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:''This article is about the contests held in {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}} and {{game|Platinum|s}}. For the contests in [[Generation III]], see [[Pokémon Contest]].''
:''This article is about the contests held in {{game|Diamond and Pearl|s}} and {{game|Platinum}}. For the contests in [[Generation III]], see [[Pokémon Contest]].''
[[Image:Super contest hall.PNG|280px|The Super Contest Hall|thumb]]
[[Image:Super contest hall.PNG|280px|The Super Contest Hall|thumb]]

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This article is about the contests held in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl and Pokémon Platinum. For the contests in Generation III, see Pokémon Contest.

File:Super contest hall.PNG
The Super Contest Hall

A Pokémon Super Contest is an expanded format of the Pokémon Contests for the Generation IV games. In it, Pokémon are rated on their appearance and performance, rather than strength. They are different from the previous generation's competitions in that not only do they have more rounds, but rounds from the earlier games have been altered. They come in four rankings in the same five categories as Generation III: Cool, Beauty, Cute, Smart and Tough.

All Super Contests are at the Contest Hall in Hearthome City.


Visual Competition

In the super contest

This is the equivalent of the first round of regular contests. As in the previous generation, Pokémon are rated based on their condition in the appropriate category. These stats can be raised using Poffins, rather than the Pokéblocks of the previous generation.

However, in Super Contests, an extra element is added to these competitions by dressing up the Pokémon with accessories found in the Fashion Case. By using the stylus to drag and drop accessories onto the Pokémon, competitors must dress up their Pokémon as well as they can within the 60 second time limit. These competitions will have a randomly picked theme which the competitors must follow.

In the Normal Rank Competition, a maximum of five accessories may be used. For the next rank, a maximum of ten may be used, and so on.


  • The Bright
  • The Created
  • The Colorful
  • The Festive
  • The Flexible
  • The Gaudy
  • The Intangible
  • The Natural
  • The Relaxed
  • The Shapely
  • The Sharp
  • The Solid

Dance Competition

In the next round, all four Pokémon dance on the stage. Competitors control their Pokémon with four buttons known as "Castanets": Left, Right, Front, and Jump. The dancer in front chooses up to three steps in the Normal and Great Ranks, and four in the Ultra and Master Ranks, matching the beat as closely as possible, and then the back-up dancers try to match the lead dancer's moves.

At the bottom of the top screen, a simple music staff shows the steps with a bouncing Jigglypuff on top of it keeping the beat.

Acting Competition

This is the equivalent of the second round of regular contests. Pokémon perform moves for one of the three judges, Jordan, Dexter and Keira, to earn appeal points. At the end of each round, judges award extra points to the Pokémon: 3 points if only one Pokémon performed to them, 2 points each if two Pokémon performed to them, 1 point apiece if three Pokémon performed to them, and none if all Pokémon performed to them. This competition has four rounds, rather than the five rounds found in the regular contests. The Pokémon, contrary to the regular contests, get their position by their scoring in reverse. The best scorer goes last and the worst scorer goes first. Performing a Contest-specific move (i.e. a tough move in a tough contest) to any judge causes their voltage to go up by 1, however, an incompatible move (such as a smart move in a cool contest) causes the voltage to go down by 1. The Pokémon who fills the voltage meter gets a bonus +5 points, or +8, if it's Dexter.


The winning Pokémon will receive a ribbon for the contest type and rank. They will also receive a special accessory the first time the contest is completed successfully.

Accessory prizes

Cool Contests
Normal Rank - Red Barrette
Great Rank - Red Balloon
Ultra Rank - Top Hat
Master Rank - Gold Pedestal
Beauty Contests
Normal Rank - Blue Barrette
Great Rank - Blue Balloon
Ultra Rank - Silk Veil
Master Rank - Glass Stage
Cute Contests
Normal Rank - Pink Barrette
Great Rank - Pink Balloon
Ultra Rank - Lace Headdress
Master Rank - Flower Stage
Smart Contests
Normal Rank - Green Barrette
Great Rank - Green Balloon
Ultra Rank - Professor Hat
Master Rank - Cube Stage
Tough Contests
Normal Rank - Yellow Barrette
Great Rank - Yellow Balloon
Ultra Rank - Heroic Headband
Master Rank - Award Podium

Notable contestants

There are several contestants that are important in other parts of the story. They are only encountered in the Master Ranks.


Fantina is the Gym Leader of Hearthome City.



Johanna is the player's mother. She seems to be well acquainted with the judge Keira.



Jasmine is a Johto Gym Leader, from Olivine City.



Casey is a Pokémon Center nurse (presumably Hearthome's). She enters with her Chansey named Pinky.



  • The Contest Ranks are named after the original Kanto Poké Balls (Normal, Great, Ultra, Master). They also were in Generation III, although it seems the translation team did not catch this, as back then the Japanese Poké Ball names (Normal, Super, Hyper, Master) were used in the English versions.
  • Pokémon that have ribbons earned in Generation III contests do not have any advantage when entering a Super Contest; they must go through all four ranks no matter what.
  • Pokémon back sprites are often flipped in the Acting portion of the contest, but there are exceptions for noticeably asymmetrical Pokémon, such as Togekiss and Budew.
  • There appears to be a formal or semi-formal dress code for Super Contest entrants—in the Generation IV games, the player character is given a tuxedo or dress (dependent on gender) by Johanna prior to their first contest, and anime characters are also required to dress up for Sinnoh region contests (though Ash didn't do so in his first contest).
  • In Pokémon Platinum, the Pokémon keep their sprite from the previous games.

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