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Pokémon Trading Card Game Online
Logo of Pokémon Trading Card Game Online
Basic info
Platform: PC
Category: Strategy
Players: 1-2, with unlimited in chat
Connectivity: Internet
Developer: Electrified Games, Sleepy Giant Entertainment, Plexipixel, Inversoft
Publisher: The Pokémon Company International
Part of:
Release dates
Japan: N/A
North America: March 24, 2011 (TC beta)
Australia: March 24, 2011 (TC beta)
Europe: March 24, 2011 (TC beta)
South Korea: N/A
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
Japanese: N/A
English: Game site
Pokémon TCGO site icon

Pokémon Trading Card Game Online is a downloadable game and the first Pokémon game of the MMOTCG (massively multiplayer online trading card game) genre as well. The game released March 24, 2011, currently in its beta stage, is based on the TCG aspect of the Pokémon franchise.


The player begins his or her adventure at Game Store where Zach and Ella welcome him or her. The player is given three starter decks, as well as three coins to choose from, featuring the Energy symbols, Shaymin, and Arceus. The game revolves around four main Pokémon Leagues found in the Trainer Challenge option.


Play Modes

There are 3 different play modes available. These are Versus Mode, Trainer Challenge, and Tournament Mode. Tournament Mode is currently unavailable.

Versus Mode

Players can play against other users in three different game modes. Practice matches are not counted towards a player's ranking. A random match is against any online player. The final mode is to play against other players added to the friends list.

Trainer Challenge

In the Trainer Challenge, players must face various opponents. Players may change leagues and difficulty anytime, with the changing of league available only after completing one.

Tournament Mode

Tournament Mode is currently unavailable. It will be used for tournament games in a future update.


In the forums, players may learn about the maintenance updates, create role plays, and chat with friends about pokemon. The forums are partly visible when not logged in. When logged in, all the forums show.



Upon completing matches in Expert Mode, or selected matches in the 1P Mode, players obtain tokens, for use in the Pokémon Trainer Club. The player can earn achievements for completing various tasks.

  • All Dressed Up. Customize your avatar
  • Evolver. Play a Stage 2 Evolution card
  • Studious. View all Tutorials
  • Technician. Play 3 Trainer - Item cards in one turn
  • Trader. Trade a card
Trainer Challenge
  • Blade of Grass. Win 8 games with the Basic Green deck in the Trainer Challenge
  • Firestarter. Win 8 games with the Basic Red deck in the Trainer Challenge
  • Breaking Wave. Win 8 games with the Basic Blue deck in the Trainer Challenge
  • Daybreak. Win 12 games with the 'Daybreak' deck in the Trainer Challenge
  • Nightfall. Win 12 games with the 'Nightfall' deck in the Trainer Challenge
  • Green Tornado. Win 12 games with the Green Tornado deck in the Trainer Challenge
  • Red Frenzy. Win 12 games with the Red Frenzy deck in the Trainer Challenge
  • Blue Assault. Win 12 games with the Blue Assault deck in the Trainer Challenge
  • Gold League Champ. Win all the games in the Gold League
  • Platinum League Champ. Win all the games in the Platinum League
  • Diamond League Champ. Win all the games in the Diamond League
  • City Champion. Win all the games in the City Championship
  • Triple Crown Champ. Win the Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Leagues
  • All-Around Conditioning. Inflict all 5 special conditions on opposing Pokémon while playing the Daybreak PCD in the Trainer Challenge.
  • Baffling. Confuse 5 opposing Pokémon in the same game.
  • Incendiary. Burn 5 opposing Pokémon in the same game.
  • Stunning. Paralyze 5 opposing Pokémon in the same game.
  • Soporific. Put 5 opposing Pokémon to sleep in the same game.
  • Venomous. Poison 5 opposing Pokémon in the same game.
Knock Outs based on history
  • 50th Knockout. Knock Out 50 of your opponents' Pokémon
  • 500th Knockout. Knock Out 500 of your opponents' Pokémon
  • 1000th Knockout. Knock Out 1000 of your opponents' Pokémon
  • 5000th Knockout. Knock Out 5000 of your opponents' Pokémon
  • The Win of the Century. Win 100 games
  • Triple Threat. Complete wins with all 3 victory conditions
Knock Outs based on a single match
  • KO!. Knock Out a Pokémon
  • Too Easy. Knock out a previously uninjured Pokémon in a single attack
  • Two for One. Knock Out 2 Pokémon with one attack
  • Hat Trick. Knock Out 3 Pokémon with one attack
  • Quad Damage. Knock Out 4 Pokémon with one attack
  • Full House. Knock Out 5 Pokémon with one attack
  • Clean Sweep. Knock Out 6 Pokémon with one attack
  • Eyes on the Prize. Win by drawing the last prize card
  • Patient. Win by opponent running out of cards.
  • Merciless. Win a game by knocking out your Opponent's last Pokémon
  • Perfectionist. Win a game without your opponent getting a single Prize card
Damage dealt or healed in a single match
  • First Blood. Deal 50 damage
  • Super Effective. Deal 100 or more damage in a single attack
  • Overwhelming. Deal 200 or more damage in a single attack
  • Devastation. Deal 300 or more damage in a single attack
  • Healer. Heal 100 or more damage in a single game


