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This article covers the CD. For the Pokémon, see Lugia

Pokémon X
10 Years of Pokémon
CD cover art
Release date March 27, 2007
By Koch Records
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Number of tracks 18

Pokémon X (subtitled 10 Years of Pokémon) is an album released for the tenth anniversary of Pokémon. It was first made available on the iTunes Music Store on October 3, 2006 and was released on CD with five extra tracks on March 27, 2007. It was produced by Koch Records.

Believe in Me, This Dream, Unbeatable, Hoenn Pokérap and Best Friends are not included on the iTunes release.

  • Television Sequences

Pokémon Theme and Johto have their complete lyrics, Pokémon World also has a complete version, but that wasn't added.

  1. Pokémon Theme: Indigo League Opening (By Jason Paige)
  2. Pokémon World: Orange Islands Opening (By Russell Velázquez)
  3. Pokémon Johto: Johto Opening (By PJ Lequerica)
  4. Born to Be a Winner: Johto League Champions Opening (By David Rolfe)
  5. Believe in Me: Master Quest Opening (By David Rolfe)
  6. I Wanna Be A Hero: Pokémon Advanced Opening (By David Rolfe)
  7. This Dream: Advanced Challenge Opening (By David Rolfe)
  8. Unbeatable: Advanced Battle Opening (By David Rolfe)
  9. Battle Frontier: Battle Frontier Opening (By Jason Appleton)
  10. Go Pokémon Go: Battle Frontier Ending (By Atsushi 'Toya' Tokuya)

There aren't any remixes in this soundtrack, these songs are just carried over tracks from their original soundtrack

  1. Pokérap (By James "D Train" Williams and Babi Floyd)
  2. 2.B.A. Master (By Russell Velázquez)
  3. Together Forever (By J.P. Hartmann)
  4. Double Trouble (By Rachael Lillis, Eric Stuart, Maddie Blaustien, and Ted Lewis)
  • Other Tracks
  1. Best Friends (By Nintendo)
  2. Stay Together (By Nini Camps)
  3. Pokérap GS (From Totally Pokémon) (By Johto)

Only the final six songs are unique to this album.

Track listing

  1. Pokémon Theme (3:18) (Season 1 Opening /Complete Version)
  2. Pokérap (3:04) (Indigo Collection /Complete Version)
  3. Pokémon World (1:02) (Season 2 Opening /TV Size)
  4. 2.B.A. Master (4:04) (Pikachu's Jukebox /Complete Version)
  5. Together Forever (3:55) (Pikachu's Jukebox /Complete Version)
  6. Double Trouble (3:53) (Pikachu's Jukebox /Complete Version)
  7. Pokémon Johto (2:54) (Season 3 Opening /Complete Version)
  8. Pokérap GS (4:12)
  9. Born to Be a Winner (0:49) (Season 4 Opening /TV Size)
  10. Believe in Me (0:47) (Season 5 Opening /TV Size)
  11. I Wanna Be a Hero (0:49) (Season 6 Opening /TV Size)
  12. This Dream (0:48) (Season 7 Opening /TV Size)
  13. Unbeatable (1:01) (Season 8 Opening /TV Size)
  14. Battle Frontier (1:05) (Season 9 Opening /TV Size)
  15. Hoenn Pokérap (Season 6 - 9 Collection /Complete Version)
  16. Best Friends (2:26)
  17. Stay Together (2:28)
  18. Go Pokémon Go (4:46) (Season 9 Ending /Complete Version)

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