Pokémon World Online

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Pokémon World Online, or PWO for short, is a beta game similar to Pokémon Crater. It was created by Kyrocorp. It has many bugs and viruses that are being worked out. The game is currently based off of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, and Pokémon Gold and Silver.

Game Masters

Game Masters or GM for short are specific players that are somewhat moderators. Their job is to help other players with specific.


Currently there are three servers. One is "Red" which allows trading for 14 reputation. Another is Blue, and it allows trading for 100 reputation. A new one, called Black (Test), is also a server.


Reputation, or rep for short, allows players to trade, buy, or sell Pokémon. Approximately 0.2 reputation is subtracted when a player loses a battle. The 0.2 reputation will become part of the winning player's reputation.

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