Pokémon data structure (Generation I)

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The Pokémon data structure in the Generation I games stores most information about the current state of a player's caught Pokémon. It has a length of 64 bytes for Pokémon in the player's party (44 bytes for the Pokémon itself and 20 bytes for the OT's name and the Nickname) and 53 bytes for Pokémon in boxes (33 for the Pokémon itself and 20 for the OT's name and Nickname) on Bill's PC. The information lost when depositing a Pokémon in Bill's PC is its level, HP, Attack, Defense, Speed and Special; this allows the box trick to work by recalculating the lost information upon withdrawing the Pokémon again.

The structure

Offset Contents Size
0x00 Index number of the Species 1 byte
0x01 Current HP 2 bytes
0x03 Level 1 byte
0x04 Status condition 1 byte
0x05 Type 1 1 byte
0x06 Type 2 1 byte
0x07 Catch rate/Held item 1 byte
0x08 Index number of move 1 1 byte
0x09 Index number of move 2 1 byte
0x0A Index number of move 3 1 byte
0x0B Index number of move 4 1 byte
0x0C Original Trainer ID number 2 bytes
0x0E Experience points 3 bytes
0x11 HP EV data 2 bytes
0x13 Attack EV data 2 bytes
0x15 Defense EV data 2 bytes
0x17 Speed EV data 2 bytes
0x19 Special EV data 2 bytes
0x1B IV data 2 bytes
0x1D Move 1's PP values 1 byte
0x1E Move 2's PP values 1 byte
0x1F Move 3's PP values 1 byte
0x20 Move 4's PP values 1 byte
0x21 Level 1 byte
0x22 Maximum HP 2 bytes
0x24 Attack 2 bytes
0x26 Defense 2 bytes
0x28 Speed 2 bytes
0x2A Special 2 bytes

Notably missing from this structure are the Pokémon's nickname and the original Trainer's name, which are stored elsewhere.

Pokémon stored in Bill's PC use a form of this structure that stops after the PP data for the fourth move, at 0x20.

The Pokémon box data consists only of the currently open Pokémon box, which explains the need for the player to save the game before switching the open box.

In Pokémon Red and Pokémon Blue for the US, the current Pokémon box data is stored at 0xDA81 and is 460 bytes long (including OT Names and Nicknames).

In Pokémon Yellow for the US, this data starts at 0xDA95 and is 660 bytes long (33 bytes each for 20 Pokémon).

Explanation of fields


The index number for the Pokémon's species.

Remaining HP

The number of HP left on the Pokémon. This value should not be greater than the Maximum HP field's value.


Though it appears to be the level of the Pokémon, it seems effectively redundant: it exists as a Pokémon's level when said Pokémon is stored in a PC box, yet is overwritten as part of the recalculation that takes place when the Pokémon is withdrawn. If the Pokémon is deposited back into a box, this value is set to the Pokémon's level again. This value's purpose is currently unknown.

Status conditions

The status conditions of the Pokémon, as a bit field.

Bit Value Status condition
3 0x04 Asleep
4 0x08 Poisoned
5 0x10 Burned
6 0x20 Frozen
7 0x40 Paralyzed

Since being badly poisoned is a temporary condition in battles, it is not stored here. Confusion is also not stored here. 0x00 means that the Pokémon is not affected by any major status condition.


The type of the Pokémon. If the Pokémon has only one type, both values are the same. It seems redundant, as there is no way a Pokémon can change type in Generation I besides evolving, and through the use of Conversion.

# Hex Type
00 0x00 Normal
01 0x01 Fighting
02 0x02 Flying
03 0x03 Poison
04 0x04 Ground
05 0x05 Rock
07 0x07 Bug
08 0x08 Ghost
20 0x14 Fire
21 0x15 Water
22 0x16 Grass
23 0x17 Electric
24 0x18 Psychic
25 0x19 Ice
26 0x1A Dragon

Catch rate/Held item

The catch rate for the species. This is set when the Pokémon is obtained in a Generation I game and does not change when the Pokémon evolves, even if its evolution has a different catch rate.

When trading with Gold, Silver, and Crystal, this field is co-opted for storing the Pokémon's held item. Items are preserved when traded from Generation II to Generation I and back, but some catch rates from Generation I do not have corresponding items in Generation II. In these cases, the value in this field is translated to a different value the first time it is traded to Generation II.

In Pokémon Yellow, two Pokémon have their held item set to a value other than their catch rate. The first partner Pikachu's held item value is specially set to 163 (as opposed to Pikachu's catch rate of 190) when it is obtained, which causes it to hold a Light Ball when traded over. A wild Kadabra's held item value is set to 96 upon capture (as opposed to 100), which gives it a TwistedSpoon when traded over.

