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File:Pikachu's Day.jpg
The front cover of the "Pikachu's Day" book.

Pokémon Tales (Japanese: ポケモンえほん Pokémon Picture Book) are a series of children's picture books published by VIZ Media in North America and Shogakukan in Japan. A small number of artists collectively provided illustrations across the series, many of which have since become established within the Pokémon franchise. Each book contains a story focusing on one Pokémon, such as a Squirtle afraid to come out of his shell or a hungry Snorlax. While the initial series comprises 48 books, only 23 were translated into English. Two Pokémon Tales gift sets were available: the first one contained the first four books and the Mewtwo Strikes Back special book, and the second one contained books 5-8 and the Power of One special book.

Pokémon Tales

Title Author Illustrator Original release
01 01 Charmander Sees a Ghost Akihito Toda Kagemaru Himeno 1997-07
02 02 Come Out, Squirtle! Tomoaki Imakuni Naoyo Kimura 1997-07
03 03 Bulbasaur's Trouble Akihito Toda Benimaru Itoh 1997-07
04 04 Pikachu's Day Toshinao Aoki Toshinao Aoki 1997-07
05 Slowpoke's Big Yawn Akihito Toda Miki Tanaka 1997-07
21 06 Onix Underground Akihito Toda Benimaru Itoh 1997-08
07 Just Like That, Chansey Tokoya Kanabun Tokoya Kanabun 1997-08
08 Transform, Ditto Sumiyoshi Kizuki Sumiyoshi Kizuki 1997-08
12 09 Lapras Makes a Friend Kunimi Kawamura Toshinao Aoki 1997-08
10 Farfetch'd, Hand Me That Leek Junko Wada Yukiko Baba 1997-08
11 What's Exeggutor's Favorite Word? Eriko Matsumura Kouichi Ooyama 1997-09
12 Rhydon and the Planet's Navel Kazuaki Yamamoto Mitsuhiro Arita 1997-09
14 13 Diglett's Birthday Party Junko Wada Yasuto Arai 1997-09
14 Where is Weedle's Father? Akihito Toda Akemi Sugiura 1997-09
06 15 Where's Clefairy's Voice? Kunimi Kawamura Kagemaru Himeno 1997-09
16 Doduo yoi don! Tomokazu Komiya Tomokazu Komiya 1997-11
10 17 Snorlax's Snack Sumiyoshi Kizuki Sumiyoshi Kizuki 1997-11
16 18 Seel to the Rescue! Kazuaki Yamamoto Naoyo Kimura 1997-11
19 Spherical Electrode Tsunekaz Ishihara Toshinao Aoki 1997-11
20 Still More to Come for Caterpie Akihito Toda Kagemaru Himeno 1997-11
13 21 Horsea Likes the Sea Junko Wada Yuka Morii 1998-01
22 Let's Play Some More, Porygon Toshiko Takashi Sumiyoshi Kizuki 1998-01
23 Amnesia Pidgeot Choji Yoshikawa Toshinao Aoki 1998-01
13 24 Eevee's Weather Report Junko Wada Masako Yamashita 1998-01
15 25 First Prize for Starmie Kazuyuki Yamamoto Kagemaru Himeno 1998-01
26 Lots of Poliwhirl! Hajime Yume Kaoru Iwasa 1998-04
23 27 A Star for Tauros Akihito Toda Yukiko Baba 1998-04
28 Lickitung Licks Everything Junko Igarashi Naoyo Kimura 1998-04
29 Oddish's Hide and Seek Kunihiko Yuyama Tomokazu Komiya 1998-04
11 30 Jigglypuff's Magic Lullaby Megumi Hayashibara Kagemaru Himeno 1998-04
31 I'm Cubone! Sumiyoshi Kizuki Sumiyoshi Kizuki 1998-07
32 I Want to Become a Blastoise Junko Wada Toshinao Aoki 1998-07
33 Tiny Haunter Aya Kusube Aya Kusube 1998-07
18 34 Magnemite's Mission Yachiyo Numazaki Keiji Kinebuchi 1998-08
07 35 Fly on, Butterfree Toshiko Takashi Naoyo Kimura 1998-08
36 Make Pizza! Machop Keiko Yanagisawa Yuka Morii 1998-08
05 37 Psyduck's Tongue Twisters Hajime Yume Kagemaru Himeno 1998-12
38 Vulpix and Girls Akihito Toda Miki Tanaka 1998-12
39 Heart-pounding Sandshrew Tomokazu Komiya Tomokazu Komiya 1998-12
08 40 Dragonite's Christmas Junko Wada Naoyo Kimura 1999-01
41 What's a Metapod? Sumiyoshi Kizuki Sumiyoshi Kizuki 1999-01
09 42 Meet Mew! Akihito Toda Kagemaru Himeno 1999-01
43 Meowth's Moon-view Noodles Inuko Inuyama Keralino Sandorovich 1999-07
44 Hitmonlee's Extending Feet Motomichi Sakata Shin-ichi Yoshida 1999-07
20 45 Gengar's Shadow Aya Kusube Aya Kusube 1999-07
19 46 Don't Laugh, Charizard! Akihito Toda Naoyo Kimura 2000-03
21 47 Togepi's Tears Hajime Yume Kagemaru Himeno 2000-03
17 48 Mewtwo's Watching You! Akihito Toda Aya Kusube 2000-03

