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Pokémon Trivia Quiz title screen featuring Psyduck.
Pokémon Trivia Quiz title screen featuring Pikachu, Plusle and Minun.

The Pokémon Trivia Quiz is a segment featured at the end of some anime episodes in Japan. The segment for the most part replaced Professor Oak's lecture. However, Oak held special lectures about the Hoenn League and coming movies during this time. The segment debuted in AG105 and ended in AG192, when Professor Oak's lectures were once again featured on a regular basis in time for the start of the Diamond and Pearl series.

The segment consists of minigames, one for each episode in which Pokémon Trivia Quiz is featured in, about not only the anime but the species. Some games are quite difficult to understand without basic Japanese and Japanese Pokémon names knowledge, as plays on words are quite common.

The hosts for the segment rotated among Ash, Brock, May, Max, and Professor Oak. Psyduck and Pikachu appeared in the background, while Plusle and Minun cheered the viewer on.

Types of Pokémon Trivia Quizzes

There are some kinds of games played on this segment and each one has its own sets of rules.

English Translation Japanese Title Description Example
Today's Question 今日の問題

Kyō no mondai

Different kinds of questions are made in Pokémon Trivia Quiz, like questions with puns about the Japanese names of Pokémon and questions about episode events or scenes.
See the clip and answer! 映像を見て答えよう!

Eizō o mite kotaeyō!

A question about an episode scene is made and then a short clip of this scene starts playing, but it is very blurred and scrambled. There's a time limit and, as time goes by, the clip looks less blurred, giving hints to the answer to the question about the clip as the difficulty level goes down. Finally, the clip gets completely clear and unscrambled and the answer is given.
Pokémon Shiritori ポケモンしりとり

Pokémon shiritori

It's a short game of Shiritori, a Japanese word game in which the players are required to say a word which begins with the final kana of the previous word. But this game has a little twist to it, as it has a time limit and the word chain (consisting of Japanese names of Pokémon) is already set, but some of the letters have been blanked out. As time goes by, more letters appear, decreasing the difficulty level and eventually revealing the answer.
Memorize! Pokémon おぼえて!ポケモン

Oboete! Pokémon

A short clip from an episode starts playing repeated times for close observation. Questions are then made about particular aspects of the clip. Lastly, the answer is given and shown.
Memorize! Pokémon DX おぼえて!ポケモンDX

Oboete! Pokémon DX

A set of 6 six Pokémon are repeatedly shown and then a curtain descends. When the curtain rises, the 6 Pokémon are shown again, but one of them isn't one of the original 6 Pokémon set shown before. The answer is the name of this Pokémon.
Search for the off partner! 仲間はずれをさがせ!

Nakama hazure o sagase!

A screen with five holes is shown and, from each hole, a different Pokémon keeps popping up like a whack-a-mole game. Of these five Pokémon, four share some sort of similarity, while the fifth lacks this trait. This game consists of finding which Pokémon does not belong in a group with the others. After some time, a hint is given, telling the trait the viewer should look for. Finally, the answer is given.
Pokémon Puzzle ポケモンパズル

Pokémon Puzzle

A jigsaw puzzle with all of the pieces blanked out appears on the screen. As time goes by random puzzle pieces appear and disappear, giving glimpses of the Pokémon. When the time is up, the Pokémon is then revealed.
Pokémon Arithmetic ポケモンさんすう

Pokémon Sansū

Some sort of arithmetic operations using Pokémon as variables is shown. Examples are then given to hint as to how should the operations be made in that case. The answer is then shown, explaining how to do the math.

List of Pokémon Trivia Quizzes

Advanced Generation series

Episode Pokémon Trivia Quiz Question Hint Answer
AG105 Today's Question What Pokémon unintentionally buys too much when asked for an errand?
  • Rock/Bug dual-type.
  • Walks on two legs.
  • Quite rare.

余るぞ Amaruzo means to be in excess in Japanese and sounds close to アーマルド Armaldo (Āmarudo).

AG106 Today's Question What Pokémon cannot skillfully play scales on the piano? Moltres

ファいや Fa iya means no fa (4th note on the scale) and sounds very similar to ファイヤー Fire (Faiyā), Moltres' Japanese name.

AG107 Today's Question What Pokémon bargains when shopping? Slakoth

なぁ まけろよ? Nā makeroyo? means "Can you give me a discount?" and sounds similar to ナマケロ Namakero, Slakoth's Japanese name.

AG108 Today's Question What Pokémon always wants to be the referee during battle? Huntail

判定する Hanteisuru means to make a judgment and sounds close to ハンテール Huntail (Hantēru).

AG109 Today's Question Among the adults, who's the only child Pokémon? Magnemite

Magnemite's Japanese name, コイル Coil (Koiru), sounds like 子がいる Ko ga iru, which means there's a child.

