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| {{InactivePoké|Pokémon Summer Academy|Staryu|PSA Staryu.png|water|link=no}}
| {{InactivePoké|Pokémon Summer Academy|Staryu|PSA Staryu.png|water|link=no}}
|{{InactivePoké|Pokémon Summer Academy|Wailmer|PSA Gyarados.png|water|link=no}}

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Map of the Triathlon route. Starts at the school (center right), then goes to the forest (top), continues to the lake (bottom), then finishes at the school.

The Pokémon Triathlon (Japanese: ポケモントライアスロン Pokémon Triathlon) is an event that concludes a student's participation in the Pokémon Summer Academy located in Sinnoh, which is then followed by a bonfire. It is a three part race where the competitors don't use any of their own Pokémon, but borrow those of the school.

Students start at the academy simultaneously. When the race begins competitors race to a checkpoint to borrow one of the Pokémon available and then are required to ride on the Pokémon to the next checkpoint through the woods. When the participant reaches the second checkpoint the participant then needs to return the first Pokémon the participant borrowed in exchange for a Water-type Pokémon, which the participant then needs to ride across the lake. Once the participant gets across the lake, it is a dash to the finish line located back at the academy. First place earns 50 points, second place earns 30 points, third place earns 20 points, and all of the remaining team will receive 10 points a piece.

Participants in the Triathlon

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Trainer Pokémon used for First Leg Pokémon used for Second Leg Place
Ash 325 Spoink 458OD.png Mantyke 1st Place
Angie 168 Ariados 131 Lapras 2nd Place
Dawn 085 Dodrio 319 Sharpedo N/A
Brock 095 Onix 160 Feraligatr N/A
Jessie 450 Hippowdon 129 Magikarp N/A
Conway 051 Dugtrio 419 Floatzel N/A
Kendall None.png Unknown 320 Wailmer N/A
Mitchell None.png Unknown 184 Azumarill N/A
Other Students None.png Various Pokémon None.png Various Pokémon N/A

Pokémon used by other students

Used in First Leg

PSA Camerupt Blastoise.png
PSA Drapion.png
Garchomp Gliding.png
PSA Tauros.png
PSA Tauros.png
Garchomp Gliding.png
PSA Luxray.png
PSA Dogpile.png
PSA Camerupt Blastoise.png

Used in Second Leg

PSA Tentacruel.png
PSA Gyarados.png
PSA Gyarados.png
PSA Staryu.png
PSA Staryu.png
PSA Gyarados.png
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