There are currently 8 different pre-made avatars to choose from, 4 male and 4 female. The feature is still under development and more additions to avatar selection will be made available in future updates.

Game Stats

The Game Stats page allows game statistics to be viewed. The following statistics are currently shown:

  • Total cards drawn
  • Total damage dealt
  • Total damage taken
  • Total games played
  • Game points
  • Total hours played


Visitors or members of the site may choose to play through tutorials. Completing a tutorial rewards players with one or two token(s) each, depending on the tutorial chosen.


Coins are items that can be used in-game when a move, status effect or ability requires a coin flip. The different coins have no special effects; their only difference is their appearance. The three starting coins are a yellow Shaymin coin, a blue coin with the different Energy symbols, and a red Arceus coin. The opponent uses the red Arceus coin. Additional coins are made available when a player registers a purchased deck.

Unavailable features

The following are features still unavailable, with the game in its open-beta stage:

  • Tournaments & Tournament Keys
  • Gems
  • Leaderboards
  • Gameplay & Avatar Items
  • Account History


There are four main currencies in PTCGO. These are Tokens, Gems, Booster Credits, and Tournament Keys. Only Tokens and Booster Credits are currently obtainable.


Trainer Tokens are obtained in various parts of the game, such as Trainer Challenges and Tutorials. They are tied to the accounts, so they may be used on Pokémon.com. Trainer Tokens may also be used for trading cards.


Gems are currently unobtainable. They will be used to provide an alternative way to acquire booster packs in game in a future update.

Booster Credits

Booster Credits are used to purchase booster packs in game. They can be obtained from redeeming codes on code cards, available in Black & White booster packs and onward. Codes that come from the Plasma Storm expansion, can only be redeemed for PTCGO Plasma Storm booster packs. You can not purchase packs from expansions before Plasma Storm with codes received from Plasma Storm booster packs.

Tournament Keys

Tournament Keys are currently unobtainable. They will be used to gain access to certain tournaments by redeeming the amount of keys needed to enter. It is unknown how these keys will be acquired.

Pokémon decks

Main article: List of Pokémon Trading Card Game Online decks

Nine decks have so far been made available to players, with two decks each under the types Grass, Fire, and Water. Three, Basic Red, Basic Blue, and Basic Green, are available to use anytime. The other six, Red Frenzy, Green Tornado, Blue Assault, Night Hunter, Toxic Tricks, and Power Play are only available if players redeem codes from actual decks they have bought from stores. The first three decks have twelve cards that can be unlocked as players play through Trainer Challenge. These cards automatically replace certain cards in the deck the player used whilst in the Trainer Challenge, though they are still available in the Deck Builder. As actual decks are released, their online counterpart are also made available.

In all, over 2971 cards, including card variants, are listed on the website. The expansions currently supported cover HeartGold & SoulSilver through Plasma Storm.


  • When using the redemption code 'dragonsexalted', the player receives a male and female version of a Pokémon EX Hat, despite avatar items not yet being available.
    • The same goes for the codes 'nextdestinies' and 'darkexplorers'.
    • Redeeming 'plasmastorm' gives the player a Power Relay deck.

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