Special Pokémon Tales

Title Author Illustrator Original release
01 01 I'm Not Pikachu! Junko Wada Toshinao Aoki 1998-09
02 02 Pikachu's Unparalleled Adventure Junko Wada Toshinao Aoki 1999-08

Pokémon Gold and Silver Tales

A second series of Pokémon Tales books were published following the release of Pokémon Gold and Silver. Unlike the initial Pokémon Tales series, all of these books were translated into English.

Title Author Illustrator Original release date
01 01 Detective Chikorita Akihito Toda Sumiyoshi Kizuki 2001-12
02 02 Cyndaquil and the Mysterious Hole Akihito Toda Toshinao Aoki 2001-12
03 03 Totodile's One Gulp Akihito Toda Benimaru Itoh 2001-12
04 04 Muddy Pichu Akihito Toda Naoyo Kimura 2002-01
05 05 Wobbuffet Watches Clouds Akihito Toda Yasuto Arai 2002-01
06 06 Swinub's Nose Akihito Toda Kagemaru Himeno 2002-04
07 07 Wake up, Lugia! Akihito Toda Toshinao Aoki 2002-04
08 08 Look Out Houndour! Akihito Toda Midori Harada 2002-08
09 09 Corsola's Brave New World Akihito Toda Tomokazu Komiya 2002-08

Pokémon Exciting Tales

No. Title Author Illustrator Release date
01 Pichu-Pichu Staring Contest! Akihito Toda Kouki Saitou 2003-07
02 PokePoke Oekaki Akihito Toda Naoyo Kimura 2003-07

Pokémon Daisuki Tales

These books were available to view online exclusively to Pokémon Daisuki Club members in 2005. On September 4, 2007 Media Factory printed and distributed the first four publications. Each of these books are hardback with a ball chain and come in individually designed boxes. The books Mysterious Stocking and Mysterious Drum were also later published and distributed through the Daiuki Club in February 2009.

No. Title Illustrator
01 Mysterious Prank
02 Mysterious Yacht
03 Mysterious Crayon Midori Harada
04 Mysterious Maze Masakazu Fukuda
05 Mysterious Rainbow Color
06 Mysterious Hide and Seek
07 Mysterious Pirate Ship
08 Mysterious Stocking
09 Mysterious Constellation Mitsuhiro Arita
10 Mysterious Procession Sumiyoshi Kizuki
11 Mysterious Drum Tomokazu Komiya

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