems also have dolls. Players with a Japanese copy of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire can obtain these dolls by scanning a special e-Reader card called the "Regi-Dolls Decoration Set" card, or through participating official Nintendo events. However, for games in other languages, there is no known way to obtain them except by cheating.

Generation IV

Dolls, like many other decorations in this generation, are available by trading spheres to Hikers in the Underground. They are used to decorate the player's Secret Base in the underground. They can also be purchased in the fourth floor of the Veilstone Department Store.

Instead of placing them on desks or mats, dolls, like many other decorations, cannot be placed on top of any other objects.

List of dolls

Generation V

Main article: Décor

In the Pokémon Dream World, dolls are a kind of Décor, and are all contained in the Pokémon Doll Catalogue.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon

In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, the player is able to receive Figures which are placed outside the Team Base. They are obtained as rewards when certain conditions are met. The Lucario Figure is obtained upon attaining Lucario rank; the Bonsly Figure is obtained by completing all of the Makuhita Dojo mazes; the Mime Jr. and Weavile Figures are obtained as rewards for random missions, shown as either "Mime Jr. Fig" or "Weavile Fig". All statues were of Pokémon that had not yet made an appearance in the main series games.

List of Figures

Bonsly Statue.png Bonsly Figure
Mime Jr. Statue.png Mime Jr. Figure
Lucario Statue.png Lucario Figure
Weavile Statue.png Weavile Figure

In the anime

Pokémon dolls in the anime

Pokémon dolls were featured in Princess vs. Princess as a set of ornamental dolls given to the winner of the Princess Day Festival. Misty won the contest and sent the set to her sisters in Cerulean Gym.

Pokémon dolls also appeared in A Three Team Scheme! decorating Keanu's secret base, but were removed in the dub.

In the manga

In the Pokémon Adventures manga

Pokémon dolls first appeared in VS Kyogre & Groudon XII. They were seen on shelves for sale in Lilycove Department Store during Wallace's battle against Tabitha.

In The Final Showdown VIII, Sapphire finds her secret base decorated by Ruby with various Pokémon dolls.

In Enter The Three Beasts, the interior of Lorelei's house in Four Island is shown with her many dolls.

In VS Feraligatr, Crystal's mother appears holding a Marill doll.

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