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==List of chapters==
==Related articles==
==={{Vol|Pokémon Try Adventure|1}}===
* [[List of Pokémon Try Adventure chapters]]
* Chapter 1: [[TA01|A Meeting of Fate]]
* [[List of Pokémon Try Adventure volumes]]
* Chapter 2: [[TA02|Strong Man]]
* Chapter 3: [[TA03|Guardian of the Volcano]]
* Chapter 4: [[TA04|The Legendary Pokémon Appears]]
* Chapter 5: [[TA05|Capture Entei!]]
* Chapter 6: [[TA06|Great Escape!]]
* Chapter 7: [[TA07|Protect the Harmony of the Forest!]]
* Chapter 8: [[TA08|Mystery of the Mansion]]
* Chapter 9: [[TA09|Rescue Eevee]]
* Chapter 10: [[TA10|Phantom Thief Haidoru]]
* Chapter 11: [[TA11|Treasure Hunt in the Sea]]
* Chapter 12: [[TA12|Who's the Best?]]
* Chapter 13: [[TA13|Mythical Pokémon]]
* Chapter 14: [[TA14|The Lost Two]]
==={{Vol|Pokémon Try Adventure|2}}===
==={{Vol|Pokémon Try Adventure|3}}===
{{Project Manga notice}}
[[Category:Pokémon Try Adventure]]
[[Category:Pokémon Try Adventure|*]]

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Cover of Volume 1

Pokémon Try Adventure (Japanese: ポケモントライアドベンチャー) is a three-volume manga illustrated by Miho Asada and written by Jun Keijima and Koiking Institute.

It follows the adventure of battle genius Katsuya, Pokémon collector Soro, survival expert Toki, and their Pokémon as they accept missions, go through different challenges, and help many people and Pokémon.

International versions

The manga has not been translated into English by VIZ Media or Chuang Yi. In Greater China, the manga is currently being translated by Ching Win Publishing Group under the names 神奇寶貝三隻組挑戰大冒險 in Taiwan and 寵物小精靈三人行挑戰大冒險 in Hong Kong.

Related articles

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