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|translated_name=Pokémon World Tournament
|translated_name=Pokémon World Tournament
|location=South of [[Driftveil City]]
|location=South of [[Driftveil City]]
|mapdesc=Trainers who are proud of their skills compete in tournaments.

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Pokémon World Tournament ポケモンワールドトーナメント
Pokémon World Tournament
"Wild Missingno. appeared!"
B2W2 Prelease World Tournament Cynthia.png
Map description: Trainers who are proud of their skills compete in tournaments.
Location: South of Driftveil City
Region: Unova
Generations: V
Unova Pokémon World Tournament Map.png
Location of Pokémon World Tournament in Unova.
Pokémon world locations

The Pokémon World Tournament (Japanese: ポケモンワールドトーナメント Pokémon World Tournament), also known as the PWT, is a facility in Unova in Black 2 and White 2.

It is located to the south of Driftveil City, where the Cold Storage used to be in Pokémon Black and White. Prominent Trainers from previous games gather here to participate in battles in an eight person single-elimination tournament. Single Battles, Double Battles, Triple Battles, and Rotation Battles are held here. Special Trainers can be downloaded via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. It also contains both the move relearner and Move Deleter, as they are no longer located at Mistralton City.

Tournaments (Left Attendant)

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In Single Battles, each Trainer uses the first two Pokémon listed, as well as one of the other four; in Double Battles and Rotation Battles, each Trainer uses the first four Pokémon listed; and in Triple Battles, each Trainer uses all six Pokémon.

Driftveil Tournament

Main article: Driftveil Tournament

Mix Tournament

Main article: Mix Tournament

The opponents and their teams are the same as the ones from the Driftveil Tournament; however, Pokémon are set to level 50 instead. Additionally, Trainers will choose one Pokémon from each other's teams to be swapped before battle.

Rental Tournament

Main article: Rental Tournament

Three rental Pokémon will be chosen out of a choice of six. All Pokémon will be at level 50.

Tournaments (Right Attendant)

Unova Leaders

Main article: Unova Leaders Tournament

The opponents consist of Gym Leaders from the Unova region, along with Bianca. This is unlocked after entering the Hall of Fame.

Kanto Leaders

Main article: Kanto Leaders Tournament

The opponents consist of Gym Leaders from the Kanto region. This is unlocked after winning the Unova Leaders tournament once.

Johto Leaders

Main article: Johto Leaders Tournament

The opponents consist of Gym Leaders from the Johto region. This is unlocked after winning the Unova Leaders tournament once.

Hoenn Leaders

Main article: Hoenn Leaders Tournament

The opponents consist of Gym Leaders from the Hoenn region. This is unlocked after winning the Unova Leaders tournament once.

Sinnoh Leaders

Main article: Sinnoh Leaders Tournament

The opponents consist of Gym Leaders from the Sinnoh region. This is unlocked after winning the Unova Leaders tournament once.

World Leaders

Main article: World Leaders Tournament

The opponents consist of Gym Leaders from all five regions, along with Bianca. This is unlocked after winning the Unova, Kanto, Johto, Hoenn and Sinnoh Leaders tournaments.


Main article: Pokémon Champions Tournament

The opponents consist of Pokémon Champions from all five regions. This is unlocked after winning the World Leaders tournament ten times.

Mix Master Tournament

Main article: Mix Master Tournament

The rules are the same as those of the Mix Tournament, except that Pokémon of the same species are not allowed. Opponents consist of only Gym Leaders from Black 2 and White 2 and Bianca, and they will use the same teams from the World Leaders tournament.

Rental Master Tournament

Main article: Rental Master Tournament

The rules are the same as those of the Rental Tournament, except all rental Pokémon will be fully evolved, with the exception of Porygon2. Opponents will consist of those of the World Leaders tournament, but their rental Pokémon will vary regardless of the Trainer.

Type Expert

Main article: Type Expert Tournament

These battles focus on a specific type, which both the player and opponents will exclusively use.

Downloadable Tournaments

Several tournaments can only be unlocked via Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

Tournament Duration Battle Rule
Japanese English Japanese English
2012にほんだいひょうにちょうせん 2012 Video Games Championships June 23, 2012 to ??? October 22, 2012 to ??? Double Battle
しゅうけつ!ジムリーダー! Gathered! Gym Leader! July 14, 2012 to ??? N/A Double Battle
チャンピオン ワタルにちょうせん! Challenge the Champion, Lance! July 14, 2012 to ??? N/A Single Battle
伝説の ローテーションバトル! The Legendary Rotation Battle! August 11, 2012 to ??? N/A Rotation Battle
でんせつのポケモンどうしのたたかい The Battle Between Legendary Pokémon September 15, 2012 to ??? N/A Single Battle*

Notable participants

Trainer Tournament
Driftveil Unova Leaders Kanto Leaders Johto Leaders Hoenn Leaders Sinnoh Leaders World Leaders Type Master Champion League
Alder OD.png Alder
Bianca OD.png Bianca
Blaine OD.png Blaine
Blue OD.png Blue
Brawly OD.png Brawly
Brock OD.png Brock
Brycen OD.png Brycen
Bugsy OD.png Bugsy
Burgh OD.png Burgh
Byron OD.png Byron
Candice OD.png Candice
Cheren OD.png Cheren
Chili OD.png Chili
Chuck OD.png Chuck
Cilan OD.png Cilan
Clair OD.png Clair
Clay OD.png Clay
Colress OD.png Colress
Cress OD.png Cress
Cynthia OD.png Cynthia
Drayden OD.png Drayden
Elesa OD.png Elesa
Erika OD.png Erika
Falkner OD.png Falkner
Fantina OD.png Fantina
Flannery OD.png Flannery
Gardenia OD.png Gardenia
Giovanni OD.png Giovanni
Hugh OD.png Hugh
Janine OD.png Janine
Jasmine OD.png Jasmine
Juan OD.png Juan
Lance OD.png Lance
Lenora OD.png Lenora
Lt Surge OD.png Lt. Surge
Liza OD.png Liza
Marlon OD.png Marlon
Maylene OD.png Maylene
Misty OD.png Misty
Morty OD.png Morty
Norman OD.png Norman
Pryce OD.png Pryce
Red OD.png Red
Roark OD.png Roark
Roxanne OD.png Roxanne
Roxie OD.png Roxie
Sabrina OD.png Sabrina
Skyla OD.png Skyla
Steven OD.png Steven
Tate OD.png Tate
Volkner OD.png Volkner
Crasher Wake OD.png Wake
Wallace OD.png Wallace
Wattson OD.png Wattson
Whitney OD.png Whitney
Winona OD.png Winona

