Pokémon Stickédex

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Pokémon Stickédex
ISBN: 0756641918
Published: September 15, 2008[1]
Publisher: DK Publishing
Author: None

Pokémon Stickédex (ISBN 0756641918) is an activity book containing stickers of every Pokémon from Generation I to IV, excluding Shaymin and Arceus, as they were not revealed at the time. It was published by DK Publishing and is 88 pages in length.


Dragonite's silhouette

The book has silhouettes of every Pokémon and stickers which can be placed on them. The silhouette is surrounded by the Pokémon's name, height, weight, type, and a Pokédex-esque blurb about the creature. Each silhouette is also in front of a background depicting one of the given Pokémon's type; though legendary Pokémon have star backgrounds. All Pokémon are sorted by generation.


  • Porygon-Z is missing a sticker entirely, while there are 2 Porygon2 stickers.
  • Probopass's blurb states that, "Probopass controls 3 small units called Mini Units." These are actually called Mini Noses.
  • Above Wormadam's Plant Cloak blurb, it titles it as, "Wormadam Grass Cloak".
  • Wormadam's Trash Cloak and Plant Cloak silhouettes are swapped.
  • Ambipom has Aipom's pronunciation.


  • Gastly's blurb spells its name as Ghastly.
  • Primeape's blurb spells its name as Primape.
  • Slowbro's blurb spells its name as Slowbrow.
  • Victreebel's blurb spells its name as Victreebell.
  • Piloswine's blurb spells its name as Pilowswine.
  • Smoochum's blurb spells its name as Smootchum.
  • Hariyama's blurb spells its name as Hirayama.
  • Metang's blurb spells Beldum as Bedlam.
  • Zigzagoon's blurb spells its name as Zigzaggon.
  • Happiny's blurb misspells Mimic as Mimick.


  • Regigigas's blurb is missing the accent in Pokémon.
  • Rotom's blurb is missing the accent in Pokémon.
  • Mesprit and Uxie's type is displayed as Psychic?.
  • Ariados's blurb is missing end punctuation.
  • Corsola's blurb is missing end punctuation.
  • Vigoroth's blurb has a slash (\) in front of it.




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