AG110 Today's Question What Pokémon is a specialist on carrying children? Psyduck

子を抱 Ko o idaku means to hold a child in the arms in Japanese and sounds similar to コダック Koduck (Kodakku), Psyduck's Japanese name.

AG111 Today's Question What Pokémon doesn't move when removing one character from its name? Spinarak

Removing the first kana from Spinarak's Japanese name, イトマル Itomaru, the viewer gets 止まる Tomaru, to stop.

AG112 Today's Question What Pokémon wears its clothes? Vigoroth

やる着物 Yaru kimono, to get clothes, sounds like ヤルキモノ Yarukimono, Vigoroth's Japanese name.

AG113 Today's Question What Pokémon isn't able to rise early when removing a character from its name? Seedot

Removing the タ Ta from Seedot's Japanese name, タネボー Taneboh (Tanebō), it becomes 寝坊 Nebō, sleeping in late.

AG114 Today's Question What Pokémon becomes total darkness when removing a character from its name? Electrike

Removing the first ラ Ra from Electrike's Japanese name, ラクライ Rakurai, it becomes 暗い Kurai, dark.

AG115 Today's Question What Pokémon laughs while remembering a temple? Aerodactyl

プッ!寺 Pu-! Tera meaning "Pff! Temple" sounds similar to プテラ Ptera (Putera), Aerodactyl's Japanese name.

AG116 Today's Question What Pokémon is somehow always encountered when going to a building?
  • Dark/Fire dual-type.
  • Has a strong sense of responsibility.

出るビル Deru biru means to appear at a building and sounds like デルビル Delvil (Derubiru), Houndour's Japanese name.

AG117 Today's Question What Pokémon would play nothing but the same sound if it was a musical instrument? Doduo

Doduo's Japanese name, ドードー Dodo (Dōdō), is like two ド do, do (or C) musical notes.

AG118 Today's Question What Pokémon immediately writes a memo when it thinks of something?
  • Bug/Flying dual-type.
  • Has a prominent antenna.

あ、メモをする A, memo o suru means "Ah, write a memo" and sounds close to アメモース Amemoth (Amemōsu), Masquerain's Japanese name.

AG119 Today's Question What Pokémon only has one eye in the middle of its head? Surskit

If 目 Me, eye, is inserted within 頭 Atama, head, it becomes アメタマ Ametama, Surskit's Japanese name.

AG120 Today's Question What Pokémon is said to shave twice during each morning, noon and evening?
  • Rock/Psychic dual-type.
  • There is a theory that says it came from space.

剃る Soru means to shave and 六 Roku means six. When put together, they sound similar to ソルロック Solrock (Sorurokku).

AG121 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG122 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG123 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG124 Today's Question What Pokémon discovers a direction when the first character of its name is removed? Dunsparce

Removing the first letter from Dunsparce's Japanese name, ノコッチ Nokocchi, one gets コッチ Kocchi, which means this way.

AG125 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG126 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG127 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG128 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG129 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG130 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG131 Today's Question What 3 Pokémon are useful when eating an onabe (Japanese hot pot)?
  • 3 evolution forms.
  • When preparing an onabe, you use a...
Poliwag, Poliwhirl and Poliwrath.

Those 3 Pokémon are known in the Japanese versions as おたまポケモン Otama Pokémon, which is an abbreviation of お玉杓子 Otamajakushi, tadpole. お玉 Otama can also mean ladle.

AG132 Today's Question What Pokémon is sandwiched between a color? Hitmontop

The beginning and the end of Hitmontop's Japanese name, カポエラー Kapoerer (Kapoerā), when put together forms カラー Karā, color.

AG133 Today's Question What 2 Pokémon are surrounded by fog?
  • Both are Grass-type.
  • Observe the characters from their names.
Treecko and Sunflora.

Taking the first and the last kana from either Treecko's or Sunflora's Japanese names, キモリ Kimori and キマワリ Kimawari respectively, and putting them together, one gets 霧 Kiri, fog.

AG134 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG135 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG136 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG137 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG138 Today's Question What Pokémon becomes serious when its name is read in a reverse way? Jumpluff

Reversing Jumpluff's Japanese name, ワタッコ Watacco, you'll get コッタワ Kottawa. 凝った Kotta means elaborate, refined in Japanese.

AG139 Today's Question What Pokémon becomes able to fly when the first character of its name is removed? Grimer

Removing the first letter from Grimer's Japanese name, ベトベター Betbeter, you get トベター Tobetā, which is close to 飛べた Tobeta, which means flew.

AG140 Today's Question What Pokémon becomes angry when removing the last character of its name? Rattata

When removing the last character of Rattata's Japanese name, コラッタ Koratta, it becomes コラ Kora, an interjection meant to scold someone.

