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The Pokémon Trainer Fan Club is a club dedicated to famous Trainers. It has branches in Hoenn, Kanto, and Unova.


In Kanto, the Fan Club is located in Saffron City. It only exists in Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen.


In Hoenn, the Fan Club is located in Lilycove City. Once the player has defeated the Pokémon League, several members of the fan club announce themselves as fans of the player. In addition to this, and before the completion of the Pokémon League, there will be other members who are fans of some non-player characters including Gym Leaders such as Norman, Elite Four members such as Glacia, and the Champion Steven, and also the most recent person to have mixed records with the player's game cartridge. Winning/losing in Link Battles increases/decreases the number of members who are supporting the player.


In Unova, the Fan Club is slightly different. There are only two people there.

The woman, who appears to own a Munna, will ask to see one of the player's Pokémon. She is one of the happiness raters of the game, along with a woman in Nacrene City.

The man, who appears to own a Pokémon from the Sandile evolution line, will also ask to see one of the player's Pokémon. He will rate the it based on how many levels the Pokémon has grown since the player obtained it. If player's Pokémon has grown enough levels, the man will give the player a Cleanse Tag and say, "You've raised it quite well. I feel your love for this Pokémon." If the player's Pokémon has grown, but not quite to the standard of obtaining a Cleanse Tag, the man will respond, "I see! Although it's just a smidgen, I can feel your love for your Pokémon." If it hasn't grown, he will reply, "What? It hasn't grown at all. Still, if you travel with your Pokémon from now on, I'm sure it will grow!"

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