Gift Pokémon from Pokémon Stadium also have their held item set to a value other than their catch rate. The Pokémon obtained for clearing the Gym Leader Castle have their held item set to the Normal Box or Gorgeous Box, depending on whether it was cleared as Round 1 or Round 2. The Amnesia Psyduck has its held item set to the Gorgeous Box.

The following catch rates correspond with bad items in Generation II (usually Teru-sama), and are converted into other items upon trading, as follows:

Old # Old Hex Old Item New # New Hex New Item
025 0x19 Teru-sama 146 0x92 Leftovers
045 0x2D Teru-sama 083 0x53 Bitter Berry
050 0x32 Teru-sama 174 0xAE Gold Berry
090 0x5A Teru-sama 173 0xAD Berry
100 0x64 Teru-sama 173 0xAD Berry
120 0x78 Teru-sama 173 0xAD Berry
127 0x7F Card Key 173 0xAD Berry
190 0xBE Teru-sama 173 0xAD Berry
255 0xFF Cancel 173 0xAD Berry

For example, a wild Snorlax caught in Generation I has a catch rate of 25. However, this is a Teru-sama in Generation II, so the value is automatically converted into 146, Leftovers.

A value of 0x00 in this field represents no held item.

Original Trainer ID number

The ID number of the Trainer who caught the Pokémon.


The number of Experience points accumulated by the Pokémon. The level of the Pokémon should correspond with the value according to the growth formula for the Pokémon species.

Stat experience

Main article: Effort values

The stat experience accumulated by the Pokémon in each of the 5 permanent stats after battling or receiving vitamins.


Main article: PP

The PP for each move the Pokémon knows. The lowest 6 bits of each of these values is the current amount of PP for the move, and the highest 2 bits are the number of PP Ups applied to the move.

This explains the behavior of Hyper Beam and other such multi-turn moves when they glitch: the game subtracts 1 from the entire byte, and 0x00 rolls over to 0xFF, which applies 3 PP Ups to the move and makes its current PP 63. However, if one or more PP Ups are already applied to the move, the byte does not roll over in this way, so one PP Up is removed from the move. For example, if the move has 2 PP Ups applied, the byte is 0x80, which becomes 0x7F, which specifies 63 PP and one PP Up.

Maximum HP

The HP that the Pokémon has when at full health.

Attack, Defense, Speed, and Special

The values of the Pokémon's Attack, Defense, Speed and Special stats, as they were last calculated from the base stats of the species, the Pokémon's individual values and its stat experience. This occurs at level-up and when the Pokémon is withdrawn from Bill's PC.


The following are RAM offsets for the beginning of the party structure while walking around:

  • Red/Blue (en): 0xD163
  • Yellow (en): 0xD162

6-Pokémon Party Structure

Offset Contents Size
0x00 Number of Pokémon in party 1 Byte
0x01 List of Party Pokémon Species Index values 7 Bytes
0x08 1st Pokémon's structure 44 Bytes
0x34 2nd Pokémon's structure 44 Bytes
0x60 3rd Pokémon's structure 44 Bytes
0x8C 4th Pokémon's structure 44 Bytes
0xB8 5th Pokémon's structure 44 Bytes
0xE4 6th Pokémon's structure 44 Bytes
0x110 1st Pokémon's OT name 10 Bytes
0x11B 2nd Pokémon's OT name 10 Bytes
0x126 3rd Pokémon's OT name 10 Bytes
0x131 4th Pokémon's OT name 10 Bytes
0x13C 5th Pokémon's OT name 10 Bytes
0x147 6th Pokémon's OT name 10 Bytes
0x152 1st Pokémon's Nickname 10 Bytes
0x15D 2nd Pokémon's Nickname 10 Bytes
0x168 3rd Pokémon's Nickname 10 Bytes
0x173 4th Pokémon's Nickname 10 Bytes
0x17E 5th Pokémon's Nickname 10 Bytes
0x189 6th Pokémon's Nickname 10 Bytes

Also of note is that the storage of the current Pokémon's information during battle. The internal index of the current Pokémon is stored at 0xCF91, and the current Pokémon's data structure begins at 0xCF98.

Data structure in the Pokémon games
General Character encoding
Generation I Pokémon speciesPokémonPoké MartCharacter encodingSave
Generation II Pokémon speciesPokémonTrainerCharacter encoding (Korean) • Save
Generation III Pokémon species (Pokémon evolutionPokédexType chart)
Pokémon (substructures) • MoveContestContest moveItem
Trainer TowerBattle FrontierCharacter encodingSave
Generation IV Pokémon species (Pokémon evolutionLearnsets)
PokémonSaveCharacter encoding
Generation V–present Character encoding
Generation VIII Save
TCG GB and GB2 Character encoding

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