AG141 Today's Question What Pokémon has its name formed when "Doduo" and "cool sensation from passing air" are put together?
  • Smeargle's Japanese name, ドーブル Doble (Dōburu), becomes スーブル Sūpuru.
  • Charizard's Japanese name, リザードン Lizardon (Rizādon), becomes リザースン Rizāsun.

Doduo's Japanese name is ドードー Dodo (Dōdō) and the expression for a "cool sensation from passing air" in Japanese is スースー Sūsū.
From the examples, the ド Do characters in their names became ス Su.
Koffing's Japanese name, ドガース Dogars (Dogāsu), can be written as 「ド」が「ス」 "Do" ga "Su", "Do" is "Su".

AG142 Today's Question What Pokémon has 10 itchy spots? Sceptile

Sceptile's Japanese name, ジュカイン Jukain, sounds similar to 十回 Jūkai, 10 occurrences.

AG143 Today's Question What Pokémon has poison flowing into the middle of its body? Nidoqueen

Nidoqueen's Japanese name, ニドクイン Nidoqueen (Nidokuin), has 毒 Doku, poison, in the middle of it.

AG144 Today's Question What Pokémon would weaken If together with "Dopey Pokémon" Slowpoke? Duskull

In Japanese, the question starts with 「まぬけポケモン」 "Manuke Pokémon", Idiot Pokémon, the species of Slowpoke. As the question is read, a Slowpoke would forget the initial part of the question, beginning with the ま Ma character.
Omitting the マ Ma character from Duskull's Japanese name, ヨマワル Yomawaru, it becomes 弱る Yowaru, to weaken.

AG145 Today's Question What Pokémon becomes a legendary Pokémon when removing the last character of its name? Jolteon

When removing the last character of Jolteon's Japanese name, サンダース Thunders (Sandāsu), it becomes サンダー Thunder (Sandā), Zapdos' Japanese name.

AG146 See the clip and answer! What is surprising May? Its specialty is to frighten. Duskull


AG147 See the clip and answer! What VS What Battle Static and Guts. Pikachu VS Taillow


AG148 See the clip and answer! Level 72:

What is Snorlax doing?



AG149 See the clip and answer! Level 78:

What evolves into what?

Slowpoke evolves into Slowking.


AG150 See the clip and answer! Level 82:

What has Team Rocket caught?



AG151 See the clip and answer! Level 77:

What is Makuhita doing?

Level 50:

Looks like the sea.

Level 20:
It's Gym Leader Brawly's Makuhita.



AG152 Pokémon Shiritori Level 76:

「ピ   ウ」→「ウ   」→「   ト」
(Pi u)→(U )→( to)

Level 52:

「ピ   ウ」→「ウ   ト」→「ト   ト」
(Pi u)→(U to)→(To to)

Level 38:
「ピカ ュウ」→「ウ ボ ト」→「トサ  ト」
(Pika ū)→(U bo to)→(Tosa to)

Level 15:
「ピカ  ウ」→「ウ   ト」→「トサ  ト」
(Pika u)→(U to)→(Tosa to)

Pikachu (Pikachū) (ピカチュウ)→

Utsubot (Utsubotto) (ウツボット)→
Tosakinto (トサキント)

AG153 Pokémon Shiritori Level 78:

「ロ   」→「   モ」→「  コ」
(Ro )→( mo)→( to)

Level 56:

「ロ  ア」→「ア   モ」→「モ  コ」
(Ro a)→(A mo)→(Mo ko)

Level 41:
「ロ  ア」→「ア ャモ」→「モ  コ」
(Ro a)→(A amo)→(Mo ko)

Level 10:
「ロ リア」→「ア ャモ」→「モ  コ」
(Ro ria)→(A amo)→(Mo ko)

Roselia (Rozeria) (ロゼリア)→

Achamo (アチャモ)→
Mokoko (モココ)

AG154 Pokémon Shiritori Level 70:

「チ    」→「   イ」→「    ゼ」
(Chi )→( i)→( ze)

Level 50:

「チ   タ」→「タ  イ」→「イ   ゼ」
(Chi ta)→(Ta i)→(I ze)

Level 38:
「チ リ タ」→「タ  イ」→「イ  ーゼ」
(Chi ri ta)→(Ta i)→(I -ze)

Level 12:
「チ リ タ」→「タ ベイ」→「イル ーゼ」
(Chi ri ta)→(Ta bei)→(Iru -ze)

Chicorita (Chikorita) (チコリータ)→

Tatsubay (Tatsubei) (タツベイ)→
Illumise (Irumīze) (イルミーゼ)

AG155 Pokémon Shiritori Level 76:

「ネ    」→「   シ」→「   ラ」
(Ne )→( shi)→( ra)

Level 52:

「ネ  ィ 」→「   シ」→「シ   ラ」
(Ne i )→( shi)→(Shi ra)

Level 28:
「ネ ティ 」→「 ド シ」→「シ   ラ」
(Ne ti )→( do shi)→(Shi ra)

Level 10:
「ネ ティ 」→「 ドシシ」→「シー   ラ」
(Ne ti )→( doshishi)→(Shī ra)

Natio (Neitio) (ネイティオ)→

Odoshishi (オドシシ)→
Seadra (Shīdora) (シードラ)

AG156 Memorize! Pokémon Which 2 Pokémon did not appear?

