Pokémon Stadium (English)

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Pokémon Stadium
Basic info
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Category: Battle Simulation
Players: 1-4
Connectivity: None
Developer: Nintendo/HAL Labs
Publisher: Nintendo
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Release dates
Japan: 04/30/99
North America: 02/29/00
Europe: 12/31/00
South Korea: N/A
Hong Kong: N/A
Taiwan: N/A
Japanese: N/A
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Pokémon Stadium (Japanese: ポケモンスタジアム2 Pokémon Stadium 2) is a Nintendo 64 game that allows players to upload their favorite Pokémon from the first generation Pokémon games, Red, Blue, and Yellow (as well as Green in Japan). It features several battle arenas, introducing Stadium Mode's original four cups, the Pika Cup, Petit Cup, Poké Cup, and Prime Cup, the latter two of which would return in the sequel, and the original Gym Leader Castle. It is the sequel to the mostly incomplete Pokémon Stadium, which was never released anywhere but Japan.

There is also a Pokémon Lab where Professor Oak works, which also provides an area to store Pokémon and Items similar to Bill's PC and the player's own PC, allowing items and Pokémon to be transferred between them without a trade, provided certain conditions are met.

There is also a option where players can upload and play Red, Blue, and Yellow (as well as Green in the Japanese version). The screen border can be changed to numerous styles.

There are also a number of mini-games in the game that can be unlocked.


  • Clefairy Says: Clefairy will write patterns on a chalkboard. They must be repeated back.
    Controls: Control Pad to repeat the pattern.
  • Dig! Dig! Dig!: As Sandshrew, players need to dig to the underground well before anyone else.
    Controls: L+R to dig.
  • Ekans Hoop Hurl: In a minute, players must get as many Ekans around as many Diglett as they can.
    Controls: Control Pad to aim, Control Stick to throw.
  • Magikarp Splash: Magikarp must Splash high enough to hit the button at the top of the screen as many times as it can.
    Controls: A to Splash/Jump.
  • Rock Harden: As either Metapod or Kakuna, players must use Harden at the right time to avoid taking damage from the incoming rocks.
    Controls: A to Harden.
  • Run, Rattatta, Run: Rattata needs to avoid obstacles as it runs on a treadmill to reach the finish line.
    Controls: A (repeatedly) to run, Control Pad to jump.
  • Snore War: Drowzee must use Hypnosis when the pendulum hits the center to put the other Drowzee to sleep. Controls:
    A for Hypnosis.
  • Sushi-Go-Round: Lickitung must eat as many foods as it can, so as to run up the bill. Certain foods are spicier than others, which can slow Lickitung down.
    Controls: Control Stick to Move, A to eat.
  • Thundering Dynamo: As either Pikachu or Voltorb, players need to press the button corresponding to the lightbulb's color to charge up electricity. The player who is fully charged first wins.
    Controls: A or B to charge.

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