Banned Pokémon

The following Pokémon are not allowed in any of the tournaments except where noted above:

Mewtwo Mewtwo Mew Mew Lugia Lugia Ho-Oh Ho-Oh Celebi Celebi Kyogre Kyogre Groudon Groudon
Rayquaza Rayquaza Jirachi Jirachi Deoxys Deoxys
Normal Forme
Deoxys Deoxys
Attack Forme
Deoxys Deoxys
Defense Forme
Deoxys Deoxys
Speed Forme
Dialga Dialga
Palkia Palkia Giratina Giratina
Altered Forme
Giratina Giratina
Origin Forme
Phione Phione Manaphy Manaphy Darkrai Darkrai Shaymin Shaymin
Land Forme
Shaymin Shaymin
Sky Forme
Arceus Arceus Victini Victini Reshiram Reshiram Zekrom Zekrom Kyurem Kyurem Kyurem Black
Kyurem White
Keldeo Keldeo
Ordinary Form
Keldeo Keldeo
Resolute Form
Meloetta Meloetta
Aria Forme
Meloetta Meloetta
Pirouette Forme
Genesect Genesect Egg Egg

Battle Points

Battle Points will be awarded for winning a tournament. If the player loses, a shard will be given as a consolation prize. Battle Points vary depending on the tournament and performance.

Battle Points
Tournament Single Double Triple Rotation
Driftveil 1 1 2 2
Rental 1 1 2 2
Mix 1 1 2 2
Unova Leaders 1 1 2 2
Kanto Leaders 2 2 3 3
Johto Leaders 2 2 3 3
Hoenn Leaders 2 2 3 3
Sinnoh Leaders 2 2 3 3
Rental Master 2 2 3 3
World Leaders 3-9 3-12 3-18 3-12
Champions 3-9 3-12 3-18 3-12

Exchange Service Corner

Left attendant
TM Normal TM17 (Protect)
TM Normal TM20 (Safeguard)
TM Normal TM32 (Double Team)
TM Fire TM59 (Incinerate)
TM Fighting TM31 (Brick Break)
TM Ice TM79 (Frost Breath)
TM Bug TM89 (U-turn)
TM Normal TM10 (Hidden Power)
TM Rock TM23 (Smack Down)
TM Normal TM48 (Round)
TM Normal TM75 (Swords Dance)
TM Normal TM87 (Swagger)
TM Flying TM88 (Pluck)
TM Poison TM34 (Sludge Wave)
TM Psychic TM51 (Ally Switch)
TM Dark TM60 (Quash)
TM Normal TM64 (Explosion)
TM Normal TM77 (Psych Up)
Right attendant
Protein Protein
Calcium Calcium
Iron Iron
Zinc Zinc
Carbos Carbos
Fire Stone Fire Stone
Thunderstone Thunderstone
Water Stone Water Stone
Leaf Stone Leaf Stone
Scope Lens Scope Lens
Wide Lens Wide Lens
Muscle Band Muscle Band
Wise Glasses Wise Glasses
Razor Claw Razor Claw
Razor Fang Razor Fang
Binding Band Binding Band
Focus Band Focus Band
Zoom Lens Zoom Lens
Iron Ball Iron Ball
Air Balloon Air Balloon
Power Bracer Power Bracer
Power Belt Power Belt
Power Lens Power Lens
Power Band Power Band
Power Anklet Power Anklet
Power Weight Power Weight
Toxic Orb Toxic Orb
Flame Orb Flame Orb
White Herb White Herb
Power Herb Power Herb
Absorb Bulb Absorb Bulb
Cell Battery Cell Battery
Red Card Red Card
Eject Button Eject Button
Choice Band Choice Band
Choice Specs Choice Specs
Choice Scarf Choice Scarf
Focus Sash Focus Sash
Life Orb Life Orb
Rare Candy Rare Candy


Item Location Games
Ether Ether Outside; near road (hidden)  B2  W2 
Zinc Zinc Outside; in trash can near fountain (hidden)  B2  W2 
PP Up PP Up Outside; on the pier  B2  W2 


  • Iris is the only character to have been Champion at the time of release to be absent from the tournament, and one of only two Gym Leaders to be absent from it, the other being Koga.
  • All rental Pokémon in the Pokémon World Tournament have an ID number of 41122.
  • At the finals of most cups in the Pokemon World Tournament, the 'final match' theme is played; the only cup not to do this is the Champion League, in which the theme of the respective champion is played instead.
  • Unlike other battle facilities, such as the Battle Frontier and Battle Subway, the player is not forced to save their game at any point before, during or after their challenge.

In other languages

Language Title
Mandarin Chinese 神奇寶貝世界錦標賽 Shénqí-bǎobèi Shìjiè Jǐnbiāosài

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