Munchlax, Magnemite, Sableye, Alakazam, Squirtle, Torchic, Medicham and Groudon.

Sableye and Groudon.
AG157 Memorize! Pokémon 1. Who's wearing the cook hat?

2. Who's on May's left side?

1. Mr. Mime

2. Ash

AG158 Memorize! Pokémon 1. What vegetable is on the right edge of the table?

2. Who's the Pokémon on the most to the left edge?

1. Tomato

2. Corphish

AG159 Memorize! Pokémon 1. How many oranges is Meowth holding?

2. What is Wobbuffet eating?

1. 3

2. Senbei

AG160 Memorize! Pokémon 1. Who's on Max's side?

2. Who's the Pokémon that is not eating?

1. Brock

2. Grovyle

AG161 Pokémon Puzzle Slakoth
AG162 Pokémon Puzzle Persian
AG163 Pokémon Puzzle Flaaffy
AG164 Pokémon Puzzle Aipom
AG165 Pokémon Shiritori 1. Level 43:

「ニ   グ」→「グ   ル」
(Ni gu)→(Gu ru)

2. Level 76:
「ゼ   」→「   グ」→「   ナ」
(Ze )→( gu)→( na)

2. Level 30:

「ゼ ガメ」→「 タ グ」→「 ラ ナ」
(Ze game)→( ta gu)→( ra na)

Level 15:
「ゼ ガメ」→「 タ グ」→「グラ ナ」
(Ze game)→( ta gu)→(Gura na)


Nidoking (Nidokingu) (ニドキング)→
Granbull (Guranburu) (グランブル)

Zenigame (ゼニガメ)→
Metang (Metangu) (メタング)→
Guraena (グラエナ)

AG166 Pokémon Shiritori Level 82:

「ケ  」→「ソ  」→「  チ」
(Ke )→(So )→( chi)

Level 68:

「ケ ッ 」→「ソー  」→「  チ」
(Ke s )→(Sō )→( chi)

Level 45:
「ケ ッ 」→「ソー ノ」→「 コ チ」
(Ke s )→(Soh no)→( ko chi)

Level 24:
「ケ ッソ」→「ソー ノ」→「ノコ チ」
(Ke sso)→(Soh no)→(Noko chi)

Kemusso (ケムッソ)→

Sohnano (Sōnano) (ソーナノ)→
Nokocchi (ノコッチ)

AG167 See the clip and answer! Level 84:

What has kidnapped Nurse Joy?



AG168 See the clip and answer! Level 86:

What is May doing?



AG169 Pokémon Arithmetic Bulbasaur (フシギダネ) - Magcargo (マグカルゴ) + Numel (ドンメル) = ? Examples:

Lickitung (ベロリンガ) + Lombre (ハスブレロ) = 6

Granbull (グランブル) - Taillow (スバメ) = 2

AG170 Pokémon Arithmetic Igglybuff (ププリン) - Chimecho (チーリン) + Nosepass (ノズパス) = ? Examples:

Togepi (トゲピー) + Whiscash (ナマズン) = 1

Banette (ジュペッタ) - Rapidash (ギャロップ) = 0

AG171 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG172 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG173 Pokémon Puzzle Venusaur
AG174 Pokémon Puzzle Linoone
AG175 Memorize! Pokémon DX Who is the different Pokémon? Taillow
AG176 Memorize! Pokémon DX Who is the different Pokémon? Dodrio
AG177 Memorize! Pokémon DX Who is the different Pokémon? Smoochum
AG178 Memorize! Pokémon DX Who is the different Pokémon? Marshtomp
AG179 Search for the off partner! Pokémon:

Azumarill, Blastoise, Dratini, Psyduck and Luvdisc.

What type? Dratini
AG180 Search for the off partner! Pokémon:

Espeon, Vaporeon, Jolteon, Umbreon and Vulpix.

Evolution Vulpix
AG181 Memorize! Pokémon Which 2 Pokémon did not appear?

Azurill, Poliwag, Quagsire, Marill, Politoed, Surskit, Wooper and Azumarill.

Azurill and Politoed
AG182 Memorize! Pokémon 1. What color is the Pokémon Center roof?

2. How many Pokémon appeared?

1. Orange

2. 5

AG183 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG184 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG185 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG186 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG187 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG188 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG189 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG190 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG191 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz
AG192 No Pokémon Trivia Quiz